Howdy Folks, today we are back with yet another
huge list of bug fixes and changes to No Man’s Sky NEXT, the experimental branch went live
with another one a few hours ago. It is a little difficult to work out what
version this will be, and that’s because a seemingly Playstation only patch was released
a few days ago and listed as 1.56, so we’re going to assume that this new patch is 1.57. Before we get into 1.57, I’ll quickly go over
the 1.56 changes, of which no official patch notes were released on, so if
you are not a Playstation player, you may wish to skip to the timestamp on screen now
to get to the 1.57 changes. Fixed an animation issue. Added the base archive quest for old saves. This appears at least to be the quests to
gain the medium refiner and other such things from the Base Terminal, but can’t be certain. Fixed an issue that prevented pre-NEXT saves
from accessing the Base Computer Archive missions. Addressed an issue where some non-existent
base parts were showing in the Guide. This is certainly handy, it was very annoying
to see unobtainable blueprints, throughout the entirety of Atlas Rises, and such a simple
fix too, it required changing a single value per item. Addressed a bug that made melee boost jumping
overly hard to do. I love how this original bug was so loved
that they now fix it when the bug doesn’t work properly. Texture quality and streaming improved. Made further adjustments to the farming timers. This would be the initial one during the PC
experimental, for example taking Solar Vine from 48 hours down to 16. Added fixes for crashing issues. Added fixes for stuttering and lag issues. Various performance and stability improvements. It would seem that 1.56 was kind of the second
part of 1.55 that I listed in a pinned comment on the 1.55 video after they added more, I
think they went straight to certification for the consoles with 1.55 to move it along
faster as it was extremely quick to come out and then added the second part as a hotfix
later. If this is true it would make sense that they
did not release official notes on the site, as the 1.55 notes already include these changes,
but why it wasn’t listed as 1.55.1 is beyond me. And now on to the 1.57 changes. Remember folks that these changes are as of
the time of recording this video, in experimental, so are not yet live, but will be live either
by the end of this week or some point in the second half of NEXT week. Fixed an issue that prevented planets from
being added to the Discovery timeline when exiting certain ship models This is an issue that seemed to arise from
the 1.55 update, I didn’t hear about it at all before then, but glad they got on it quickly,
it was an infuriating bug. Fixed an issue that prevented players from
using the Pulse Engine to escape between waves of Sentinel space fighters Very handy, the seemingly endless waves of
sentinel ships were impossible to escape without going into the Space Station, of which you
may be very very far from. Fixed an issue that could cause base NPC workers
to become unresponsive after moving / deleting your base Definitely a good fix, a number of people
had commented about this one. Substantially increased the length of time
fuel lasts in the hydroponic trays I expect of course that this was an oversight
when they increased the grow times, but they have fixed it now so good good. Fixed a crash related to creatures Fixed a crash related to terrain generation Both vague, but fewer crashes are always good. Fix for an issue with PC shader compilation
when the game is first booted which would occasionally result in a crash This one has always been around, long before
Atlas Rises, but was rare and didn’t result in damage, so I wasn’t too bothered by it. Various performance improvements Good good. Various improvements to load times (approximately
5-10% improvement to Warp times, 30% improvement to initial game load) Oh wow, excellent!, the load times from warping
and such had increased massively with the NEXT update, so I’m glad they have made some
optimisations there. Fix to shader generation to boost performance
on lower spec PCs Fixed an issue that incorrectly limited the
number of storage containers that could be built on the freighter This doesn’t specify which way they have altered
the limitation, but I expect it is how some were being prevented from putting one of their
containers or more on their freighter due to the limit being reached. Fixed an issue that could prevent construction
in the freighter base Fixed an issue that could cause the ‘Nearby
buildings’ scan on the signal booster to fail Fixed an issue that prevented exploration-focussed
frigates from charging their scanners Fixed an issue that prevented damaged frigates
from being completely repaired I thought this was fixed, it is for me but
has heard from many that they still experience the issue, hopefully, it’s fixed for good
this time. Fixed an issue where players could start their
game in inappropriate systems when starting in multiplayer I’m very curious what they consider inappropriate. May something to do with systems without a
space station and so unable to finish the quests. Marked icons are now automatically cleared
on arrival at the marked target I actually thought it already did this, though
this is not good if it also does it for buried items, as you kinda need it to remain there
even when on top of it. Fixed a number of cases where the HUD would
prompt to mark icons that did not need marking Improved target locking for ship PvP Oooh, swish swish. Improved the appearance of HUD markers on
player ships Fixed a number of visual issues around using
the Analyser Visor in very specific circumstances Improved the mapping of the Steam Controller Removed an obsolete building product from
the blueprint analyser I have no idea what this part is and wish
they had specified, personally, I just farmed the Salvaged Technology and blindly purchased
everything. Combat music now triggers when fighting biological
horrors Oh cool! make it more dramatic, and get that
adrenaline going. Slightly increased the damage dealt by biological
horrors I’m fine with this, I quite like the idea
of them being something you must avoid a hit from no matter what makes them more challenging. Fixed an issue that could cause expedition
rewards to artificially increase after save/loading Hmmm, had no idea about this and wasn’t looking
out for it, I hope I hadn’t pointlessly gained from this. Fixed an issue where the Personal Forcefield
could be deployed on 0% charge I’ve got to say here, I had no idea it required
charging, have yet to deep dive the multitool blueprint tech. Fixed an issue where the Mining Beam and other
weapon effects displayed the wrong colour in multiplayer I did think it was odd when my mining beam
was red. Fixed an issue where the screen on the Multi-Tool
would display the wrong ammo count for the Blaze Javelin Fixed an issue where the Multi-Tool was invisible
in Photo Mode Good Good, we go to a lot of effort to get
our beautiful Experimental and Alien multitools, I want it to be shown off, though the scale
could be a little better, it does look a little tiny against me. Fixed an issue where the Personal Forcefield
would remain in-world forever when cycling Alt Weapon modes Fixed an issue where meleeing while sprinting
could cause an animation glitch Improved the appearance of clouds in 4K/1440p
modes Clouds, ever the topic of discussion, but
they do look beautiful don’t they, especially when they are having a weird contrast issue
around the edges at twilight. Visual improvements made to some exotic biomes Always good, their lack of anything but strange
minerals and flora can get old quick. Visual improvements made to the space station
technology merchants Increased the visibility of underground toxic
hazards Visual improvements to buried technology modules There was also something else. I’ve heard from a number of people in the
comments about the refining nanites mechanic being patched. These comments came just as 1.56 was released
on the playstation and from what I can tell has only been from Playstation players. It’s very possible that these are just trolls,
but I like to be sure, so if anyone on the playstation platform could let me know if
they are currently able to refine Platinum and Runaway mould into nanites, that would
be fantastic. I will of course as usual, update on this
in a pinned comment when I get some replies. The pinned comment will also be used as with
the other patches if any more changes or bug fixes are added to the experimental before
the patch is released. If you are curious what I am on about with
the refining of Nanites you can check out the refining Nanites video linked in the description
from a few days ago where I had a look at some methods to do it. But really, the best method is to just find
a vendor in a wealthy system that sells Runaway Mould, buy it all and refine it to nanites. If that seems to easy for you then gaining
various things from missions and such to refine to gold and silver, then to platinum and then
to nanites is also an option, it feels less ‘far too easy that way’. And that’s your lot, there are a fair few
very noteworthy changes in there and then a tonne of little ones that are just kinda
nice to have. I’m still collecting Procedural Tech Data
from your modules, so if anyone is willing to help, please do click the link in the description
and submit the stats from any Ship, Multitool and Exosuit procedural modules you have installed. I currently have between 8 and 900 submissions
overall, but need closer to 1 thousand per section to be able to work out basic curves
with any accuracy, so any help is most definitely appreciated. It’s worth noting that in the last patch,
patch 1.55, they reintroduced Trade Goods, they may not seem it on first look, but Trading
is still now the highest paying legit unit making method, before the NEXT update, I made
an extremely comprehensive guide on Trading, and awesomly, it is still very relevant, the
only thing that is outdated is what I refer to in the guide as the system priming method. In the guide it details a method of using
Named Systems and Beacons to warp between systems and then immediately head to the Trading
Post that offers the greatest prices. Well, the best method now is of course to
create a base terminal at each trading post in your route and simply teleport between
them covering a huge amount of ground in a tiny amount of time, with this change, I don’t
see why you could break a billion an hour, as even with Warping in Atlas Rises and pulsing
to each trading post, you easily hit 175million an hour, I haven’t done all of the maths yet,
and am saying this here, as the guide is a low priority due to the original being almost
entirely still accurate, so I’ve linked it in the description for those who wish to view. If you need any help with anything don’t hesitate
to ask in the comments or via our Discord linked in the description, if we can help,
we certainly will, though of course, if it’s fixing a bug, well, I can’t make a patch for
you. If you wish to help support Xaine’s World,
there is a Patreon with just 1 tier at a dollar or more, a streamlabs link and of course a
fantastic way to support the channel is to simply share the content, sharing really does
help get the word out. Thanks for watching folks and have a fantastic

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