N. Korea launched two short-range unidentified projectiles early Friday: S. Korea’s JCS

North Korea fired yet more projectiles into
the East Sea on Friday morning. It’s the second launch in two days and third
in just over a week. The North is claiming that what it’s been
testing is a guided rocket system. Our Kim Ji-yeon has the latest. North Korea launched two short-range projectiles
towards the East Sea… early Friday from Youngheung in Hamgyongnam-do Province… near
North Korea’s eastern city of Wonsan . South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said…
the projectiles reached an altitude of around 25 kilometers… and flew some 220 kilometers…
recording a maximum flight speed of Mach 6-point-9, that’s around eight-thousand-five hundred
kilometers an hour. This follows the two short-range ballistic
missiles fired by the North last Thursday and this Wednesday… which according to the
Joint Chiefs of Staff were fired in a northeasterly direction towards the East Sea… all flying
at altitudes of less than 50 kilometers. The missiles were presumed to have been launched
from the ground using a transporter erector launcher,… which is used to move missiles
to a desired launch location. North Korea has already released a report
and photos of Wednesday’s military activity. The regime stated it tested a new multiple
rocket launcher… countering the assessment by the Joint Chiefs of Staff that they’re
short-range ballistic missiles… that had characteristics similar to Russia’s Iskander-class
ballistic missiles. Military experts invited by officials from
Seoul’s defense ministry on Thursday said further analysis is needed to verify the North’s
claim that it has succeeded in test-firing a “guided” rocket system. The experts corroborated the Joint Chiefs
of Staff’s statement that the South Korean military is capable of intercepting all missiles
launched by North Korea so far this year… with the existing Patriot anti-missile system…
based upon simulations. The military experts said the South Korean
military already acquired the missile technology touted by the North during the early 2000s. “Although North Korea could have acquired
the technology, the experts said it’s still in the test-firing stage… and the technology
is not fully operational… due to factors that include lack of infrastructure and resources. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.”

3 thoughts on “N. Korea launched two short-range unidentified projectiles early Friday: S. Korea’s JCS

  1. See how nuke change the balance of equation?

    You No nukes I nuke you;

    You got nukes I love you…

    Gadafi must be green with envy of NoKo by now as he made a colossal mistake in giving up his nukes.



    Watch this from TRUnews…




    Despite his “Fire and Fury and Lock and Loaded (fighting fire with fire) like none we have seen before” Trump will not dare to go to war go with NoKo for three main reasons:

    (1) NoKo got NO OIL. So, the American taxpayers have to pay for the US$$$Trillion war;

    (2) Noko GOT NUKES and they will use it causing millions of deaths; and

    (3) Noko backed by DRAGONS AND BEARS….. going into NoKo will be a long drawn out and costly, in terms of money and lives, war…. Trump just doesn’t get it. It’s not NoKo that you have to worry about dude. It’s the Bears and Dragons behind the Fat Ass…. This same Bears and Dragons are behind Iran and Syria

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