Máy Bay Boomerang Ver 34, Origami Boomerang plane, #BoomerangPlane #XTT

Hello friends, Today I would like to introduce a new version Version 34! You can take a look briefly So Please note that As usual, when folding, it must be fold so that the plane is really balanced, Well balanced is really inportant! two side need to be well proportional And The back line of the plane is tightly flat and closed. Here! Very closed for better high efficiency results And the plane flies as desired 2 wings of the plane are really balanced And now , we start playing version 34. Throw the plane slightly tilted little by little Adjust throwing force tilt adjustment You also can throw from right to left by tilting to the left like this or you also can do like this !! Let the plane fly upside down Now I will throw 10 times in a row to let you know that this plane is very stable the probability of successful throwing is very high if you fold right Now I will throw 10 times continuously! 1 2 3 6 So you can see let’s play the new version and can you conquer the version 34? See you in the next video Wish you success in this version Please don’t forget to click register to get the new form soon Wish you have a nice day !

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