Origami Ninja Star

Hello and Welcome to our Origami Ninja Star video. This is a modular piece of origami, so we’re going to start with two (2) pieces of origami paper, color side down. First on one piece make a valley fold just like this; otherwise known as a book fold. And you want to crease the paper pretty well. Then unfold. Now repeat the same book fold and unfold on the second color. Crease that well. And unfold it. Now you’re going to do a cupboard fold. Fold the left and right edges of the piece to that crease you just made. So when you’re done, it’ll kinda look like the doors of a cupboard that’s why it’s called a cupboard fold. Now repeat that on the other piece of paper. Now we’re going to fold each of these
pieces in half lengthwise. Now we’re going to flip the left paper over so that both of the openings are facing towards
the left. Now we’re going to do a simple valley fold across the middle of each piece. Make a nice crease line then unfold. Do that on the other paper. Now at this point things will get more interesting…. So we’re going to do a valley fold on the top of the left piece from right to left as we’re showing
here at a forty five degree angle. Now repeat that on the bottom side of the paper but going the opposite direction,
so this time from left to right and again at 45 degrees. Now on the other piece of paper you want
to do the exact opposite, and the goal here is to create a mirror image of the first piece, so
we’re going from left to right on the top fold but on the bottom we’re going to go from right to left. When you’re done, the two (2) pieces should look like this. Now we’re gonna make another by valley fold. Bring the top corner across to the right, as we’re showing here. Crease that as sharply as you can. Now the bottom of the paper is going to
be opposite so go from bottom across the left. So that’s the left piece and you probably guessed we’re going to do the opposite on the other piece. The top comes across to the left and the bottom goes across to the right. So again, two (2) mirror images of each other The piece on the left, you want to flip over just like this so that the rectangular center is pointing straight up and down so that piece right there. Now the piece on the right we’ll rotate so that the
rectangular center is left to right and we’ll overlap the two like this. So now we’re going to start tucking the
pieces together. First we valley fold the first piece over from the left. Fold this downwards and tuck it into the second piece just like that. Then with the other corner on the right there, fold up and tuck it under. That corner goes into that slot right there. Bend it a little bit and tuck it under and flatten out. Now we’re going to need to flip the piece over and we’re going to be tucking in the second color, yellow in this case on the back side. Start with the first corner valley fold. The other corner will be folded on the opposite side. Here is where it gets tricky. You need to tuck this corner right under the flap there then the same on the other side. And get them both in a little bit,
and then start working the paper in. Push it in, don’t force it, just gently slide it in, till it’s in all the way. And then you want to go around the piece
and make sure all the joints are tight and tucked in. And there you have it! Your completed Origami Ninja Star. Have Fun!

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  1. wow this helped me a lot and easy unlike the other origami tutorials this the most easiest and helpful one so thx I was struggling in other tutorials but this video helped me

  2. thanks for making this video! I made this 2 years ago but I forgot how to make it..Thanks for telling and making this video!You just earned a like and a subscribe and a bell! You deserve a 200k subscribers and this is a way to make it how 529 bad… I hate u whoever clicked bad!! and whenever I make it and 1 hour later I forget so, I will watch this a lot

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