Marvin The Martian – “I’m A Martian” Song HD

every time you see me you Earthlings turn and run I don’t know what your problem is I’m really super fun I’m a Martian not a great white shark I’m a Martian I play frisbee in the park over to my party it’s not that long a trip you’ll be glad you made the journey for my seven-layer do I like sharing cheese pizza you see I’m not so bad do you like little puppies I make them in my lab I’m a Martian I go through you no ill will a Martian does someone need a chill pill my name’s Marvin I’m a Martian Leeloo let’s share a lemon soda and talk about our feelings but don’t insult my helmet cuz then I’ll hit the ceiling laser and it’s pointed at your planets my laser so don’t take me for granted I’m a Martian boomshakalaka I’m a Martian Shakalaka boom

100 thoughts on “Marvin The Martian – “I’m A Martian” Song HD

  1. yees i realy love Marvin the Martian
    but this song is kinda weird…
    and what is doing shak on that party ? XDD and he dont have any problem with that how he dont go mouth and with lipstick just draw them…. where is logic ? XD

  2. You guys can be like me and get your pineal gland your Marvin the Martian antenna working but that would be a lot of work for you cuz you have to change so much your diet your body the way you think and the way you treat people but Jesus did say everybody's capable of the same things

  3. I feel like I’m in a fever dream and I can’t help but to be turned on.

    Also does this remind anyone of my name is doof and you’ll do what I say?

  4. I’d like to remind everyone that they had to pay people to write this song, and then they had to pay a voice actor to sing it-

  5. 0:49
    Me: nah, i dont want to


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