New ZT Knives at SHOT Show 2019 (KnifeCenter Coverage)

hey guys this is Andrew with zero
tolerance here at shot show 2019 let’s take a look at what we’ve got for you
this year up first we have the ZT 0022 this is the smallest ZT to date it
has a two point eight inch blade with CPM 20 CV blade steel and a stone wash
finish you can see as well we’ve got some beautiful fine detail jimping on
the spine there it’s a really lightweight and compact knife we have
carbon fiber on the front handle scale and stone wash titanium on the back it
is a frame lock with that hardened steel lock puck in there as well to give you
better longevity for your knife we have a stamped steel pocket clip on the back
that is reversible one of my favorite things about this knife it has a
detailed trim ring a light blue anodized titanium trim ring around the pivot and
the tube spacer as well is that same finish so you have that that matching
finish there that’s the ZT 0022 up next we release this at blade show but we want
to show it here as well this is the ZT 0470 it’s a Dmitriy sinkevich
design you can see it has a 3.4 inch blade CPM 20 CV steel with a stone
sun-washed flats and machined satin finish on the grinds really really
beautiful knife one of the best things about this knife is this marble of
carbon fiber inlay that we have right there something kind of new for us but
it gives a really beautiful and refined look to the knife
we have titanium handle scales on the front as well as on the back once again
it’s a titanium frame lock knife with that hardened steel lock puck there we
have a bit clip that is reversible it goes on the front as well as on the back
black anodized aluminum back spacer there with the integrated lanyard loop
and there as well she’s a beaut absolutely beautiful knife opens
manually with KVT ball bearing washers up next again from Dmitry Sinkevich we
have the 0469 TI so it’s the same size as the 0460 but instead of the
carbon fiber handle scale on the front we have titanium which is really nice
you can see some of the texturing on the handle scale really well in the titanium
it makes it absolutely beautiful stonewashed finish on the front as well
as on the back also one nice thing about this knife of steel upgrade has CPM 20
CV steel on the blade and it’s that distinctive Persian upswept blade style
Stone wash finish on the flats machine satin on the grinds we have black black
oxide Hardware on this as well black anodized back spacer really really nice
knife refreshing it with those titanium handle scales on the front that’s the
0460TI up next we have the 0640 this is an emerson design and comes in at 3 and
3/4 inch blade length so 3.75 inch blade CPM 20 cv blade steel and it has this
awesome green carbon fiber on it which really adds some nice color to the ZT
line make it a really good collector’s item it opens manually with this thumb
disc right here and has that stonewashed finish on the flats machine satin on the
grinds clip point blade style really nice now if we it’s a titanium frame
lock so you have underneath those carbon fiber inlays we have titanium handle
scales we have this pocket clip with the three hole configuration which is really
nice if you collect emerson knives this three hole configuration for the clip
means that you can also put custom clips on this knife as well black oxide two
spacers in the back from rick hinder and ZT we have the O562TI so we made the
562 a while back and now we’re bringing it to you with titanium front
handle skills what’s really crazy about this knife is that it’s actually lighter
weight with the titanium so I don’t know if you’ll be able to catch it on the
camera or not but we’ve put some really nice weight relief cutouts inside on the
inside of this handle scale which looked really cool but also take a lot of
weight out of it so even though it’s not carbon fiber it actually weighs less so
you’re not sacrificing the weight with that we have CPM 20 CV
blade steel on this and it has hinders unique slicer grind which means that if
you’re gonna hold the knife and you’re pushing down doing like push cuts down
in the base of the knife it’s a lot beefier so it can take take that damage
over time but it still gives you a really really thin blade on the edges
for detail work there so it’s a really good hybrid blade in that sense you can
see we have stone wash titanium handle scales it is a frame lock with that lock
puck it has hinders distinctive walk brush stabilizer as well and a
reversible deep carry pocket clip that’s the ZT 0562 TI lastly we’re bringing
back for 0393 with a different finish we have a working finish on the blade and
the handle scales here in a carbon fiber overlay it’s the 0393 glCF and it’s
called the G CF because this carbon fiber even though it looks like normal
carbon fiber actually glows in the dark which is kind of fun so if you take a
flashlight or keep it out in the light over time it it’ll hold that this
glow-in-the-dark for some time after that which is kind of fun if you’re
always losing your knife in the woods this might be the the knife for you one
nice thing about the knife – it’s a lot like the the 0393 we have that harpoons
fanta blade shape and style they’re CPM 20CV blade steel three and a half inch
blade it is a titanium frame lock with this carbon fiber overlays and some of
the hardware is interchangeable with Rick hinders hardware so it’s yeah
really really nice addition to the ZT family that’s the ZT 0393 GL CF

15 thoughts on “New ZT Knives at SHOT Show 2019 (KnifeCenter Coverage)

  1. Only knife I'm really sold on is that 0460ti, mostly because it has 20cv steel. The glow in the dark carbon fiber is cool and all but it's kinda gimmicky

  2. Excellent presentation but knives with metal handles are just to slippery. Try taking metal handle knives camping or fishing, when your hands become wet there is a good chance of cutting yourself. I have a 0770 and never use it because of the handles being slippery.
    I would like to see some of your knives with a liner lock and canvas micarta of G-10 scales.

  3. I have a lot of various knives and when it comes to single blades, I'm really sold on the ball bearing /flipper design. Prefer it to auto even.

  4. I just had a design idea for ZT! About that puck! It would be nice to internalise the puck. The pucks purpose is good. Look at the hidden steel lock plate. So it could be done internally. But, I guess it may weaken- the lock.
    But the puck area is still reduced when its external….. hmm perhaps light up knives too lol

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