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You welcome everyone to the sports gambling by guys I’m Shawn stacking them one I agree
with my partner in picks right. Real money. Kramer what’s happening Kramer
dog. Hey Sean how’s it going buddy. It’s going great.
Going gonna be talking some basketball here NBA all star BET’s edition of the podcast
and then we have a big announcement about our march madness style sound bite bracket
competition slash contests. But of course joining us in studio host of the NBA hotspot
on the sports gambling podcast network Ryan McKee right. What’s up man.
What is up. You know last time I was on I announced my gambling name. Yeah. What it
was it was rich fat baby. Yes I is rich fat boy. And my wife nixed that
and said I have to be rich fat baby. OK Ryan rich fat baby Mickey area guy. And
then why is that. Was it a baby because my son might end years
wants to continue to emasculate me. Well Cleveland so that’s how they roll. Yeah
I was gonna say don’t fuck don’t fuck with them and work and fuck with the good news
for Cleveland. Myles Garrett just reinstated back into the
National Football League. We had the breaking news.
What was it your it was your wife’s cousin correct.
Matt Yes friend of the program. He called in. He was at the game at the may lie and
he presented a unique theory that Myles Garrett was simply trying to put the helmet back on
to Mr. Rudolph. There Mr. Mason Rudolph and it’s a plausible look like that.
You know I feel like that could happen. Absolutely. Or you’re just yeah guy loses
his helmet. He’s doing the nice thing where he’s trying to put the helmet back on.
Yeah. You want to get that helmet on as quickly as possible because he didn’t want him to
get hurt. That’s why he swung it so he really he’s.
He’s a humanitarian. I’m just glad that he’s back in the league. Oh my God. So much gambling
action. We got we got to get through it all.
Course presented by my bookie Dan Agee as always presenting it all all star Taco Bell
Skills Challenge. Yes three point competition. Yes slam dunk contest. Yes. It’s so fun handicapping
the NBA all star game deciding which players care which players don’t who’s hung over who’s
not. Get all those bets in over my bookie that you use a promo code SGP get up to one
hundred percent sorry. Up to 1000 dollars when you use a promo code S GP course you
play winning you pay over at my bookie God damn I love that song.
It does. It just gets jacked up. We talk about it every time but do yourself a favor look
up John Tesh live round ball rock Ed.. Guy really nails it and it’s it’s pretty awesome
just see him air dribbling a basketball live in cancer. Now if that wasn’t enough we get
we have some contests of course the NBA frauds contest presented by the NBA hotspot. All
you got to do to enter is go to SGP and data show slash broads. NBA right. NBA frauds.
Was it and plural correct. Yes. I created a link and I’ve since forgotten. I mean that’s
time Mickey. Walk us through the context because we’re trying we’re giving away 1000 dollars
you have to get your entry in by midnight on Valentine’s Day.
And we know a lot of our listeners don’t have dates on Valentine’s Day.
So you have plenty of time to sit around and say and put in your put in your application
we have occasioned your entry so the we have the groups are broken into fives based the
first half of the season records and you have to decide who of each group.
The bottom two teams are gonna do the worst from all star break on so you’re identifying
the frauds in each category. Who’s the fraud. Who. Yeah it’s pretty simple
just identify those teams. Send that in contest at sports gambling podcast dot com and what
is a five hundred four first three hundred second two hundred.
Third place get a nice payday for doing next to nothing.
It really is insane. I just did our company taxes. I mean we give away too much money.
I’ve looked at it. Are the listeners are the listeners working. They may as well be employees
with the amount we’re paying them. All we’re asking is for a five star review here there.
Yeah. And again Shawn was explaining to Ryan and I before the podcast I was OK that the
business keeps losing money each year. Exactly. And they just keep trading it up
so they give away money guys. What cramer in that episode of Seinfeld where
you think it’s a write off. No one really knows what it is but it sounds awesome. So
we’re writing it off. Tax time is coming. We’re just giving away too much goddamn money.
But yeah check out the NBA frauds contests for sure.
We’re going to be hitting on all these NBA bats.
But I mean breaking news where you get the shirt Buddy Guy right.
I just want to tease people or maybe maybe taunt people because I heard three places
were paying out for this NBA frogs. Yes. Yeah 46 people.
Wow you’re only competing against 46 people right now. So your odds are great.
Wendy I’ll mathematician but that’s like we’ll call it 7 percent. You get a seven percent
rating in the first game and I guess of getting my money.
And by the way I’m glad that Shawn talked about the taxes real quick. He pulled back
the curtain on some of the bullshit that I got to deal with on the day to day which is
we’re giving away more money. Hey Ryan you know what. Instead of paying ourselves this
month we’re gonna give this money to the listeners. Hey you know what that frauds contest. That’s
not enough that we got to raise the. We’re going to spend money on artwork. We’re gonna
go spend money on prize money. We’re going to spend time.
You forgot tipping a guy who runs a taco truck. Fifty six percent. Oh you know what Mickey
was here. He enjoyed those talks. I was way too late on tip gate. Are you only
6 percent. Is too much to tip anyone anyone yeah.
All right. So who tipped you tip. So the company tip the premise of this is
also part of it is if I’m involved in a 56 percent tip I want a hug I want a DAP I want
an extra very whatever it is a holiday. There was some really nice guys I talked to
him for a little while holding every available good guy.
Yeah. No one’s doubting that but we could have tipped them 30 percent 35 percent it
would have been happy with that I’m sure. Oh they would’ve been thrilled. Ryan decides
the big ticket with the taco guys goes 56 percent please back me up. That’s a bit insane.
I think that’s a bit high. I mean they were really good doctors. But they weren’t blowing
us. And how do you reach today. I think that you
were just feeling really high because you’d won your Square’s contest since you don’t
like you at all the money in the world. Let’s just throw it around.
If I want to hang out a little longer part would’ve given me more money. Yeah and yeah.
And I was shown the trainer Danny and Kramer Daddy Warbucks over here. Yeah. The thing
is that that for k you won on the personal squares. That doesn’t go to the business but
yeah. Right. It’s ok though because the business it is all right. I told my wife this story
and she did it drives me crazy when my way. Every time I tell a story she just sides with
the other person. Well maybe one was having a bad day. Well I was having a bad day. You
should side with me the your husband and guy knocking out a bunch of bills you should side
with me not fucking one. And she did it with the tackle thing as well. I go. This is insane.
Ryan tip the tackle guy. 56 percent. She goes Well he probably made their day. Yeah. OK.
All right fine. You made their day. I feel like Tessa’s real
sweet is a real bleeding heart. I feel like very good when in that moment I knew it would
lead us to Station side when it comes to see where everybody gets shot and perfect transition
to my wife. Now she heard about the soy boy she saw the
soy boy moniker for Kramer on social media. She keeps threatening to come on the podcast
take it over and talk about vegetarian lifestyle. And I was saying that you and my wife could
do your own soy boy presents podcast on the network. And then I hear this.
Right next to us site editor Ryan McKee is dabbling dipping his toe in this soy boy lifestyle
so my wife and I decided to do v jury just to see if we could do it vegan February.
And I got to say it’s been about two weeks. I feel pretty good that what you’re saying
with the information Kramer is is correct. I feel a lot healthier I’ve been exercising
more and feeling like I’m recovering faster. Also I watched game changers on Netflix which
they just got to pick which test actually told me to watch and I did. It’s about vegan
athletes. It’s gonna make you a believer.
I want to do the movie. It’s the whole reason that the Titans made the playoffs in twenty.
You know what they call you in the second half a little protein a little t bone steak
fry. Well now we know why Vrabel was willing to
cut his dick. Right. No is free Vrabel. Yeah. And Mike Vrabel is not involved in that
at all. OK one piece just for the record. Congratulations. I commend you on your courage
to come forward. Yeah. Are you eating eggs and dairy.
No. Wow OK going through me you’re trying for vegan. OK. Good for you man. Yeah. I’m
going all in on Trump. That’s the only all in thing I have sound
Jeff Wise. So we hit on soy to one gentleman not a soy boy. He is a is a known seafood
lover. Jamison Winston friend of the program otherwise I you. Yeah. You got to stick with
the nickname once you come up with the sweet nickname that I just kept mispronounced because
I was ironically drinking a ton of Jamison here. It was breaking news. He got Lasik eye
surgery which when you throw 30 interceptions is there a way where you don’t have to make
that. He posted it on his own social media like with the sunglasses and stuff. Is this
him trying to get people involved in free agency.
What it reminded me of and I tweeted it over it at gambling podcast was in major league
when wild thing Vaughn finally has his glasses and he turns around and all of a sudden he
has great control and accuracy. Do you think this is going to have any impact on James
Winston’s case. He just watch that movie for the first time. I was like.
I get it now. That’s me. Are we sure he’s not being paid by LASIK to endorse this.
That that is a great move because if you have a lasik eye company don’t you want it to tell
you you want to sign up the guy who has the worst control the most interceptions. Yes
the inventor is a 30 30 Club. So this has happened before in professional
sports. Bryce Harper I don’t have to remember this
but Bryce Harper when he was coming up baseball so I don’t remember it. All right. There we
go. Perfect. But baseball really important be able to see the ball coming in at highest
rate of speed. He had it they found out sometime maybe when
he got drafted that he had horrible eyesight. And he was mashing the ball without being
able to see. He got he got the surgery. He obviously with the rest is history. So yes
I will be heavily involved in Jameis Winston next year and fantasy.
Are you going to start drafting him and best balls already. Yeah. When’s it appropriate
to start. It’s always so is appropriate to start talking
about football. Perfect transition. We’re talking about diets. I was telling Kramer
off the air. This past Saturday had my best rec league basketball game of all time hitting
multiple threes and again they call me. They call me a green zone and maybe they’re kind
of being half sarcastic but I’m known for my mid-range jumper. Out to the three point
line started draining some threes. I’m driving back from the basketball game and I’m thinking
to myself Man what happened. Something was different. I had a little pep in my step.
What was it. And I realize it was my breakfast I had oats overnight Friday night I got a
one of their packets of oats mixed it up with some milk put it in the fridge woke up had
an awesome oatmeal shake they got delicious flavors they got a pancake one that is awesome
and again it’s when I mess up with my diet when I eat horrible things like Carnie ASADA
fries for lunch and then just the rest of your days completely shot.
You look back and you go oh it’s because I I was came into lunch super hungry I was starving
and I made poor decision. You start with a great breakfast. You set yourself up for success
for the rest of the day. And again it’s so easy to do all you do. Open up the packet
of oats put it in there. Put the milk in. You get a little Shaker shake it up. Wake
up. If you have a long commute perfect just drink it in the car right now you can get
10 percent off your entire order with code SGP. All you got to do is head over to oats
overnight dot com to redeem the code your first order comes with a free Blender Bottle
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that would happen but you’ll get your money back so you can try risk free. That’s oats
overnight dot com and use the code SGP for 10 percent off your order.
You know what I’m and there fellow Ryan. Yeah I feel like someone who’s on the path towards
a plant based lifestyle. Well and again they got they have different
ones that you know don’t have dairy in it. And then if you use your alternative milk
whether it’s soy milk Ryan I know you’re you’re a fan of that almond milk which we all agree
is completely delicious delicious delicious nutritious again easy to use.
Is it just that’s when what you really mess up is when you when you’re super hungry. You
don’t have a good breakfast. What’s this another contest. Another announcement.
This is insane. All right. So what we’re doing we’re setting up a giving away more money.
I know this is really. Fucking. Hey you’re supposed to start a business
to make a profit. Yeah. Here we are breaking even giving away
cash to the listeners more write offs more write offs but we’re we’re doing a bracket
contests we’re call it the SGP and bites bracket first annual one. And we’re going to do is
set up a March Madness style brackets and have the different sound drops that we use
on the program. Go head to head and to add a little D.J. is only aspect to it. Tag digital
only. We are going to create. There’ll be a page
where you can fill out your bracket much like a March Madness bracket. And then whoever
has the most correct bracket is going to win five hundred dollars. Winner take all. And
you’re saying how do you decide which soundbite is better we’re going to put it up to you
the listener. So you can actually you have a number five
seed sound drop that you really think could make a run. All you do is share it on Twitter.
Encourage people to vote for your center. The oddsmakers. Exactly. You can actually
impact whether or not you win money. How many votes you get for your particular sound job
that you have make a bit of a five seed. I got it. I got to be on the on D gens or
dungeons only engines only. Hash tag digits only.
That’s a 12 seed that can make a run to the Final Four.
And yeah. Perfect perfect transition right. People want to know what is the community
looking for pedigree pedigree is definitely a big part and one involves pedigree. How
long has it been on the podcast. How many Laughs Has it gotten. What’s the versatility.
Because to me a good sound job can be used in a lot of situations like the boat trip
music. Usually when talking about Odell Beckham but also partying it up there’s some you know
a little variety there. Hashtag legends only that can be used for a variety of things.
Sam Bradford is not a fucking franchise quarterback mostly used when discussing Sam Bradford but
again that’s a that’s a veteran soundtrack. Sam Bradford unfortunately not in any league
so not getting the use it normally got but I still think that could be in the top half
of a bracket where we’re asking you guys that are considered apps that have been around
so long that they’ve annoyed you. Yes. And then I’ve come back around and you
actually like it now and there’s and there’s something say something.
Yeah. I mean can I ask you a question here. Sean in your opinion because of course we
are on the committee. Yes there has been talks with the database
who is very anti committee. We I think we’re going to require him to be
on this Hannity and ironically maybe the database we’ve we’ve asked listeners to send in what
are their favorite drops. Where do they see it being seeded. I’m here in hashtag engines
only. Could be a big upset. Again it doesn’t have the pedigree hasn’t been clear enough.
Shakira You see she should cure it could be that 13 seed that really breaks through.
Again. She’s 15 going against the to have a baby she’s the 15 the Lehigh that she takes
you down TMX there’s got to be a she’s taken down the eggs there’s got to be a new NBC
in here somewhere that takes out the number one seed again.
To me there are some blue bloods that are pretty obvious and it’s a baby fucking man
that is that is to me a definition of a number one maybe number two seed. We’re opening up
to you guys. Drop us a line podcasts at sports gambling podcast dot com and we even got we’ve
gotten in this process of seeding which is I’ve really been putting a decent out of work
and we’ve got some work is what you got. Yes exactly.
We’ve got have you reorder this list to be your rank your seeding. What’s going on.
I’ve been. We have I think 32 drops is the right amount of drops. It’s going to be an
insane amount of work on our end an insane amount of votes but thirty two feels like
a good bracket. We could do 16. That’s no easy thirty two. And as I was going through
finding some different ones I mean this one’s easy target that one that one I always enjoyed.
It’s it’s a little you know I have a number I have authored a number of these years with
my own voice. Exactly. So that that’s exciting. I have a chart.
What the fuck. That’s the one I tweeted today. That’s right. That is I waited on. That’s
that’s like my 12th seed. Oh really. God I share this over it slacked off sports
gambling podcast dot com. If you want to you’ve priced it happened because I shared this with
the members of that slack space. There is a easy button in the space around
my desk in my office that when you push that sound drop plays out very loudly.
Now we all know the committee in March Madness. They set up certain matchups all right. They
know OK we’re going to put them in the east and then them in the West. We don’t want that
meeting. Are we going to apply the same logic to our bracket. Because we have Justin Decker
friend a friend of the podcast has two drops. Yay. Super Champ. So is my hand. I’m going
all in on Trump. Do we put them in the same bracket. Let them fight it out. I think the
committee wants to see that later on but maybe they’re in the same. They’re in the same quadrant
but we separate them enough by sea. The NCAA rules committee typically goes for
a rule of like they don’t want to see those conference matchups until the sweet 16.
Yeah. Also I think other Decker heads fucking wear it. I think we have to make.
We need to try our best as a committee to keep in you know Dekker can’t go against Dekker
until the elite eight. OK. Kramer might have to go against. I’m talking
to myself in the very third person. So many KRAMER There’s so many Kramer drops here.
Are there more more. There’s definitely one. Lenny Dykstra. That’s another one I won’t
make some glory. No that is Jerry Jones That is a me. I didn’t
know you. You were the one you wanted Dick rubbed on you tonight. I don’t have that up
right now but I mean again. Lenny what. I was a slob. That to me is an old timer but
I haven’t been here in the buzz about it. Lenny could be he could be eleven C he could
be a twelve c o Oh hot hot hot hot hot hot. What I would like to ask people what I would
do what is the first draft we used that’s still used today and again this is where the
pedigree comes in a probably is. It’s probably the lock it’s by one of those original three
at least in my wind we create the lock dog t sound drop because that’s also a great question.
Because right my singing happy birthday you teasing the listeners with your cause we I
remember the debate we’re like how do we what’s an audio tease and then in the discussion
of coming up with the audio tease you did Marilyn Monroe singing to John F. Kennedy
on every time I hear that drop I just think of Dave Chappelle’s joke by bitch my family’s
here with Chris Rock tonight listen to that drop and didn’t get what that will see. Well
happy birthday to us. And now this is it we’re peeling back the curtain explaining the history
on some of the jobs another newcomer I don’t even know this feels like a drop that’s on
the bubble right now clap clap clap. In honor of Jason Garrett taking his role
at the New York Giants. Feels like it’s all on the buzzer.
Not enough history to me the committee is going to slap that against Mr. shine box because
that that is the I go home and get your fucking shine box shine box feels like a blue ball.
We all know what will happen. That’s a two seed to me Gus Johnson. That
is a one seed. That is something. It’s versatile. It’s awesome. It comes from.
I know exactly when he said that is Xavier vs. Kansas State triple overtime and he’s
losing his mind. That to me is the definition of a one seed.
It’s been around for a while now again were much like Decker and you Kramer. We have another
character that will likely go head to head if not in the same quadrant.
We gotta get our shit on now vs. long car. That is tough because we got to get her back
on Cox’s at number one. Lancaster has the history. I’m already I don’t want to reveal
I already got. It feels like a 4c to me. Yeah it’s only two years or a couple of years.
It’s it’s got it’s got decent history high comedic value gets us talking about Groot
and very and anytime people are talking about sex. Also Nick Foles it really can do a lot.
Maybe it’s even a 3. Will the committee listen to the fans if they
send this in for me. Yes. Again. When you first heard it why you
what you like about it why it’s better than other sound drives. All of that information
tweet is a gambling podcast. Why it’s personally significant to you.
Yeah. Maybe you lost your virginity to one of those
guys who will get because you haven’t brought up one of my favorites that I think I agree
heavily on. Okay. And that’s thank you for participating
in the sports game when it’s played literally on every show participating in every show.
I guess it’s one of the few drops that’s on every show.
And again someone tweeted this in. I’m blanking on their name right now. But he he said he
loves when it’s used sarcastically because sometimes I will throw it in during the middle
of the show where someone is say you know throwing out some dumb shit or whatever. Thank
you for participating in the first gets a great blow off and this is like oh thank god
it’s over. Oh no shows that guy does access that guy.
This one again personal favorite. I don’t know if it resonates with the fans quite as
much but possibly it’s just because I know the viral video it comes from. It’s a Asian
kid in a ball and someone has a retractable one and they just extend the one kind of like
a magic trick. But it’s not really that impressive. And then his reaction.
Is an Asian man having his mind blown in a ball. To me comedically it’s just so so good.
But I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I know the history and
just to be clear because I want to really. Please. Yes can. Will music be acceptable.
Well and that’s that’s why we have a committee. Mickey is here. He’s coming in. He’s impartial.
Yeah I think. Here’s there and be bad though. Yes. And again this year this could actually
impact someone getting 500 dollars. Here’s where I draw the line. If it’s used like the
girls gone wild theme song this to me feels like a drop now. The NFL on Fox. No. That’s
more music right now. The NBA theme song goals are more music but I think if its masters
Masters is on the edge because you use it during your Eli eulogy.
I mean that’s a top 25 moment in the history of the show. So it’s got to be on the West.
I think so. I x files got be to me again. It’s versatile. It’s when we talk about. I’ve
seen that killing himself. Only talking about Ravi like that’s what we’re doing. That makes
background music. Yeah. So it’s used in an active comedic sense. I think it qualifies.
Okay. Shit. That one the hell is it. We got some new Kawhi ones that we kind of pencil
in here. I’m a fun guy. There’s a bill burr friend of the program. Show time buy homes.
I always enjoy that one. And again this one. You know people ask me where we got that bill
but Bill bird dropped from it. Oh well it was from an interview on the sports
gambling podcast this one. I always like but again it’s a little long. Doesn’t have it’s
tough to crowbar in I can see it being a 15 seed get knocked out. I am back what it do
baby again. Just skip and skip. It seems to me that. To that.
That it’s fun it’s the circuit of the Skip Bayless one I think is like one of these fun
teams that can get hot. And yeah I have a bunch of threes but most
likely will lose by 25 points you know if volume shooter.
They probably won’t have it but who knows if there is someone campaigning for a sound
job because let’s be honest whoever’s phone or feet right now. Game on podcasts. They
see the thing come up they’ll vote. But again if you actually put in some effort to really
rigging this and we’re open to you rigging it because we’re open to your effort. Yeah.
If you get a bunch of votes you have a bunch of Twitter handles or you tweeted or shared
and be like vote for number 5 hash to hash tag digits only. Vote for this and I might
have a chance of five hundred dollars. It really could move the needle. What. All
right so it’s hypothetical matchup. Yeah. 12th seed dungeons only. Yes. Versus the 5
seed. Sam Bradford is not a franchise quarterback. Well whoa that is tough. That’s tough because
the seeding makes sense. Sam Bradford give me a down year against the
up and coming lawyer. Yeah.
The Lobos from Newmarket matters if Sam Bradford has ever been on your team or not. Yeah and
I’m going to go Badlands only for that. Yeah. If you’ve experienced the same bad well
and put a talk in the history of the show and the history these drops Sam Bradford.
This was me shitting on Sam Bradford while he was a Saint Lewis ran. Well I mean first
off Sam Bradford not getting more St.. Lewis doesn’t have a team. And so that’s how long
this thing has been going on. And I remember it vividly where during the NFC West preview
Ryan was making a case for the Rams. This could be a Jeff Fisher. It could be 10 and
6 when the division make a little run. Yeah he’s had injuries but I think this is the
year they can put it together. And I just lost him. Sam Bradford sucks. He’s not a franchise
quarterback. And then as luck would have it fucking chip kelly traded away big dick Nick.
That might have been the last good thing to happen to me. Sports was was the day Sam Bradford
showed up. In sports it kind of quietly at the end of that. In sports everything’s going
downhill so FML or right you are I’ll read you won for can your Super Bowls yes really
go on hard. That’s not my sports teams. Yeah but you’re involved in the sports.
Yeah I know. I mean I’m awesome at winning money. But my sports team.
So here’s an here’s one. While we’re talking college basketball. This one is a gem. And
again sometimes it’s just a feel you know a little away from it and don’t come back
to it but I need the right and the left and it get down in their shirts off the defender.
It’s a little long it’s a little cumbersome kind of a seasonal drop. Yeah and.
Onions. That’s always fun. Again some of these are bad. There definitely some clear cut winners
and I think clearcut losers again personal new favorite.
And I mean we probably only have two years left before his idling but while he’s in there
I want to I want to get the most out of that. All right. So we again send in your nominations
send in your thoughts on where what drops you want to see in the bytes bracket competition
where you think they should be seated. All that stuff.
Send that in and then when will we be finalizing the brackets do guarding the competition.
We’ll be doing the selection show either Sunday night or Monday. So stay tuned early next
week. That’ll be out then you’ll have a few days to get your bracket in and then we’ll.
It’s gonna be a fun way to have selection show.
I love it. Yeah we got it. We got it all.
Thanks. Want me to tune in. Oh and Sharon of course people can now get a sneak preview
of the show. Yeah YouTube dot com slash sports gambling podcast.
You can see the hard work we put in as we burn the midnight oil doing it live man working
late getting a sweat on. It’s important to smell good. Mickey you mentioned maybe some
of our listeners. They don’t have Valentine’s Day. Maybe. Maybe roll and solo. If you’re
single or if you’re if you have a wife or girlfriend really smelling good is essential
if you’re looking to get back into the dating pool. You can’t smell horrible. You can’t
have B.O. smell is the first thing you notice on a person right away. Sets the tone. If
they have a horrible smell. Kramer you’ve worked in the office where there’s a smelly
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Although you know you can be spicy or something else I forget. Yeah I mean they have it’s
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You can’t smell horrible. It’s just not gonna work. Go to Hawthorne dot SEO promo code SGP.
Yeah the great as the great commish said in Rounders. If you can’t spot the whale or the
I’m sorry if you can’t spot them fish you will hurt them.
Don’t be snarky. Don’t be stinky. OK now we’re getting into it. Finally NBA All-Star break.
Coming up it’s always fun to bet on any Mickey I know you just did a well you did an all
star break centric podcast but you also had a couple of guys on talking about late night
guest. Oh yeah.
So if you guys aren’t listening then we adds fat you are missing out because I did just
the podcast with the V.P. of CBS late night programming and another guy who works for
a Late Late Show With James Corden who used to work at Fallon as well. And we talked about
our favorite personal interactions with NBA players who’ve come on different late night
shows they’ve worked on at Nick Bernstein told a very funny story about James Corden
and humiliating him in front of Steph Curry because it’s a huge Steph Curry fan yeah.
He was wearing the Steph Curry shoes to the Steph Curry shoot yeah and then he blew up
his 5 was like Oh he’s a huge Curry fan yeah. Courtney specifically said turn it up Steph
and said This guy is obsessed with you. This is not how you want to be introduced
to anybody. It’s weird coming into that. Well you guys are talking about Joel Embiid
I’m wearing my Sixers shirt huge Lin to all Embiid again maybe tweets a little too much
he had that whole thing where he shushed the crowd because they were booing him and then
he said sometimes you stay whatever that caption was about you live so long you seem to become
the hero so long you become the villain yeah how awesome you quoted Batman nobody’s ever
done that and then and then of course they beat the Clippers at home because they’re
just dominant at home can’t figure it out on the road but in the meantime there was
like this weird thing where Jimmy Butler would like but now he’s on the heat he was like
dude come play for us there’s a rumors that Embiid might not be back on the Sixers of
shark front of the pro Garrow tweeted out odds for what team Joel Embiid will be on
for game one of the twenty twenty twenty one NBA season Sixers minus 750 he plus eleven
hundred wizards plus fourteen under warriors plus fifteen hundred blazers sixteen hundred
Thunder plus eighteen hundred I think he’s back on the Sixers because they’re gonna bring
back him and yet it doesn’t matter on those eyes it never made a seven.
Probably don’t do it I think the first thing that happens if the Sixers get knocked out
of the playoffs early is Brett Brown is gone but if he was to end up on one of these teams
Mickey where do you where would you see him of these other teams besides the Sixers where
would you see him ended up. Well I I feel like it’s very wizards move
to get to trade away like Bradley Beal and a couple of future first round picks whatever
to get Joel Embiid and then Joel Embiid would end up like Kwame Brown indefinitely injured
and he’s sitting out most of the rest of his career with them however I’m actually surprised
that the new york knickerbockers on that list. Yeah. Feels like a very Knicks move as well
to just trade away everything and then they’re here just to get Joel Embiid and try to recreate
the magic that was Patrick Ewing Yeah I mean the last time they had this many assets they
shipped him off for Melo so well and then and then I guess some of the GM or some of
the guys involved in the basketball operations are now impedes agent.
So that kind of sets up for a. This is one of those moments where you just
tilt your head. Mm hmm. Yeah. Both suspicious but James. James Dolan I can’t
imagine MPD being able to fit in with James Dolan like he in a weird way.
He went Oh yeah yeah. He would love him. That’s true. He would make the next relevant. That’s
all. Dolan won and the end end Dolan can invite
him to one of his concerts and he’d probably play baseball or something. Yeah. What was
the name of that band. Oh man I got to look that up but James stole
it the there’s a great video on the Internet. We’re playing like a cafe and these dudes
just start back. Yeah yeah it’s. He’s like one of the White House did because he’s just
an NBA owner and he’s played like smooth jazz music and just some guy comes in and yells
sell the team it hits like this. Quietly dimly lit jazz clubs. Sell the team you suck. Yeah.
It isn’t the Knicks fan. This is great. And again this is really awesome. It’s called
his band it’s called JD and the straight shot. Yeah it’s right. First off they don’t even
plurals it to like the straight shooters. There’s five guys in the band. Any gives himself
the nickname JD. Yeah. Classic douche move giving yourself your own nickname.
I mean look as a Knicks fan I was actually talking about this today with someone and
it was it’s just remarkable to think oh I was talking with you about this before our
show that jerk I’m wearing a Linsanity shirt very planned where there’s the shirt lot I’ve
got a lot of comments about how cool this classic shirt was actually bought this on
clearance and read it in in Times Square after they shipped them off by the way shown.
So he’s cute when you show up with your new basketball gear showing everyone you’re a
successful diehard. But Jeremy Lin those couple months it’s one it’s one if not the greatest
moments in the past twenty five years of being a mixed fan. I’ll say 20 years.
Yeah I got to say I have not next found I was living in New York at the time and it
was one of the most fun times to be in New York and follow the neighbor’s going to say
you would walk through Chinatown and it was just like Lin sanity stuff everywhere and
all the TV shows were tuned in there working perfectly.
The city wasn’t insane amazing. I was there it was Lin mash it together and get Lin sanity.
I was going back through old archives of the episode Ryan and the podcast one of our first
non football episodes was I think it was just like 2012. Lin sanity was the name of the
editors and it’s just us talking about how do you not keep bet on this guy.
He just keeps winning and how is it ever going to just completely bite into it for this moment.
He was able to get to the rack whatever he wanted he had that kind of like where he had
that Steve Nash game we were like this is this can’t possibly keep where it kind of
like that movie thunderstruck with Kevin Durant you remember that where he loses all his powers
to some kid for a while and then suddenly this kid is amazing and then the kid has to
give back is so I think Linsanity was that he got like somebodies powers.
Well good for him. Good for him. He’s still around too that’s the career. No he’s 8. He
he won a championship last year. He didn’t completely fall into the league. He just went
back to being like oh yes Jeremy Lin. He went back to being exactly what he always
was. He managed to serve our basketball player Yeah.
He should team up with a team manager. Yeah he should team up with Fitz magic just guys
who have from Harvard that brief moments of greatness have overachieved. So heading over
to my bookie there are some fun bets. Not quite. NBA all star related but related to
Kobe now actually put a bet on whether or not Kobe Bryant would become the new NBA logo.
Mickey I think you covered this in your podcast but what was the price.
So it’s at plus 300 for yes that they will switch the classic Jerry West logo for the
Kobe outline it’s a big move and that has happened before the 20 21 season starts.
Oh and it no is like negative six hundred minus six hundred. So I talked about this
on my podcast with Megan making money who new contributor to help is gambling podcasts
and network. I love her. She does great pics great videos on Twitter. So her and I were
talking about it and the point we made was this kind of feels like who is going to argue
against us right now. Well yeah. Imagine imagine a genie bus stands
up at the owners meeting. Makes makes a case for it who’s like no that’s bullshit Yeah.
Maybe Michael Jordan. I think he would be the only guy who would be like Hey I just
want to say should be me. All right. I was better than Cohen Jerry West went. Are
you against this now. Everybody thinks the exact mold too like Jerry
was isn’t the greatest player in the history of the. Oh exactly. But but Jerry West kind
of has that. I mean he’s still around like this. That was going to be the legacy of Kobe
or so many people have said after he passed. But it does have a lot of the same parallels.
Yeah. No one’s gonna say no but really in the moment and maybe this is another parallel.
People really hated Kobe. You either loved him or hate him and I wasn’t around when Jerry
West was playing. But I believe it was very similar. Like yeah there I was. I think he
as much hatred. A lot of Lakers you know are either loved
or hated just because the Lakers are very lucky. That’s true. So Kobe especially Kobe
especially was very divisive but I feel like everybody has to say nice things about him
now and also think about just the marketing alone. I mean nobody is just buying a T-shirt
right now with the NBA logo on it. No no team just the NBA but if they put this out everybody’s
right. Actually we know someone that Rob Lowe I believe
also has a hat. What do you like about the very big logos.
I tweeted out that there was someone in a crowd rocking a random NBA had in my car.
Rob Lowe also a big NBA fan. Real quick Sean you were 100 percent correct.
Our first episode that wasn’t about football was titled Linsanity description Linsanity
NBA picks and CWA picks. Iverson broke Jaworski fire.
Oh man. Well a whole lot of fun. What a o wind which by the way have you guys.
This is not about the NBA but have you guys watch the Vick Dow 30 what are you two part
Iverson’s in it. In just for that it’s exhausting but it’s
worth checking out. All right. Let’s actually get some NBA All-Star bats
before we do. Shout out to our boys ace four and. He spread back out the leader paper head
binders. These poor men they do it all the same in
sports a perfect time. Get involved get it set up before March Madness happens.
Hey in paper had providers good a spread dot com such as GP get up to six weeks free it
spread offers live betting and an amazing mobile experience. Top notch customer support
go on 24/7 some sharpest lines in the industry again stop trying to just beat the bookie
become your own sports book. Don’t have to know how to use set up your own website they’ll
get you started professional betting site with lines updated second wagers graded immediately
they got it all spread dash cam such as G P Let’s go let’s go.
Let’s do it. Three point competition might be a new drop. Let’s get a late late addition
to the field. Let’s go to all these posts from my bookie three point competition I always
go mid range to long shots. I don’t think in any of these challenges there’s any value
in taking chalk here. All this stuff the prices Dame Lillard plus
three seventy five Davis Burtons plus five hundred Duncan Robinson plus five hundred
Joe Harris plus five under Trae Young plus five hundred buddy Heald plus seven hundred
Zach Levine plus seven five hundred or some 50 Davon take Graham plus 1000 during the
long shot to Monte Graham all right we see nice just see you like your knee jerk is I
mean I’m with Sean one hundred percent I think maybe not for the dunk contest but for the
shooting contest it doesn’t look like it’s completely irrelevant I’m gonna take the long
shot every time I rise I’m going to tell you it’s not these these conditions are really
hard to handicap but it’s not completely irrelevant because if you look at the winners in the
last 12 years or so like the it’s all it’s almost all wing players shooting guards except
for Steph Curry but he was also really good at the catch and shoot when yes I mean he
still is he’s not dead but he’s just injured right now and so I looked at who won last
year you guys know blanking. Joe Harris. So Joe Harris came in at least
nine hundred. Yeah. See that’s that’s the price point you all get.
But here’s the thing. He was. He led the league the entire year in Catch and shoot three pointers.
Mm hmm. Okay. The thing about it. Like if you’re doing you you are doing the
same kind of motion watching you because you’re just got you know dribbling you know get it
going right from standing. So he led the league so I looked at who is leading the league in
Catch and shoot three pointers who also shoots a lot of them because actually Trae Young
has the best catch and shoot point percentage but it doesn’t shoot a lot of them because
he’s always handling the ball. Duncan Robertson plus five hundred and Davis Burton’s plus
five hundred. Both are very high catch and shoot three point percent.
OK. So you’re going to I think I think it’s good to go to picks here. It’s maybe a half
unit on each side where you’re saying that’s where I’m going. Shawn’s pulling out units
to volunteer. Graham are you. Are you picking another guy. KRAMER You want one just go load
up on. OK. I I like young guys youngest guys. Think I probably drop him.
Trey Young he’s everyone’s hating on him for not play defense. The guys just wants to shoot
the lights out. Give me Trey Young plus five hundred a guy really like oh Zach Levine.
Why. Because he’s gone out of his way to shoot way more past previous two seasons. He’s only
attempted five point one. Back to back in 17 and 18. Five point one per game. He’s now
shot up to seven point nine and he’s making three point one per game shooting thirty nine
percent. I think that’s kind of the guy you want and it’s in Chicago. He’s a bull.
This could be the highlight of the will the first player ever if he wins to win both the
slam dunk contest and the three number two. You know when the slam dunk contest two years
in a row years back. So I don’t hate that pick but yeah he’s not
real accurate. I love young guys is that.
Does that have the potential to be NC State four 1984 I don’t know that tag team only
had really good beats that I also feel like a lot of people will pick up guys in their
home city. Yeah and that might be a mistake because they also tend to party a lot in their
home. Yeah. And have to host so he might be real tired. I don’t know.
That’s that’s certainly a good point. This one it’s always fun. Slam Dunk Contest. Aaron
Gordon plus one twenty five Derek Jones Junior Plus Two hundred.
Pat Compton Coddington plus four on it Dwight Howard plus five hundred.
Coming back at retirement super man is in the building. Never been a Dwight Howard fan
huh. None of these guys seem appealing. I’m going
to go Pat. Plus 400 just because I’m not going to take
plus 200 plus 125 weights you’re going gonna bet on the white Irish guy who went to Notre
Dame to win a dunk contest. Yes exactly. I have not watched a ton of NBA.
I know that’s a bad idea. I’m going to actually disagree with. Oh no.
Yeah I have a real reason. Is it the whole like white guys look like
they’re jumping higher when they’re drinking. That wasn’t gonna be my reason. But I will
say that a lot of times the slam dunk contests it comes because the the winner is because
they surprise everyone you know and he expects them to win. Thing about the spud webs the
Nate Robinson. Yeah. No none of those guys white Irish guy and the guy and most surprising
the guy who won last year and you guys are never gonna guess even who it is. Haven’t
you Diablo. You know he came in at us 400 last year.
Nobody knew we knew where he was but he had a 44 and a half inch vertical leap and which
was the second highest ever recorded at the combine. Well Pat content has a 44 inch Max
vertical. Impressive for a white Irish guy. I went to
know other white men can jump. He can win. Exactly it doesn’t.
He’s 6 foot 5 inches white guy white guy hasn’t won it since 1996. Brent Barry we do. And
I think he’s gonna come in and surprise everybody if you see this in game ducks. They’re pretty
sick. I’m going back counting. I love it. You’ve seen Aaron Gordon don’t.
It’s pretty awesome like he hits his head on the rim like Dwight Howard. But you know
where I’m going Shawn it’s super man. You know sometimes you just get that girl and
it’s just you know. It’s too good to quit. Has there ever been a two time slam dunk.
Oh yes exactly. Vienna won. Oh yeah. Native Hamilton won.
Back to business. Extremely disrespectful to Dwight Howard because I think he’s only
going to be dunking on a 10 foot room and we know that he can dunk like Dwight Howard
won in 2008. Eleven years that’s certainly he’s never had
air is it there’s no way he’s going to win you’re throwing away your money if you can
put it on Dwight if Covington if there’s only four guys don’t do like two different groups
so he has a decent chance of getting into. They don’t do that they all kind of just go
together now. But Larry you know it’s like a time like almost
like they they figured out a way to make it less like you’re drawn out. No I go Aaron
Gordon Gordon here every time I’ll take chalk in the dunk contest.
All right. This is his third time doing it and he got runner up the first time in the
last time he got fourth. Yeah. He’s he’s got so he’s got something
to prove he’s got that chip on his shoulder. Are we doing the Taco Bell Skills. Oh yeah.
How is Taco Bell still on the name but keeping it real TV.
All right. So for this I always like to go young guys and again foreign guys they seem
to care the most. Spencer Dinwiddie plus three Hunter Shay Gilchrist Alexander plus four
Hunter spicy Pete Haskell Seattle and plus five hundred Jason Tatum plus six hundred.
Chris Middleton plus six hundred Patrick Beverley plus several hundred demand tests a bonus
plus eight hundred and bam Adebayo head of how you want what about you. Plus twelve hundred.
All courtesy the odds over my bookie data Jason Tatum won last year before that Spencer
Dinwiddie Chris stopped pausing is Karl Anthony Towns Patrick Beverley. So we have possible
yes we’ll repeat here yeah. It’s all about 6 years ago or so it was pretty
easy to predict or it’s easier to predict because it was just against the clock and
you always pick like the fast guard. Yeah well now that it’s like head to head so if
somebody screws up you can get bigger guys in there like Chris stops and towns. So that’s
kind of all over the place. So I I I I’m with you. I like higher odds here but I am going
spicy p on this one plus five hundred. It’s just really been his year and you’re right.
I just feel like Toronto is kind of saying fuck you we’re so good without Kawhi and and
really kind of a dark horse there. Well now I see it’s like plus six seventy five or on
my bookie but why couldn’t they win the East again. It’s a I don’t think it’s that crazy.
I mean they just won 15 games in a row. Yeah that’s fucking insane. So you like so
ICP anyone else you want to throw in there. Yeah. I mean I would throw in Patrick Beverley
he is yeah before and he’s up plus seven hundred. Well you know what I see.
That’s pretty good when I look at this list. I see Patrick Beverley and I see a lot of
people that Patrick Beverley probably thinks is a bitch. Oh thanks everybody but Patrick
Beverley and I don’t think Patrick Beverley is looking to lose to some bitches now. So
give me Patrick Beverley 7 1 bitch he ain’t no bitch and yeah. Tatum he’s not going back
to back some of these guys the young fellas they don’t know they don’t want they want
to look cool and for the older players and it’s Tatum’s first all star game too so he
might not be focused on that so this is the dark horse here.
I like your I like your angle and spicy P I’ll get a little taste of that plus five
hundred and then I got to go a long shot Adebayo plus twelve hundred because again all he needs
to do is beat one of these guys and then you’re a couple.
I don’t know why I’m saying here. Will there be live wagering during the Taco Bell Skills
Challenge that you can hedge out of this twelve to one position if you will only try and ask
him whether or not there’s live in-game wagering. Have to reach out to my bookie for that I
don’t know. I have a feeling they’d be willing to offer. Oh okay. What else to get to. Well
I mean before we I guess we should probably talk about the game itself in a second but
before we do well to throw a quick shout out to monkey knife fight.
That’s right. New player in the DFS circuit. It’s called monkey knife fight. It’s equally
as fun as watching monkeys actually knife fight again. It’s DFS. It’s at its finest.
There he is a fellow sharp listener out there. You know these new sites great great chance
to kind of get in figure out the system and really take advantage of it.
And while you’re heading over to monkey night fight dot com check out the newest fastest
growing DFS site. Use a promo code SGP receive a 100 dollar match bonus up to one hundred
dollars. She’s at promo code SGP. One hundred dollars. A hundred dollar bonus up to a hundred
dollars on your first deposit. Use a promo from SGP. Monkey. Knife Fight dot com.
The game itself. What the hell is going on with the. I tried reading it before but like
it the points reset at 24. Are they even going to or are we even going to be allowed to bet
on this game. I mean I’m not sure how the books are going
to be covering because there’s no odds out right now. I mean just like a brief synopsis
is the points reset every quarter. So each quarter they’re playing to win and then they
win. Like for charity and then at the fourth quarter they take the points cumulative of
the leading team add twenty four to it and then whoever gets.
So if the leading team has 100 points to that point they add 24 for order and then the first
team to one hundred and twenty four with then cumulative points then wins the game. So there’s
no time. Our Shot clock on the fourth quarter it’s very weird. I don’t know.
Blood. That’s a lot to handle. Yeah that’s a lot of rules anyway.
Minimally I tuned out there because it just makes no sense. What are they doing. Just
play the game. I get it. You want to. They’re trying to get guys to care more.
Yeah but also the guy who just loved playing the game and and you know put up you know
twenty four thousand two hundred forty thousand twenty four dollars to each of these players
and then just have them play super hard lights out like psychos. That would be honoring Kobe.
Fucking around and not trying hard. That’s cold. Kobe is about he’s the momma. He was
the assassin. You know you if anything. Yeah. He had most of the All-Star MVP. Yeah cause
he’s just like give me the ball. I’m a score. I’m a shooter.
I’m gonna make it all right. Man that was fun. We gotta get our shit on now.
Thank you for participating in the first game and I guess make sure you check out Ryan McKee
host of the NBA ODS pot on the sports gambling podcast network and get a sports gambling
pack. Has that gone. Or just throw in the sports gaming podcast network.
Teens heating up as the second half. It is upon us.
Tons of eggs have content. We’ll be back tomorrow with a week to X AFL picks with a boy Kobe
dance. But until then stay tuned. Right subscribe. Review and fourth sports gambling podcast.
I’m Sean Stagg in the money green and he is Ryan.
Good luck to you this weekend with those picks shown.
Kramer let it ride. Yeah I’m sitting there and just I just clicked
and the stream.

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