My Parents Explain Global Warming

where in the world is superwoman today still not married Vancouver huh dad – hello stop Wendy spring can be gathered sector 70 little e very busy doing bukit all right now so she can to make video Lily asked us to make a video for her and look thing she have 11 billion subscribers we decide this has to be important video about serious issue we have selected three options when Siri can’t understand you Siri call sukadeva I don’t see something deeper in your contacts perhaps you meant one of these what no no no no call for create were calling cocka cocka who call suck beep coming Sunday God but what are we calling dirty hotline remember Wendy’s I’m trying to study for my cousin hello fuckity fuckity trying to do boomerang on time ready tell me very good let me see no again again ready and we see ball a one more time ready [Music] garbage global warming pick a head or tail mouth okay Google morning now a lot of scientist and planet people will tell you that global warming because of pollution cars fossil fuel greenhouse effect but now the number one cause for global warming has been discovered in appropriate behavior aka shame shame but no let us prove with the science ok with the ecosystem you see when young people start doing shame shame they start to feel very hot hormones in the body ok physical activity and a ticker socks in all called younger people to sweat but they got yes getting hot and heavy and when you feeling hot and heavy they’ve gone to the atmosphere and create a dome of shame shame does creating climate exchange example of irresponsible behaviors touching kissing texting talking looking for every eggplant emoji used incorrectly one iceberg melt and one Titanic live for every peach emoji used incorrectly one polar bear guy and I’m going to ask you question ok if a polar bear died how he going to drink Coca Cola in Christmas commercials global warming also to throwing Christmas these are the facts Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer already kill Rudolph today you just have it go to get it leave this letter garbage ways to prevent global warming do not sleep in a dark places with people ok because then instead you leave every single light on if you do feeling hot leave open fridge for minimum 10 hours to cool down if your car breakdown don’t sleep over at some shame shame friend house no no you sleep in your car and you leave your car running all night I know what you think into thinking what about when a lot of people do the shame shame by no pollution then under possible because what the shame shame they married and therefore is not shame shame they not giving any pollution why because when you made it you giving less energy when you doing the shame shame you getting more comfortable you do think more carbs you shaving less therefore do not giving any Heat marriage is unless the heart but a younger people no no young people dancing like this like this look at my everything leaving like this you like address-book smashing or passing and Netflix attending so much a heat and a pollution of if you want to have a planet don’t do shame shame or if you want to help get married okay because this usually make people more cold gold so forgive in gold it should have case to put you on and cut it dreams setting we doing our part are you hello before we go any card I have something very important to tell you in fact you know what I am going to imitate nila cadet I think she want to tell you okay Lilly limited yo what’s up everyone have some sick news for you and this good is it really differently Sonya like I think okay let me continue you have some sick news for you I just upload on my blog channel I have teamed up with omae’s and UNICEF to fly one of you to Singapore for the last stop of my boss book tours and link is in the description basically donate talk women through the works of UNICEF and you can be entered for a chance to win a free trip to Singapore to hang out with me on my laptop other than this is as much as I can imitate really hello hello but really sound like this I don’t know I tried my better go and car died nobody and everybody it is my jeep’s thing don’t forget to follow me and myself I see by phone or Twitter and Instagram we have very social media account last video right over there blogs from to records make sure you subscribe because they making new video every Monday Thursday 111 Manjeet okay thank you good bye thank you

100 thoughts on “My Parents Explain Global Warming

  1. What the f ?? That's so nice how you controlled your voice , man you make it so realistic , that our parents is you , I'm so confused

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  3. Best video so farrr, there wasn't a second where i didn't laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. For each peach emoji used wrong a polar bear dies.

    Im deddddd 😆

    50 shades of grey trailer already killed a Rudolph

  5. How much motherfuka time do I have to bloody tell you stop that I see as your mom and bloody dad get that s*** E30

  6. I'd love to read your book Lily 'How To Be Bawse' but I don't think it is dyslexia friendly, so I can't read it sorry.

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂hahahahaha

  8. If your watching this in 2020-2040 reply to this comment about how the year changes and what technology you guys have🤩🤯🤖

  9. Have you noticed that Manjeet said Lilly has 11 billion subscribers? That would be more people than the world population!

  10. who else was getting kinda upset at the global warming jokes even though it was just a joke. GLOBAL WARMING IS A SERIOUS TOPIC.

  11. This was the first video that I showed my parents and they love this video so much! I also love it too! It’s so funny!

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