Meg drives the McLaren 600LT and SCARES THE S**T OUT OF HERSELF!!!

hello YouTube this is Megan’s apathetic
car reviews or as I like to call it parks and emotional labor for the
uninitiated these episodes are really provide the perspective of a person who
has no interest in super cars in fact it’s the perspective of disinterest and
the impressions of a person with no knowledge base on these cars I would
never be in the market for one I would never purchase one even though
dan and I are alike in many ways we diverge radically on our perception
just to be yeah yeah we diverge radically on our perception of the value
of expensive automobiles so today we’re reviewing the McLaren 600 LP and I know
that because it’s owned the car on a background on any of these cars but I am
even less on McLaren because it’s just not as big a supercar name although I
think the McLaren guys would be very vocal in and in objecting to that
statement there’s just not as many of them right correct they’re just not my
my first impression is that’s a very pretty car and I didn’t think I would
feel that because historically like the pictures I’ve seen of MacLaren’s when
people are referencing them look like George Jetson scar or some it like they
look like concept cars of the future and they look like oh that’s dumb and
and I think what that is probably the upper echelon ones that are like two
million dollars or whatever why does it have like the Nike symbol in the middle
of the rim where oh the swoosh just do it
that’s the McLaren logo it’s just upside down oh okay
so wait what is that supposed to be this must be a like a bird’s wing or
something oh because you made it a wingmen well Bruce McLaren was a Kiwis
although this is thought of as a British car brand well right so he raced for a
lot of British stuff and then MacLaren’s based in England so you know if you’ve
got the mascot of the various supercars the the prancing stallion of the Ferrari
and the bull for Lamborghini this little swooshy guy what is that what not as
cool I thought it was Nike single if you were winning make a wit but I guess
Bentley has with the wings or Rolls Royce Rolls Royce
yeah the Spirit of Ecstasy yeah yeah I mean it’s simple you can do a lot of
things I guess we do it’s incorporated into the headlights and the bodywork oh
okay so from that perspective it’s easier to work within an animal yeah
it’s got that theme everywhere in this car
oh okay I get that so there’s more flexibility with that logo than an
animal I guess yeah okay see it my headlight yeah let’s see the shape oh
okay see there it is see it’s that direction
they were upside down on the wheel gotcha
the colour is really really really pretty it’s like a bluish gray yeah a
bluish gray which is really nice I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen this colour
on a car but I really like it and it’s not it’s not loud or ostentatious
although I’m sure these cars must come in those colours sure the bluish grey
coupled with this course carbon fibre yes that’s carbon fibre if you choose
that that’s a smart choice because you always know everybody looking at it’s
like that’s carbon fibre that’s really a beautiful combination they marry very
very well what the orange I like the orange accents I like the calipers I see
you’ve got it in the seatbelts that’s an excellent touch somebody made good
choices there this was optioned well yeah it’s optioned well big scoop II cut
out things yes for air and look at going the top of the door it cuts through up
there – oh it does you can stick your hand through yeah look at that what’s this thing on the bottom
it’s another wing Oh for air oh ok ok is their purpose
thank you aerodynamics ok you look cool it doesn’t cool apartment fiber probably
carbon fiber carbon fiber this is lots of come over yeah this is I think the
first supercar we’ve had the garage that has this proper wing yeah the Lambo
didn’t have one nope kind of expected the lamb but it have
one the engines under there right Kirk ok so this is a mid-engine yes so the
more you know and so the waiting looks pretty on this
car it feels like it belongs on it doesn’t feel like some weird
afterthought with a lot of the supercars that just have the wing on it and you
know someone’s like well you know we should really put a wing on this because
wing and this one looks like it was born with its wing rather than just like wing
for the sake of wind why does it have these that’s the exhaust Oh what yeah
whose exhaust comes out the top oh um why it’s cool because it’s cool
and you can see it shoot fire is there so there’s no functional reason they put
them up here there’s no reason why it couldn’t be down there but they chose to
put it up there is that because no an ass because noise quality is important
among supercars and this just makes it easier to appreciate oh you can
certainly hear it or is it just like because they want to make the car
aerodynamic no have a method with aerodynamics oh okay definitely with
noise so the mid-engine the Ferrari has a piece of glass that you can admire the
motor this is like a screen that makes it kind of translucent where you can see
the suggest when motor I can definitely read the McLaren on the motor right
there which is kind of cool yeah that was I
think well thought out that’s very pretty
that doesn’t come off though sure why would it like you can’t get to the
engine oh you can’t know so you couldn’t work on this engine you have to remove
body panels and stuff this car then therefore lends itself less well between
normal guy yeah well if you want a DIY it yeah
DIY in these cars is really not as easy an option no cuz you would have to
remove half oh okay just to kassadin that I mean that loses points in terms
of like normal gut you want to rip apart this car in your garage you have to take
half a body panels off yeah okay so it’s a little less approachable I think
you’re normal like that yeah okay Oh more it’s got the smooshy things back
here I get it yeah Tilley this is a that care okay sushi thing big cut out
right here what is it with these super price it’s like the more holes and
cutouts the better ice these are speed holes you know Jesus speed holes they
make the car go faster oh yes speed holes you want my advice I think we
should buy this car oh I know I was excited because I was
told that the doors don’t open like this yes and this is the first actual
supercar I’ve been I guess waiting for the the
alternative door opening for a long time and I I’ve yet to have seen it yeah
among these super car drivers are okay it is unlocked oh yeah I’m trying to
figure it out he says the window will be ugly yes yeah
there’s something on the outside on the outside it probably is is it in here
no no that’s too far back it’s totally impractical where is it
I think we’re weird where you would you want to open the door yeah a little
further back and then below go below this should be a little fun oh sorry guys I know okay I’m gonna take
off my rings because every video I do one of these some guys like ah get your
ring click and I’m not trying to do that that makes me smile it makes me smile
like yeah I can see why you like that I wouldn’t pay that much money for that
effect but it’s fun doors don’t open like this like this
not like this not like this this is really cool that the door comes up like
that that looks incredibly expensive if something goes wrong with it though so
for dudes a lot of being that we’ve already established that these cards
these automakers do not design for me the design exclusively for men yep
paradoxically they fit people my size the best it’s interesting it’s like Top
Gun where everybody uh jet pilots it’s like all those guys are like that’s the
people who fit best in them so really it’s designed for people my
size ideally yes obviously design the doors to go up like this because it
looks cool yeah but I’m betting because they go up like this it actually makes
tall guys have an easier time getting in the entry into the car when you’ve got
it like this seems like it’s easier than when the car door opens the traditional
way yeah I would say so oh you fell right in nice and good cuz
we’re tiny five foot two door is up like that
this car is uh just really tastefully optioned isn’t it it’s got kind of a
monochromatic interior and it’s got this swated well leather and then swated
seats right here they’re not called suede or micro suede though they’re
called Alcantara yes Alcantara Oh compare I like the steering
wheel I think the steering wheels really cool
of all the supercars I’ve been sitting in thus far I think I like the steering
wheel the best for me giant touchscreen thingy here wait what
year is this 2019 this is a brand new one yes okay something that kind of
looks like a cup holder there but it’s probably that’s the couple yep one cup
holder yeah okay it looks very simple this display and set up seems like
they’re going for minimalism like it’s beautiful but it’s not overly
cluttered with buttons and gauges and this that and the other which i think is
nice oh they extended the swated material all
the way into the Deaf yep I actually think that’s really pretty
and sealing that they did again I feel like I’m in a little swated fast cave
and it’s very snug it’s very cozy in here
cozy it is yeah and the the carbon fiber is prominent throughout but in accents
and it’s not as much money as there isn’t carbon five in it fiber in here it
doesn’t seem tacky the orange seatbelts the orange seatbelts are nice that’s a
really good accent against that that’s car with optioned well can you figure
out how to adjust your seat oh there’s something that says m12 below that see
the buttons I see some buttons but don’t think they’re doing anything
oh the the car may not be awake anymore oh so wake it up yeah it’s not waking up
mm-hmm it’s not waking up MacLaren’s now it’s up yeah that’s right oh okay is it going on it needs to go up more
than that no it goes uh it’s that’s not button Oh
the back they’re really confusing you’d have to really get used to that yeah I
mean once you did it’d be fine but whoa it’s too much back okay
no no okay oh okay that’s the maximum oh this is better than the Ferraris and
Lambie it would still need to go down a little
bit steering wheel yeah still moves I’m sure it does yeah thanks that’s perfect
okay push out more for a short person okay what is the what is the damage on
the car Dan what’s the what’s the cost yeah this is this one as option was
probably about 300 okay they start at 240 it’s nice the 600 T
well no LT 600 LT what does that even mean though 600 horsepower long tail who
are the contemporaries of the 600 LT then is this comparable to the 488 is
this comparable to the this is supposed to be more like a track weapon so it’s a
very like a race track oriented car more than a street car so it’s more
comparable to like the for you to eat pizza or the 458 speciale eh
okay so so yeah this one what this one’s like like I have a Mini Cooper asked
John Cooper Works Edition or whatever yeah this is more like your John Cooper
Works yes you’re a special version yes of the car it’s meant to be more like
driver-focused track use of stuff by being in proximity to Danny’s car
friends and their conversations the parts of the conversations during which
I’m not dissociating what I hear them say is the McLaren’s are a bad
investment Clarins are bad investment they devalue so hard we do maybe that’s
true I don’t know but here’s the thing like
even if the McLaren guy is the guy who’s buying magic beans the Lambo and the
Ferrari guy in my opinion is like the guy who’s investing in Bitcoin it’s like
oh wow cryptocurrency is where it’s at it’s where it’s going I’m going to pull
my all mutual funds and bye-bye Bitcoin and Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency I
trust with my kids college fund that’s smart investing that’s back crazy
so like to me they’re all a bad investment they’re not a good
investment these aren’t investments so that conversation shouldn’t exist just
cuz these devalue more they devalue more if you’re buying a $300,000 car from
what I understand talking to you people I got a lot of problems with your people
you have to get into a level of car that is just totally inaccessible even to
wealthy people before the cars become an investment very very upper echelon
Ferraris like the 250 GTO yeah or are not even necessary cuz that’s the
world’s most expensive right so four five eight speciality is pretty
expensive well that wouldn’t go up in value
it has okay is there any McLaren that has gone up in value yes which one the
McLaren f1 it’s currently in the twenty million dollar range oh okay
so I’ll use the art analogy because that’s what I hear from dudes they use
that analogy say you’re you’re an art collector like and you’ve got you buy
some multi multi-million dollar impressionist painting and you put it on
the wall it’s a van Gogh or it’s a Matisse or you know like or not
impressionist but like Dali so those will go up in value there those
artists are dead they’re a piece of history they are a piece of culture that
belongs to humanity I have a hard time putting these cars in the same bucket as
that but you guys do those will go up in value but as I understand it this car
and Dan’s car are not in that category they will devalue yes you can’t get
break into that car being a good investment until you are absurdly
wealthy and buying the ten million dollar vintage Ferraris so shut up it’s
not an investment like it’s not an investment unless you guys are in that
group and again everybody driving this car is doing
really well everybody driving Dan’s car is doing really well but they’re not
investments at this point nope so let’s just drop that conversation you know
MacLaren’s devalued like ice I guess more so than like the new
Ferraris or the new Lamborghinis I actually I don’t know that I don’t know
what the devaluation trajectory looks like four Lamborghinis I don’t know what
dam would you say that Ferraris as a brand have the best chance of devaluing
the leap they devalue the least generally scarce it’s hard it’s very
model specific like the rare the car the less likely they are to devalue the more
desired they are the less likely they are to value so this actually of the
McLaren’s probably has a better chance of holding its values because it’s a
very limited car cool ok but yeah I just think we need to think we need to
establish with that conversation how dumb it sounds I agree ok how do you
pull the door down properly well so there’s a trunk button right there on
the door oh you can push that it’s a Franck
yeah it’s French one cars asleep asleep yeah I guess so Clara go Sisley well we
need the keys pushing hold ok it’s still talking ok I think you just left
oh oh I deal with that latch yeah it’s got a bunch of hats do those come with
the car no oh that’s his that’s just his his his buffer of hats in case something
happens to the first hat notorious organization there oh god I have a clean
hat you never know I think he gives them away oh okay like you give away your toy
for art yes okay has a symbol of a book on it yeah what is that I don’t know I
don’t know either when I heard it don’t touch it
has this one been lowered no it’s already low came like that
it came this low okay so tech tells me McLaren is like I intend for it to be
this way yes okay so they’re like they’re not trying to give their their
patrons the option they’re like no the car is meant to be this low yes
don’t go in there you don’t need to do anything it’s already low yep
Afghanistani you can tell it’s lowered if there is a date yeah yeah between it
and the we lend it yeah that’s a good that’s a good amount i wiill gap that’s
perfect do these hairs feel really soft they are
being so weird they only last 4,000 miles the tires feel really soft yeah
they’re sticky yeah they are hmm cuz they’re easy to burn off and get hot
right well they yeah and more traction track they’re basically race tires for
the street yeah that’s weird cuz most everyday car tires feel like
they were very solid and they’ve got a lot of tread it has the suggestion of a
trend they’re like race slicks yeah they’re
close yep and these are Pirelli they’re big soft expensive fleeting tires yes if
you’re not gonna be there long no they’re not supposed to be yeah so
overall impressions this is a beautiful car and then it was optioned well some
of you guys who buy these cars it’s like when you have a baby and then you give
it a hideous name it’s like you buy a beautiful beautiful car and then you
auction it like like as if it were a clown car and this you’re saddling that
car for the rest of its life like if you named your baby like I don’t know like
rain or stormy or any of their Kardashian names be a wonderful human
being you have really burdened it for the rest of its life if you option it
ugly this looks cool I couldn’t see the back when the garage door was closed
look at like look it’s danger look at these teeth it’s dangerous
like the what is that part called the diffuser the diffuser I like I like that
it’s that dramatic with the diffuser like stalagtites black or stalagmites I
forget which which it is which which come up from the front which come down
stalactites hang from the roof of a cave like an icicle while stalagmites come up
from the floor of a cave like a column it looks mean that way indeed yeah
knightly swoop so you have a purse there’s a little
ledge here how do I get it in there without this little strap you can pull
on the seat and it goes forward oh okay look at that seat that’s very much like
racing you see isn’t it yes ok crime in gracefully because you’re small dude
this car is so new he’s got the dealer protective mats on it he doesn’t pulled
off this thing either no I told him wasn’t teasing about that ok ok so now I
got to readjust my yeah it goes back does the seat go back to like a primary
setting he goes max I can get it ok alright see how you’re putting the brake
really hard when you push the start button and you have to push and hold the
start button until it starts that has a nice sound
they’re lifted up what is it the really expensive Ferrari where it looks like
it’s got antenna where I’m like that’s too much laughs right laferrari where it
looks like it’s got insect antenna but this even though they’re projecting out
more in kind of the similar fashion it’s it’s not too much I like it this is the
certainly the most expensive car I have ever driven we’ll see how this goes
it has a wonderful backup camera it’s that is the best backup camera I have
seen the actually out the back I mean it’s certainly not worse than the
Ferrari might be a little bit better do not like giving you gas backing up it
makes me so nervous it’s not the performance of the car I’m scared of and
I’m scared of the fact it’s somebody else’s and it costs that much we’re
going to be very tentative is what we’re going to be we’re going to be very
careful because this car exists and three kids could have gone to college
for the cost of it the visibility is good yes
physically effects it feels like the steering wheel is a little bit stiffer
is that because this is some race edition yes like it is going to if you
move it the slightest bit it’s gonna respond yes okay yeah it feels like that
more so than the four thirty or forty five eight yes it is very stiff it is
very humorous Ponson yeah okay where’s the that’s the transit okay
okay very good this car I guess the phrase is giving me
a lot of feedback yes I can feel everything in the road in this steering
wheel it’s like my body and the car and the road are in a continuous circuit what is it on the Ferrari the four five
eight I think it’s saying oh but this is the race one yeah it’s not about top
speeds how fast it gets there and how fast does it get to 60 what is the four five eight do it in
three points that’s a big difference it runs the
court of mine how expensive a Ferrari do you need to
get to be competitive with this car the parade’s pretty you have to push on the brake car yes
very like you have to be very deliberate about that I feel more nervous about
giving this one gas so I’m waiting for a very safe very safe straightaway yeah it’s gonna save people you don’t
know what they’re doing okay so we’ll just wait
until all’s clear and then we’ll then we’ll well we’ll send it with bend it
bend it it’s made of nice material and it’s thoughtfully designed depth clear
it’s beautiful here’s another Nike swoosh yep okay yeah let’s go that goes
really fast really good lord makes my whole body feel rigid as I was
not expecting it to be like that that’s an interesting sensation for that should we do it again okay turn
around though okay okay yeah no this is of all the cars I’ve
driven now which isn’t that meeting I guess it’s all been the 430 the four
five eight the California I didn’t drive the Lambo because I was like at the time
that one good to go yeah and I can tell the traction control is
saving me because when I first accelerated was like oh yes it was Wow
okay you don’t have to get ready for it right
yeah loosen up a get loose okay here we go here we go Evers was like the that cars in the way okay is that that
the idea okay okay
that’s good hey can you smash me going 200 miles an hour because I mean it got
to the top speed of 55 faster than any car reviewed thus far it straddles the
part of the brain where it’s like danger and fear yet excitement because neurologically speaking the
parts of the brain involved in fear are also tied to like you know like sexual
pleasure and excitement there we have it we shall take this home
this I’ve gone fast in Dan’s cars that’s not my problem I just I dispute the
entire value of luxury cars but this will commence this one commands a little
respect to accelerate it now I’m glad it has the traction control because guys
know I absolutely am NOT a great driver that and I don’t claim to be I claim to
be able to drive fast cars in a straight line pretty well at this point this but
this one that needs to be to be given a little respect okay yep that is that is a rare sensation and
ya know that goes really it’s a little bit scary yep a lot of respect for this
cars capacity or capability how do I open the button okay and the door goes
up oh and it goes back to the original position that’s gonna be huh okay and
then I have to push push okay I don’t really have a summation this one is the
the most fun of the ones I’ve driven okay um I don’t know if it’s if it
drives well I don’t I don’t have the knowledge to compare it to its
contemporaries I guess the speed at which it can
accelerate I understand that makes it more fun cuz it’s scary yeah it’s scary
beautiful car very well optioned from an uninformed perspective a lot of fun no I
would not buy this car but of the cars I’ve I’ve I’ve now driven and ridden in
I guess you know if I had to rank them would I buy this over the Lamborghini
you would I buy this over a Ferrari I don’t know it’s certainly in the running
though like it’s hard to imagine people talking about this brand the way they do
when it does that that’s completely unjustified yeah fun
you got to poke fun at everyone yeah why are they giving this branch I mean I
don’t understand reliabilities an issue yeah that’s the biggest thing what is
well it’s British so yeah you know you got that it’s hard to get away from look
at the doors blue that dude we should do a thumbnail of me like should I like do
the billionaire doors you

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