Nacionale Bladeworks Knife Unboxing

Wow! As you can see.. Hi guys! This is Ben, chef in Dubai and this is my first vlog my wife kept on bugging me to start a vlog about cooking or showing demo on how to cut fish and lately, I ordered Santoku knife which is the same as a chef knife or western knife. And ah, I ordered this knife from Nacionale Bladeworks in the Philippines. I am really excited coz the knife is cool! And they also gave me freebies I am really excited! The knife will arrived within 3-7 days, so , come and help me make the review guys! Ah..Hello! So, I received the knife that I ordered last time The courier was DHL Actually, it arrived within 3-4 days so, let’s check and open it! so.. it’s well packed I think.. I need a scissor.. Sorry, it’s my first time to unbox my order online. Actually, this is my first time to shop online so I am really excited to make a review, vlog… I am really not used to unboxing orders online so.. the freebies are here as well.. What should we check first?.. freebies..or the knife itself?.. Maybe the freebies first ‘coz it’s already here Here it is.. I have this cap for free Exactly what I need at work And this blue cap Again, I am excited to use this at work and of course, they also gave me a t-shirt.. Free t-shirt, take a look.. Cool! This black t-shirt is so cool! So again, this is the knife I ordered let’s open it.. this is it.. wow, cool.. Oh, by the way not only did I ordered knife, but also I ordered a tweezer. so…… I have this black tweezer, it costs 700 pesos umm, so, I can use this for platings Cool,..right? so…… I think they are the owners.. Oh, right.. Si, I ordered this knife..and if accidentally you cut yourself, to make the experience cool You have this band-aid to use. the band-aid is cool as well! You have a cut and still you’re cool ‘coz of this band-aid.. then… what’s this.. okay.. So, here.. it shows you how to.. maintain/take care of your knife And also, the stickers is included in the package Stickersss and…. badge.. this one I can use to put in my plain black cap and in my bag cool.. And, of course, finally.. let’s open my knife.. So, this is a Santoku knife and..ah. look at the handle the colors are great! And I can say that it’s comfortable in my hands the only this is that it’s not that heavy.. I mean,..the weight is lighter compared to my knives that are.. heavier.. And this one is.. cool.. The metal used here is korouchi.. korouchi.. I read that korouchi is unfinished.. do I explain it.. You know, how they make knives especially in Japan there are different people who specialized in making the handle then another one who makes the blade. You really need to maintain this type of knife So, let’s see how sharp this knife is.. hmmmn..okay..Actually, it’s normal for a new knife that it’s not really that sharp..about 80-90% you can feel in a new knife So what they advise is before you use it. you have to sharpen it Because really it’s not that sharp even the most expensive knives..Maybe some, they are sharpening before selling it to the customer.. but based on my previous knives about 80-90% is the sharpness of the knives.. then you’re the one to sharpen it So let’s try it on a paper.. okay…. hmmmnnn.. it’s sharp.. but… right’s not 100% sharp..anyway, it’s easy to make this sharp.. I have sharpening stones so next time I can show you the reviews I mean, I will demo how to sharpen this type of knife So, this a double edge knife I mean..Yes.. I will show you how to sharpen this type of knife and also I will show you after I sharpen this knife how sharp it will be.. I will demo how to cut vegetable or whole we’ll see.. For now, I am happy with my order this knife is soo cool! By the way, this knife is worth 6000 pesos plus the tweezer is 700 pesos and of course I am in Dubai so the shipping fee is around 1800 the total is 8500 pesos the total amount I spent with all these items Still, I am happy especially I have a lot of freebies look at these caps cool.. I am ready for a busy work at the kitchen and my.. free t-shirt. okay…soo.. thank you for staying and watching my review Stay tuned for my next… ……. ……. to sharpen knife uhmm..again, I forgot to say thank you to Nacionale Bladeworks thank you to the Sir Ryan and Ms. Karen..Thank you very much.

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  1. Na like q na chef…astig…keep it up……oorder din ako nyan hehehe….good job chef ben……🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👆👆👆👆👆

  2. Chef next vlog how to sharp knife nmn sa stone ….hehehehehe….proper sharpening in stone….cool…🤪🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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