Low Kicks for Knife Defense

– Hey guys, Nick Drossos,
I’m here with Patrick. Code Red Defense. Today we’re going to be
looking at knife defense. Question that we got is,
what are the low line kicks you want to be throwing against a knife? So, get into your range. So, the low line kicks are really meant to create distance
from your opponent. I could throw a couple
low line kicks and run. It could create enough distance for me to pick up an improvised weapon
just to buy a few seconds that I could use, but let’s say I’m really
squared off, I’m cornered, I’m in a bathroom stall, I’m in an elevator, a staircase,
or in a position where I can’t run and even me turning
around and trying to run will mean me getting stabbed from the back and I have to use kicks. The first thing is… What you’re doing is you want to go lower than the waist. The idea is not to knock him
out but just to keep him back. What you want to do is throw jar kicks, kicks to the knee, low kicks, why? You want to get the nervous
system shooting low so he forgets. So he starts, so he forgets
about using the knife and I’m trying to throw
strikes here to keep him back at distance, I’m keeping my hands up. So, if I’m here I’m doing
this and doing this like, just that strike what happens too, he has to, if he wants to hit me, they end up committing and taking bigger, bigger slashes and bigger, wider movements which allows me to step in and jam it or keep him back. Just, even if I threw three, four strikes and I demotivated him
to continue his attack the job is done. You know, I don’t need to necessarily engage and trap the knife and fight. If he’s here and I’m just going to do this and I’m here, I don’t even want to go hard but you felt that, right? – Yeah. – And then I go whack, boom and then, as he’s thinking low, boom I get to throw a palm strike
and come in and trap the knife or as I throw low line
kicks, I pull off and throw my hat, my jacket,
a bottle of water, I pick up a chair. Guys, it’s a knife fight,
let’s be realistic. In all the videos I teach awareness, if you can run, run, pick
up an improvised weapon. But you could be put in a situation, I don’t know, you’re on a metro. Yeah run, where you going to run? You’re not going to run out. I’m not going to turn around and risk him getting me from the back And we have a great video
on running against a knife. Go check that video out. You should see it because
that’s also going to help you understand what we’re teaching
you guys here right now. So, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you want to learn more self-defense go visit our website codereddefense.com. Stay safe and stand strong, guys. [Code Red Defense]

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