My DIY Offshore Hawaiian Spear Gaff – Florida Fish Hunter

all right so here’s what I got going
one-inch PVC tubing and it’s thirty nine and a half inches long I mean you can make it any length you want I’m using a 5/16 dash eighteen stainless
steel threaded rod it’s 12 inches long stainless steel nuts and a stainless
steel washer and I went with a 3d printer insert to support the threaded
rod in the tubing so let’s go ahead and assemble this you’re gonna do is put the
nut in on one end you’re gonna push it as far as it goes
now what’s good about this method is that you can replace this out or take it
out to resharpen or whatever without having to disassemble anything really so
here we go we’re gonna insert it go ahead and put the washer and the nut and that’s the basic assembly of it at
least on the tip end okay then you’re going to go ahead and run an end cap on
it of course this is just showing it being assembled but I’ll get more in
depth on everything locks in I’m going to drill it right around here somewhere
and probably put a little screw and that’s going to lock that insert in so
let’s do that now so what I’m gonna do here is I’m gonna drill through the PVC
into the insert but I’m gonna do it in a way where it’s going to miss the center
shaft because I’d like to be able to be removed if I need to replace this or
sharpen or do whatever I want for this all right so let’s do that pick this spot over here somewhere looks like the right angle
I missed the shaft now of course depending on the screw you
could always cut it down or use a shorter screw that’s it so the other thing
I have to do is I wanted to make sure that this floats no matter what
specially if water got inside the tube so I’m gonna fill it up with these
pieces of pool noodle that I cut into strips which I’m just gonna feed in
there until basically I fill up the whole tube I had a bunch of scrap pool noodle leftover so I figured why not this’ll work that should do it cap it off and you’re
done I’m not gonna glue these together because I like to be able to take it
apart I just don’t see no need for it but now that this is done I’m gonna go
ahead and make a little sheath for the point so let’s do that now okay so we
have a 8 inch spear so I went ahead and cut a tube just a hair on these 10 inches
enough to go past this point here then what I’m gonna do is I’m going to add a
splice to the tubing okay and then on the other end I’m gonna
add a cap so now let’s go ahead and put this together and there it is now you
have a sheath to cover your point so you could throw it around I have to worry
about stabbing yourself or making a hole in something take it off when you’re
ready to use it

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