Meghan’s PR Stunt With Dog ‘Guy’ Backfires As Sad Ending For Dog ‘Bogart’ Exposed

Meghan’s PR Stunt With Dog ‘Guy’ Backfires
As Sad Ending For Dog ‘Bogart’ Exposed Now that the royal wedding is thankfully over,
many animal lovers are wondering whatever happened to Meghan Markle’s two rescue dogs? She called them the “light of her life”
and her “two best friends” with a viral article saying one dog was spotted driving
with the Queen to the royal wedding. Well, people are now outraged after learning
the truth about what really happened to her two dogs. From all accounts, Meghan Markle doesn’t
have close friends. The only relative invited to her wedding was
her mother, and the only other people “sitting on the bride’s side” were her co-workers. Her one longtime childhood friend Nikki Priddy
was her maid of honor at her wedding to Trevor Engleson, but after the new Duchess of Sussex
made it as a TV actress, she dumped everyone she knew back in her hometown of Los Angeles,
which included divorcing Engleson. While living in Canada and filming the TV
show Suits, she rescued two dogs from a shelter. First, she adopted Bogart, a Labrador-shepherd
mix. Then, she got him a companion, a beagle she
named Guy. Meghan featured the dogs heavily all over
her social media accounts. The two dogs bonded and became completely
inseparable. Animal lovers have been greatly concerned
about what happened to the two dogs. The bad press surrounding Meghan’s dogs,
with stories saying one died and one she left behind, got to a fever pitch right before
the royal wedding. Then, miraculously, on the royal wedding day,
an article accompanied by a picture claimed to show Meghan’s dog Guy in the Queen’s
Range Rover, driving to the royal wedding. Now, we can tell you, it wasn’t true, and
it was probably a PR stunt done by Meghan’s people. Here’s the video of the Queen arriving at
the royal wedding, with no dog and a different outfit than the image above: In fact, the Queen, who is a dog lover, has
three dogs, one corgi and two dorgis. People Magazine reported, “Whisper [a corgi]
was brought into the family following the death of one of the gamekeepers at the royal
family’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. She [the Queen] also still has two dorgis
(corgi-dachshund mixes), Vulcan and Candy.” So, it’s highly unlikely that the dog pictured
in that Range Rover, if it is even the Queen in the car, is Meghan Markle’s dog. Which brings us to the burning question so
many animal lovers are asking, “What happened to Guy and Bogart?” In a BBC interview with Prince Harry upon
their engagement, Meghan said, “Well I have two dogs that I’ve had for quite a long
time, both my rescue pups,” adding, “And one is now staying with very close friends
and my other little guy is – yes he’s in the UK, he’s been here for a while.” That sparked outrage with people wanting to
know why her dog Bogart had to stay behind. It was speculated that he was “too old”
to make it to the UK, although no one ever knew just how old he was. The new Duchess only spoke of Bogart once
more, saying, “I think he is doing just fine.” When Meghan comments, “I think he is doing
just fine,” this says she really has not stayed in touch with whomever she left him
with to know for certain if he is fine. One royal watcher wrote, “Supposedly it’s
believed that he [Bogart] was ‘too old’ to make the flight in the cargo hold over
to London, so he was left behind, while Meg’s other pooch, Guy, went across the pond to
the UK, and presumably will wind up living with her and Harry at their cottage. Wait. Too old? He was too old? Then don’t make him ride in cargo! Couldn’t Prince Harry charter a private
jet with a vet on board, or something? Um, he probably has a few connections.” So, Bogart’s sad ending is that he was separated
from his best friend Guy and separated from Meghan. To those who are dog owners, I bet you know
when one dog dies or goes away, the other companion dog actually gets very depressed. Some go downhill and refuse to eat. Since we have no idea why Meghan didn’t
use some of the thousands of dollars she was spending to bring Bogart to the UK, it reminds
us of how she just dumped her husband and friends back in Los Angeles. Now, you can see why the PR stunt with the
planted photo with the Queen and a dog on her wedding day redeemed Meghan in many people’s
eyes. The story was so widespread, even the liberal
fact-checking outlet Snopes got involved. While we have our issues with Snopes, as it
tends to lean heavily leftist, it seems it got this investigation right, saying the story
was “completely false.” In December, Guy broke two legs, but the entire
incident was kept “hush-hush.” The beagle, who probably doesn’t see Meghan
that much, and Bogart, who was left behind, both got raw deals. The former actress turned Duchess should have
kept them together. It was such a selfish move to bring one and
not the other. They should be together. Meghan’s mothering instincts aren’t too
keen at all.

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  1. This is exactly the type of who gives a damn Non News Propaganda that the Alt Left injects into the indoctrinated Facist Antifa Nazis… AKA, college age Commie children & Profs Who are soon to be Exiled… Provided they don't get their butts Shot off first…

  2. Megyns LIFE is one big virtue signaling PR STUNT!!!! What the HELL is wrong with HARRY????!!!! Harry — don't have kids — she will do to.them what she did to the dogs — fine to use on photo ops — but disposable. A narcissist parent is. HORROR – Harry is grossly immature — and it seems NOT TOO bright if he could not see through this silly female — thinking with wrong part of anatomy AGAIN ??!!

  3. No dog breaks 2+ legs on its own. Funny how the vet who treated guy was invited to her 3rd wedding, but neither her father or any of Thomas' or Doria's family were invited? Bogart was only 5! So why wasn't he brought over with Guy? Makes it even more sick that MeAgain and Harry got themselves another dog in UK. If she only THINKS Bogart is ok, she doesn't know.
    Out of sight, out of mind, just like her father, her friends, her two ex husband's, her family and Bogart☹️

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