New home for WA elite athletes aims for the skies

– Elite Australian athletes join Sport
and Recreation Minister Terry Waldron for a first look inside
the WA Institute of Sport High Performance Service Centre
at Mount Claremont. – This will be an outstanding
high performance service centre for our talented athletes
in Western Australia, including the running track and runway, a large gymnasium, and that gymnasium
will have access for all athletes. One of the issues, of course,
with the current WAIS facility, which has served us well,
was particularly the gym had very poor access
for our disabled athletes. So this will provide great access. – Construction of the centre
is gathering pace with the roof, external walls, ground
and internal works nearing completion. – Like, even with our facilities,
like with our athletics brand new track, our numbers have just skyrocketed,
and now I think with this facility here, I think everyone
in all of Western Australia is gonna wanna come and train here with
us and I can’t wait for it to happen, playing around with new equipment
as well as a new facility, and I think the gym… I live in
the gym, I’m in there six days a week, and I think this one’s gonna be
three times the size of our last one, so I think I might chuck my bed in there
this time and actually sleep there
and save some petrol! – WAIS works with more than 250 athletes
in 11 dedicated sporting programs. – We see the great value
of sport and recreation to our community and to our society. So we’ve invested from the grass-roots
level right through to this elite level. I just wanna congratulate WAIS
in particular for what they’ve been able to do
over the years. I think they’ve kicked
well above their weight and we have athletes today here with us
who have done so well. Kim, of course, and Simon,
and Katherine here. I was very lucky to be in Glasgow and saw Kim win her gold medal.
It was fantastic. It made me very proud. And also to see Katherine swim so
brilliantly to win that silver medal. And young Simon’s about to head off
in under-21 in his hockey team. So we want to produce
more of these type of athletes and this facility
will certainly help us to do that.

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