Morakniv Garberg Black Carbon and floating Serrated Knife – OutDoor Show Review 🤔

Hi, this is Konstantin from HikeVentures
and I’ve got Dennis from Morakniv. Can you tell us something about your knives
and maybe the new products? Yes, of course. Making a very fast
introduction what is that we have several type of knives
so we’re active what you say is something like more than 500 knives we are
active. Our company is producing today something between 10 and sometimes 20
thousand knives per day. So this is really really important. Everything is made in
Mora which is a very important point to say because we are controlling
all parts. So the quality control. Exactly, you got everything under your control. Everything is under our control. Of course, we have the Swedish steel of
course which we make and know by looking for somewhere else but you have
everything there. No, but the thing is mostly it’s a family-owned business and
this since hundred twenty seven years of me. Which made us probably a little bit more different is that in
this big product range we have we are touching with all product range which
mean that you can see us in the kitchen you can see it like today on the outdoor
business you can see a mini craft business and in outdoor you will see what is
craft with these things I can explain you these things. I think one of the most
business we have it’s more what we call craft.
What is craft? Craft is these are products like the workers for us in
Sweden are using these are typically for example when you take in this one is
called the robust knife this is a knife which you take in order to holding stuff
up mostly like something you take in your hand in order to put it up but not
really using it as a knife. Very important is to mention these points
because this type of knife on the theory not outdoor knives. But we’ve seen them in
the outdoor business and many have some confusion there. Why would people not use
it outdoors? Why do you think it’s not an outdoor knife? Well, no as everything you can
drive with Porsche in the wood but you will have some
limits here. The thing is falling onto this one it’s it’s only that outdoor knives are made for the outdoors. The treatment, the
looking like for example the looking at this knife we have not finished this one the machine has pressed it together.
There’s no need to finish it because it’s a knife which will be used with
like and robust knife as I said like the whole handle and in the outdoor business we
know the people are much more concentrated on having something better
looking stuff like this. This is perfect. Like a lot perfect and you know it is
really your partner in the wood you know. When you’re working somewhere the
workers like work a tool it’s your worker tool if it gets broken you get a
new one but it will not have an issue on your survival topic. This would make a
different. So this type of knives could be used to answer your question in the
outdoor but they are not mainly made for this. Okay, so don’t judge them in terms
of looking or stuff like this. For example, you see we have a special fixation here
you’ll recognize like this. The workers are mostly hanging this here
on the belt like this having several knives using the. This is the only real
difference you have. And of course the price, for example if we taking this
one here we have a product whose on the recommended annual price of about 6 euro
and you have lifetime warranty. You have the same quality of steel also if it does not
have the finish like the other one. But you have everything in one knife and to be honest
it’s impossible to get a better price with this quality. It’s a staple
basically. So it’s very basic but you also say that the colors are quite
different. Well yeah, when this special model here
is it’s our 511 which is a very known product in Sweden and the only
change is in the color. We say this the color of the year. So if you have the
chance to buy one of these products you will have one of the limited edition of
this year so it doesn’t make any special price you don’t have to pay more. I
think it’s a promotion part we put but at the end of the year if you don’t have
bought it you will not be able to have it anymore.
So next year will be a new color. Last year it was another color. Some people
starting to look collector volatiles but it’s nice. I think for this price you
cannot do any error. True. Then of course we were talking
about the different segments. Craft segment it is. You have different type
of different segments. But then we have the outdoor segment where we are here
today so there were pricing range goes around from starting from end user price
of of twelve euro to over a hundred hundred ten euro. In
this case we have one our knives which is called the Companion.
The Companion knife here exists in several colors that take the orange
because it’s orange today here on the other end but we have several colors
pink, red or whatever green. And you use it as a companion. Just carry it with you
everywhere. Exactly, so here we are in the
recommended price around 12 euro and we are at the bottom of the price range. Exactly, but to be honest with you, you have so much knife only in 12 euro.
It’s totally crazy when you’re thinking about. So here you have the finishing
issue which we didn’t have here. You see that the finishing and the work behind
the knife it’s something totally different between we had with the knife
before. We are doubling also the price but we still extremely competitive
in what we are looking here. The handle is different as well isn’t it. Yes, we have a
totally different use of plastic here and it mostly feels a
little bit better you have the impression you have a knife protection
through here so yeah you have I think the best companion forever. You can use it at
the kitchen also it’s not his use again but personally me at home if I have to
to cut something a little bit stronger I use a companion Then in this outdoor business we had this year lunched a
little bit beginning of the year and shock-jock
one of I know some people who love it overall it’s our Garberg, our Garberg black.
So, what does it mean Garberg black? First of all this is our Garberg is our
most strongest knife we ever made in 127 years. It’s a full tang knife. In this case here
you have carbon steel it exists in the not black version in stainless steel.
You have here polyamide handle. What does it mean apolyamide handle? It’s much more stronger
when it’s getting cold in extreme use when you are hammering on like this the
knife you don’t see anything on it which will not be the case on the other one.
But here you are hammering on behind whatever you want to do. Nothing happens.
You can use it in order to split some wood and making fire with it. It’s
the knife – if you have to have – one knife in the outdoor and I want to survive, it
will survive you. But will it be the knife in which is carbon or stainless
steel? Well, this is a big discussion and a long discussion and I will have no
time today because people would say oh he is crazy. I love carbon and I say
oh I love stainless steel. With a personal preference. Yeah, first of all we have of course the looking of it. If it’s totally black it
looks more cool. Yeah, this is right I totally understand and in some military
use it’s not only a cool world it’s only the fact is you don’t see my
knife, it does not shine, so it’s protecting
myself. So this is also not only the cool issue. On the other side is carbon steel.
Okay carbon steel you chop it easyer or faster than a stainless steel. This is
right. On the other side when you are hammering on like this you will do on this,
you also will have the steel who could be a little bit yeah yeah rubbing away. On
the very strong use of course which on the stainless steel of course will not
happen it could cook a little bit change in your having like like full on on this.
And one point many people didn’t understand and I think it is the main
point of understanding if you don’t understand so much about knives, carbon steel is rusting. So you have to be careful and if you have used it in water like we have in
front of us. It’s not for use in water but if it’s
getting wet outside you have used it in camping, clean it in order put it on the
leather you know once trying to clean it up. To dry it is very important.
Because you can have some not good looking things in which nothing do
against the knife. The knife will continue to do its job but it’s not good
in good. With stainless in it not will will not happen or at least will happen
so fast. So this is a main point which if I can give my opinion the stainless
steel would in my point of view a little bit easier to use also for people who
didn’t understand it. But talking about knives and water conditions would got
something in front of us. Yes, we launched today, it’s our first day, so it is
the first time everybody can see it. As you can see we are looking here in the
version of the craft segment and you can see what is coming out also here.
It’s looking like our new other craft products. We have here a cork
handle. So no plastic anymore but cork. For people who cannot touch it
now and only see it is it’s extremely unusual to have one of our knives, especially
just the knife I can’t talk before. When we were talking about the indestructible.
Of course this one you can understand it’s totally the opposite of
it but when you put it in water as you can see it don’t go under the water. So
especially fishing because you have the serrated. You have it around it about.
So if we go on the boat it’s falling down you will not have an issue.
Oh, I’m in the middle of nowhere. And of course it’s extremely light. It’s
crazy when you have it in your hand. It’s if I would like to compare it with this one it’s it’s a totally different, noticeable. It’s
noticeable. You have a special fixation inside because of course it’s cork. Of
course you will find your limited use in it.
You will not do the same things like you will do hammering like this on. But it’s
still if you’re touching here you still can do it like this without being and
having any issue here. So as you can see we’re spending here
nine hours ten hours during the day. Noting they have no issue. It’s not made for spending months in
the water you know. But it’s
still not going down. It’s not destroying. But you when you have too much water
you have more water in. But still now we have here seven hours running and
it’s still there and nothing special has happen. So this is something very new.
Recommended end user price will be around 25 euro for this product. You
have this afterwards all the same issues. And this is something very new and we
bring in something new on the market which we didn’t had today. So we are
really proud about thi. Availability in September. September yeah. We wait the
summer period and stuff like this. It is a new product coming out.
It’s a prototype, it’s not a prototype. It’s only a history of machines. Our big
machine will start to work on it and press these things. The good thing I can say
to you is probably these machines will also giving ideas for the
next and future possibilities of new knives coming. But this this is evidence
of the next. But they’re really things appearing here. Looks good because
you have a cutting a bit of cutting edge it is flat and serrated so you can
easily use it on a rope. Yeah, because mostly these type of knives will be used
for people fishing, cutting cable and opening something and you can it’s full
in the water and you see it and the orange color gives you also the
possibility to see it a little bit better. So this is the main main idea
behind it and we really try year per year and you think tonight you have
invented everything probably. But as I said we have no folding knives. We’re
trying to have a different philosophy.
We wish that everybody find the knife he needs for the activities he has. People are thinking that they are happy about it and our
knives need to live. They need to be used. You need to be convinced. I’m convinced
about it. But you as a user need to to be able to buy it. The price has to be ok.
Don’t say oh I spending I don’t know how many euros in order to … No, the
price – what can I say – I can test it and I can be convinced myself and for
example 12 euro product if you use it once it’s a shame. But to be honest, you
can buy a new one and you know that for this price it’s an easy way of using it
so and you will be not disappointed. So yeah, this is a short story yeah? I try I
try because if I’m starting about kitchen knives and going in detail about
all the things we were having I can talk about hours so you have to stop me.
But as you see it’s a chance working ine specially in the
company, working with the people behind and when I see the efforts the people
are doing only inventing this type of product I say we never will launch
product like this. It’s not an idea. We take time. We we launch a good product
and we are happy about doing this and everybody inside is really conscious and
and proud about what we are doing. And I’m proud to represent the company
especially my colleagues who are working on it. So it’s Morakniv is a good
adventure and it’s not finished. We still have solved thousand of
ideas and things coming out and I think if you continue to follow us you will be
hopefully impressed. That’s good. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure. Thank
you very much. Thank you

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