Making a Honyaki Petty – Kitchen knife

Normalizing at 850, 800 and 760 degrees celsius Heating the steel red hot and allowing it to cool in air refine and relax the molecular structure avoiding warping in quenching The steel cools until stop glowing and become black Applying the clay for the differential hardening The steel heats at 800 degree celsius 10 min… …then we preheat the oil… …and finally quench the blade Tempering at 220 degree celsius give us a hardness of aprox. 62 Hrc Using a little uchigumori stone to generate slurry Slurry lubricates and greatly improves the polishing process A drop of tojiro lubricates the hazuya fingerstone The hazuya refine the polishing made by the uchigumori stone Nugui is used to polish even more and darken the spine of the hamon Finally we burnish the spine with a hard polished knife or migaki Dye the epoxy with black iron oxide Final polish with carnauba wax

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