Lysande experiment & slime

It’s raining outside,
it’s such a bummer. – Where is Alma?
– At her friend’s house. – What have you been up to today?
– I have been playing a bit. I see that. Oh, it’s so messy in here. – Harry?
– Mm. – I think we should do something fun this rainy day.
– What? Mom and I have prepared
two things in the kitchen. Let’s go. We have never done an experiment together,
and I saw something fun on YouTube that we should try. Just one thing. There’s a lamp in the middle
of the frame, can we raise it a bit? Which one? Twist it, tie it,
and secure it with a butter knife. There! – Oops, we spilled some glitter.
– It’s beautiful. Yes, but that wasn’t part
of the experiment. We will make a homemade lava lamp.
Do you know what that is? Yes. Does it sound exciting? Good. We need a bottle to mix it in
and we need this oil. – I think we need to switch camera.
– Oh, does it look blue? – Yes.
– It’s because of the small lens. Let’s get the big camera. – Mm.
– Okay. For this experiment we need a bottle,
water and food coloring. We also need oil –
it doesn’t matter what kind. And effervescent tablets. – Dad, can you help me?
– That looks super tricky. – Maybe if we do like this?
– Yes, like that. – It’s like a waterfall.
– It’s filling up more and more. It might have been easier
in the kitchen sink, but this works too. This is red food coloring. It’s very fun and very red,
but we don’t want it on the table. Let’s do it on this beautiful tray. We want the color in there, so if you… – I can, I can, I can.
– Okay, you can. – Look at that.
– Nice! You can place it like this if you want. – It’s so red.
– That’s enough. Now let’s put that one in. – Yes, the oil.
– That will be even harder. – Will it?
– Yes. – Do you want to help me hold it?
– Yes, now it will be easier. Cool. It looks like legs. Now half the bottle consists of water and food coloring,
and the other half consists of cooking oil. – Cool how it’s in different layers!
– Yeah. Now let’s plop in lots of these. – It’s starting to bubble.
– Exciting. – How nice!
– Cool! I will get it closer to the camera.
Harry, come! – You can’t see them… oh, there are some.
– Yes, you’re right. Nice! We need something
to light it up more, like a little lamp. – Yes. Can you connect the phone to it, Axel?
– Maybe like this. Nice! Will it only bubble as long
as we put tablets in there? Yes. The best thing is that the tablets will
dissolve and go away after a few days. Then you can just put more in
and start your lava lamp up again. And put your phone
under it to light it up. Next up is a slime recipe
with potato flour. This isn’t just any slime recipe.
Do you know whose it is? – No… Scooby-Doo!
– Yes! We will try Scooby-Doo’s slime recipe. Yay! We are collaborating with Boomerang, a TV channel
for kids, and we recently visited Scooby-Doo’s house. That link is up there. – Do you remember?
– Yes. – How was it?
– It was so scary. The mummy was like… Then he was like… – Slime.
– Eww. The keys! – Was it fun?
– Yes. I thought it was
really fun and super weird. – Do you know what I thought was the most fun?
– No. – When the slime farted.
– Yes. The farting slime is what we will try to make now. – Eww! Will it fart on you?
– We will see how it turns out. Before we start I want to remind you that ‘Scooby-Doo
and Guess Who?’ airs weekdays at 4 PM on Boomerang. – You like Scooby-Doo, right?
– Yes. Me too, because Scooby-Doo
has been around since I was little. – What?
– It’s true! – Was he exactly the same?
– Yes, he looked the same and he sounded like… The ghost hunting dog! Oh, help! One… – No, in there.
– Oh, in here? Yes, pour it in. Three. Here is 3.5 table spoons potato flour and a whisk.
Do you want to whisk? – No, when it’s in the water.
– Oh. Nice. I have to double check Scooby-Doo’s recipe
so that we are doing this right. – Add a few drops of food coloring, not too much.
– Let me know when to stop. There, for now. – The slime in the basement was a very light green, right?
– Yes. Let’s boil this for a bit.
Hold on. – Should I whisk it?
– It said “bring to a boil while stirring”. It has already thickened, look. – Can I touch it?
– No, no, no, it’s really hot. We have to wait. We have tried a lot of slime recipes
on our channel, and failed with most of them. This reminds me of one we did
with glycerin, remember? – No.
– It was a long time ago. I think we should boil it a bit longer,
then add some cooking oil. – Do you want to whisk it?
– Yes. Hold it there. Let me double check the recipe again. “Bring to a boil while stirring
until you have achieved the desired sliminess.” – Have you achieved the desired sliminess?
– I don’t know what you mean. – Do you think it’s slimy enough?
– Yes. Then we should add oil
for a more slimy surface and a glossier slime. – There is only a little bit in there.
– Yes, the rest is inside the lava lamp. – Do you think the slime is looking a bit pale?
– Mm. – Do you want to add more color?
– Yes. – Now, that’s enough.
– You think? – This is exactly what the slime looked like.
– Really? Is this Scooby-slime? – Can I smell it?
– Mm. – That’s exactly what the Scooby-slime smelled like.
– Really? Yes. I don’t think it smells much at all. – Eww, it smells like farts.
– You don’t like slime so everything about it is bad. I think it smells like mummy fart. Okay, now we have to
let this cool down for a bit. – Is the sliminess good?
– Yes. – We will leave it here for a bit.
– To cool down. Good job, Harry. – Hey, hey. I’m home.
– Hey! Alma, I have done two things. I have cleaned our room,
and one more thing. A lava lamp. – Check it out.
– It’s so cool! It’s better with the big lamp, daddy. Look at that, it looks so good. Look, Harry. – What do you think, Alma?
– It’s really cool! – I have one more thing.
– You do? – Scooby slime.
– Oh! – Should I touch it?
– If you want. – Dad, do you want to touch it?
– No, thanks. You have to. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by the toe.
If he hollers, let him go, eeny, meeny, miny, moe. I know it was you! – Now I can wipe this on you.
– No, don’t touch me with that… mummy hand. No, no, no! Okay, I will touch it.
Oh, it’s such a slimy slime! There’s a video on my channel
where Harry and I are testing slime. Several people have asked about your channel
as Question of the Day. Well, it’s progressing slowly. That slime video
was recorded 6 months ago, and we just posted it. The link to that video
is up in the corner. Thank you for watching this video! Please leave a thumbs up, or down. Try these things on a rainy or boring day,
and don’t forget to watch Scooby-Doo on Boomerang. Take care until next time. Bye bye!

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