100 thoughts on “MY HUGE ANACONDA WENT to the BATHROOM all Over a GUEST at the Reptarium!!! | BRIAN BARCZYK

  1. Last nights PODCAST! Please watch! Also yo can listen on Spotify and soon on tons of other platforms! Thanks everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JBekLrAlpk Brian

  2. Suggesting a critter for the expansion. How about a legless lizard? There are many species to choose from. And congrats on the expansion!

  3. Do led lights. They are much more energy efficient. Halogens are a fire hazard. Our lamp burned years ago. It was awful!
    Potato going to sleep while talking about what a potato he is. Lol

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  5. Name the Albino “Snow” or “Snow flake” or “Ruby” and the two headed either Rimor short for Rick and Morty or Koopa and Yertle.

  6. there is someone who's name is Stephanie and she is in a law suit to protect children that are being abused by being made to get married at a very young age to older men and have lots of baby's while their still baby's and the man is married to a lot of women at the same time in Utah. she is crying out for help and I know you care about people. her u Tobe is n love with reborns 2011 her web is www. facebook.com/donate/597647144134115/ this website is because someone keeps taking her go fund me page away from her.

  7. Love the vids dude. You got me into reptiles and now I have a two foot long ball python and he's doing great. Not sure how I feel about the advertisement, but you gave us a heads up and it was a cool ad so not too bad!!

  8. I will do anything to reach my dream! And to be honest I want to open a "Zoo" just like you!

    Keep going Brian🙏

  9. Wow! I worked on a demonstration farm and once and awhile a cow would nail someone's foot. Can't say I have had anything like that happen. Glad the people were super understanding. When you work with animals you never know what is going to happen

  10. Here is an idea you should put a button or a switch that would allow people to switch to a black light on a individual cage. Just a thought. 🤷‍♀️

  11. I can't wait until the expansion is open. I'm definitely going to come and visit. Can't wait to see the new cages all set up and the new animals that will be in them.

  12. Hi Brian! My husband and I are daily vlog viewers and today when you said that y’all
    sometimes give people who get “eliminated on” a clean shirt, my husband said y’all could make shirts that say “I got peed on at The Reptarium” 😂😂
    Thanks for the daily dose of education and good vibes!

  13. If you open doors on the second Friday of March (Friday the 13th) I will get a Friday the 13th event tattoo in dedication of the expansion and drive 16 hours to show you.

  14. At the reptarium You should have it to where kids can make salads or something for the reptiles and feed it to them!!❤🐍❤🐍

  15. this channel helped me get over my fear of snakes (although i never saw one before), an last christmas i even had the chance to hold as one, a really long red cornsnake
    (i was petrified at first until i started getting comfortable XD the person that was with me didn't had the courage but i felt proud of myself (i'm currently studying zoology and animal behaviour in the uk so i thought it was about time to get a hold on my fear on snakes)

  16. Brian no matter how much pain I’m in or how down I feel your positive attitude and how much you Love Lori always brings me up!

  17. Hi Brian loving Ivy and she is amazing but my most favourite is Bella I actually feel a little bit sorry for her you don't spend a lot of time with her like you did when she was in BHB but I love Bella she's my favourite I'm asking whatever happened to your Lori super Ball the blue and white and pink or blue and black I'm not sure can you please update us another question are you ever going to make Bella I'd love to have one of her babies

  18. Brian,
    You are an inspiration my friend. I personally thank you for all your efforts. Good luck in everything you do! Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  19. Proud of all the work your doing been watching since like vlog 80 something. Can’t wait to order my ball python from you when I get my place. Keep up the hard work

  20. @Brian Barczyk  I need a bit of advice. I'm not a snake breeder so l don't know much about incubating eggs and my corn laid a clutch and before I did some research I didn't know that they I not supposed to be rotated and they were in the beginning. They are still the white color they are supposed to be but I'm still worried that they won't hatch. What should I do?

  21. Can someone help me out with advice. Do u need a breeding perment to breed ball python or is that for snakes over 6ft. ?

  22. hey Brain can i get some tips on how to take care of a ball python and where are y'all located if you don't mind i wanna stop by and see some beautiful reptiles

  23. Go with led flood lights on the arboreal enclosure. I've used them on hard to grow plants in deep fish tanks and they really light deep enclosures well. Love the videos Brian!

  24. My ball pyton Loki took his first bathroom break in my care on my mom.. she was like well at least we know his body functions work.

  25. Hey Brian! I’m just wondering if your mostly there if I came to visit? I really wanna come look at all the animals but would also love to meet you❤️

  26. This is seriously the only intertaining YouTube channel😒 Step your game up YouTube. Why do I feel like everything on YouTube is getting boring.😭👍 Brian and True Crime/Crime Watch Daily!♥️ Whoot-whoot!

  27. Can you please get Bella one or more friends I watch her cam and I feel like she's lonely it makes me sad, she's such a good girl she deserves it 😊

  28. I know its common for people to say the "follow your dreams" stuff but its what I really needed to hear today. I love that brian has created all this and shares it with the world, hes so inspiring and has always made me happy watching him. Not to mention he sparked my love for snakes and reptiles and has always been interesting, funny and just a joy to watch. Love you brian thanks for being such a good person.

  29. There’s a light by reptile basics that actually mounts up in the corner and is able to the sun rise and sun set and it’s not that expensive and is super bright. You should look into it for the cages

  30. Brian, Potato is beautiful, however, the temperature range you gave for the Red center of Australia (30 degrees Fahrenheit or less at night to 50 or so during the day) is only for the coldest winter months. In summer it often reaches well over 100 degrees during the day. This place gets very hot!! I add this so any visitors know to bring a good supply of Brian Barczyk tee shirts.

  31. My local aviary has shits that say I got in at the aviary for when people get pooped on you should do something like that for when people get it at the reptarium ❤️

  32. Just recently found your channel. And I must say, brother, you kill it. It’s just that simple. You the man. Absolutely love it. I’m either watching your videos, at work or sleeping.

  33. I am a fan of Lori. Just watching her, I'll bet she is one of the women that have no idea how beautiful they are. She's special.

  34. Hi Brian I just want to say I love your videos you’re amazing I love what you do and I love how you’re so happy about everything I don’t understand how you could do that and also I want to say thank you for inspiring me to get a snake of course my parents won’t let me but it’s fine I understand 😭😇😰😓🤔😖🥰 but I love absolutely love snakes and I just wanna thank you for everything you’ve done and thank you for taking care of those snakes and taking them in and it’s like super nice of you and I just wanna say thank you for everything again💞🥰🔥😁😝🙃😊☺️😎😇😂🥳🤪😄 ( any chance of you liking my comment omggggg that would be my dreammmmmm and my only dream omg plsss ) 💞🥰🔥😁😝🙃😊☺️😎😇😂🥳🤪😄

  35. Have u thought about doing a fundraiser for the animals of Australia?? I would have thought you would want to because of your love of Steve Erwin. Your audience could raise a lot of money.

  36. Hooy asa namn ng gi ingun nimo saimong caption waman lagi niabot nlng sa last wajud koy nakitan na ang halas niadto sa bathroom!!

  37. Do you ever rehome any of your retired breeders? I'm looking for a corn and I'm not too far from the reptarium, wouldn't even need to ship them 🙂 i used to keep fish so i have many different sized tanks but i really wanted an active, adult corn in my 55 gal.

  38. The snow definitely needs some kind of alien-themed name (similar to the gecko Roswell) because it looks like an alien with those big red eyes. I think it's my personal favourite of the 3 new baby turtles.
    Name for the two headed sliders should be Slash and Axl 🤘🏻🎸🎶

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