100 thoughts on “Madonna, Quavo – Eurovision Song Contest 2019

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRMBH-7z9b4 the idiot asshole Mariah Carey can't sing live, he is infected with herpes on his dick!!!!!

  2. La İlahe İllallah Muhammed Rasulullah La Galibe İllallah. Madonna o Ateşte cız bız olacan tövbe edip müslüman olmazsan.

  3. raider red wrote: True, Flopriah Carey is a suicidal piece of shit who can't sing live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRMBH-7z9b4 She tried to suicide but she failed, hope she'll try again!!!!!

  4. Her cheeks are falling down. She's old. What sense can we accord to that childish looking pantomine?

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  7. I'm sick of people who have no idea of music and they express they opinion like they know something. I've heard the live version and it was bad but the autotune was hitting the wrong key and that's a lot to deal with..

  8. it did sound bad but it was such a cool performance,something that we haven't really seen before, classic Madonna, you gotta give her credit for that..

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRMBH-7z9b4 the idiot flopped skank Mariah Carey is a piece of shit who can't sing live!!!!!!

  10. If Madonna's team would have uploaded the full album on YouTube each individual track would have had sucess…especially with curious listeners who were not sure of the sound or concept of the album…we are living in an age that allowing listeners stream and listen before purchasing gives them the choice of buying what they want from each record….its hard to process but we are in the age of streaming and easy access to full albums and singles….why restrict and make it hard for listeners this is not the 80s this is the modern and actual world….theres still time to blow up madame x……by giving chance to each individua track….to be streamed and to be heard.

  11. Tellement contradictoire ce vidéo

    Des paroles qui semblent divines

    mais un oeil bouché comme le petit dieu ball

    C'est une abomination pour Dieu

    Si Madona ne change pas

    elle ira poiroter toute son éternité dans la géhenne

    avec satan et ses acolytes

    Ils se feront un plaisir la bouffer comme une mouche

  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRMBH-7z9b4 Manriah Carey can't sing live lol!!!! She is a flopped satanic suicidal Hoe!!!!!

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRMBH-7z9b4 the idiot Mariah Carey can't sing live, she is an asshole puta who tried to suicide because of Luis Miguel!!!!!

  14. A performance we all have been waiting for. And then this is what happened.

    Oh well, now listening again, I am still so fucking exited this actually happened…
    Madonna performing on Eurovision…After Cher, after some artist from previous years. Before my country won.
    I mean I couldn't be happier. Even if I was quite disappointing it missed some notes BADLY, almost ruining the performance.

    And yeah, we can be negative about the singing, but oh damn the performance was fucking AMAZING!

  15. All the people here are talking about that Madonna didn’t sing well, but come on everyone can make mistakes it’s just because she is on the spotlight than everybody can see it, and by the way why is no one talking about the message she is trying to spread… “wake up”

  16. 永遠のハーレイクインだよなぁ。歳とってもステージングがやばい。天才はストイック。普通、カリスマの歌姫が自分の声、加工されたら受け入れない。ちょい前のスタイル見たがもう米軍レベル。かっこいいわ。

  17. muy bonito mensaje sobre la Paz entre Israel y Palestina, lamentablemente Israel ha demostrado ser el Hitleriano de Palestina, su visión es Colonizar y acabar con Palestina

  18. It's funny how people are saying that is autotune like a something incredible. People playback happens millions of times on other madonna concert videos and others singers in video concerts.

  19. COMENT FOR: Autotune editor, there's a noticable error at 1:26 I can listen the last letter two time (S), letter S is two time in general.

  20. Muy triste!!! Conceptos y valores equivocados… Deja ver un cataclismo una próxima guerra. Y todos lis presentes idiotizado como si estubieran viendo algo bello.. Es una esclava mensajera del los Iluminatis… Aplaudan focas!!

  21. Stop judging…lets see you get up and do what she does.. Not every artist is going to deliver a song every time. Take it from a former Music Exec…

  22. Sheeple: this is edited
    M and the esoteric mystics: Not everyone is coming to our future, not everyone understands that we are unstoppable… 𓇴 ᴀꜱ ᴀʙᴏᴠᴇ☰ʍolǝq os 𓇻
    🝞 𝖀𝖓𝖕𝖑𝖚𝖌𝖌𝖊𝖉 ḖȿōȶᶓȓỈꝄóȿ ƀᶖɍȡ ⱺƒ Ƥằɍằȡᶖȿᶓ Ỉȵ ằ 5Đ ằⱴįằɍẙ ⱺƒ Ƒằᶀᶙȴⱺȿᶖȶƴ ⚣
    ☉ ᴀʟᴄʜᴇᴍʏ
     ⚕ ᖻᓍᘜi
    ⛤ ฿ⱤɄJØ
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  23. Omg y’all chill the f out y’all really have to be criticizing her because of the performance (Ik y’all have freedom of speech) but keep it to yourself. Just watch the video, and if you were unsatisfied there is something called stop watching the video and leave

  24. Мамбо, Красавчик

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  25. If nun of y’all know the original audio was messed up because she had auto tune and it kept tuning her to a lower note

  26. Тупые люди улыбаются своей смерти,ЭТО конечно впечатляет,БРАВО БАРАНЫ,ВЫ НЕ ЗНАЕТЕ КУДА ИДЁТЕ)))))

  27. a major disease reigns. God forbid all sects in this world and these sick people. with only one hand destroy everything everything that is against you.

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