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Hi friends. Welcome to a new video of M4Tech. Today we are going to do a new video using an old umbrella that we have at home. We need this type of leg umbrella or kids popy umbrella will also do. We are going to see how to make a gun used for fishing from this. We have taken an old umbrella. To make it look old we have made some holes on it. So lets move on to our workshop The first thing we have to do is remove the cloth from the umbrella. For that take a nice sharp blade and cut it off. After that remove it from the joints. An umbrella has many stitches to hold it tight. We have to remove all that knots. Only then we can start out work. The top part will have a tight stitch. After cutting everything off we will have just a frame like this. Now all the strings would be tied up tightly. We have to remove that. Only then we can do the rest of the work. Pull it out with a scale first Then use a plier and turn it to the opposite side of what they have tightened it to. After that you can remove it easily like this. Even the top part will have a locking in the same way. So we should remove it the same way turning it to the opposite side. After that we can get the strings and keep them separately. Now I am cutting the main frame to the maximum length I can get. If you have a good axo blade you can cut this very easily. Now lets remove all the things that are there inside the main stick. ie the spring, holder etc.. Now this is what we are going to use as our gun. Measure 40cms on this After that cut it there. I am mentioning 40cms because I tried it this way and got a very good result. Next place the cut piece on the side of the push button and tie it tightly. Now I have taken a strong thread to tie it. After that round it well with the same thread. Just rotatoe it and then slide the threads down. Then it will stay tight. How much ever you rotate it, that much strong it will stay. I have tied it to almost 3/4th of it. It needn’t stay tight this way. So apply some feviquick or any glue over this. At that time you can feel the heat from it. Thats because of the reaction thats taking place. Later it will stay tight. After that if required we can take a plastic wire and cover the thread. It will look pretty and stay tighter. We will not have the issue of it going loose. For that I have covered this with the plastic rope. Now lets remove the strings from the group of strings we removed from the main rod. Now you can see another string in the middle of the big one. We dont need this. So use a plier and remove the lock from the joint. Then it will come out. Next lets use a scale and just push it like this and the clip will come out from the string. Now I have done the same to all the 6 strings. Lets tie all these 6 strings together. These are going to be used as our arrow. It should stay tight. Thats why I am tieing it using a tight thread. We should tie both the sides like this. After that cut of the excess thread that hangs out. Later Now take a tight rope. It shouldnt be very thick or very thin. I have taken a good rope. Now lets make a tight know over the knot we made witht the thread. This should stand in front of the 1st knot. Make it as tight as possible. Now lets bend the strings and make another knot on the other side too. As tight as possible. Make sure the knots are very tight and then apply some glue over it so that it stands strong. It will not come out. It will stay strong as it is. Now lets set this arrow to the main rod we had created earlier. We have to place it at the place where we had cut and joint a piece and tied tightly earlier. We are using the same strong black thread that I used earlier. Now I have tied this tightly. You will get good results only if it stays strong and stiff. So lets tie it as much as possible and apply glue over it. Thats to tighten it so that it doesnt move. Now the basic structure of our gun is ready. Now we have to work on the lever which is the push button. We have to tighten this to that part now. I am making a new portion to clip it to the other part. Make a loop like this with the thread. Cut off the excess thread that is popping out. Be careful while cutting. Leave a small part out and then cut. While streching it, if it is pulled a bit more, then it shouldnt come out of the knot. Now we have connected this loop to the push button of the umbrella rod. I shall show you how this works. When the clip is pressed it gets released. If we keep an arrow here it will shoot out in full force. That the work here. Lets make the arrow for that. I am using a bamboo stick for that. Take a straight stick which has no bends. Cut your stick like the way I have cut it. We have cut the back side of the stick. Now on the front side, I have flattened an umbrella rod to a shape. This is to stay still when it hits a fish and doesnt get released soon. So I have created a sharp curve like at the end of the rod. Now lets tie a tangis thread tightly to the back portion. Thats to pull back our stick after catching a fish. Other wise the fish will go with the stick. I have tied nearly 5m of it to the rod. Now lets tie the other end to the other end of the main rod like how I am doing it. You can tie it anywhere else also you want. Now lets load and give this a try. First clip the rope to the push button . Then place the bamboo stick inside the loop like this. Now it will stay tight like this. Is it rolling? Should have said Ok friends now our Bow is ready. Now we have to catch a fish with this. Before that lets check its power. We shall first hit it to this coconut tree and see. Ok now it has worked on the tree. Now lets see if it will work on a fish too. Lets load it once again and try it out. The fish doesnt know that we are going to hit him Got it? Then why did you leave it? Thinking I will get it Its ok. No problem Will it be a shame for us. Cant go without catching a fish We will get one. You need patience for all. Why dont you off the camera. Dont insult me Looks nice in the camera Who me? Theres one here So friends all of you have seen our bow and arrow video today We did catch a fish by luck If you are a good shooter, you can catch one with this. So if you liked this video, give it a try with an old umbrella. This video was suggested to us by Priyesh. We have posted his photo here. If you like the video press like else dislike. If you have any comments and suggestions, send it to us. See you with more videos like this. Till then its me Geo Joseph signing out with cameraman Praveen.

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