Local javelin star uses strong arm in multiple events

ROSS ARAGON HAS BEEN CATCHING… .13;23 ball hitting ross ) glove 13;25 PITCHING… 13;47 laughing… background.nats 13;49 AND HITTING HOME RUNS… .21;43 ross hits ball — (crack ( 21;45 FOR MORE THAN 20 YEARS… 2;42 I was 58 I believe when I started playing softball… 2;46 NEVER MUCH OF AN ATHLETE IN SCHOOL… ;31 in high school I graduated at 5 )5″ 118 pounds. ;38 ;43 so in high school I wasn )t playing that much because I was sol ittle ;47 ROSS BEGAN HIS CAREER IN SPORTS, AS AN ADULT… HE )S BEEN TO AT LEAST FIVE NATIONAL SENIOR GAMES… AND CURRENTLY HOLDS THE NATIONAL RECORD FOR JAVELINE… JUST THIS WEEK HE WON ANOTHER GOLD MEDAL IN THE EVENT… 1;55 Javeline is my best event. 1;57 THIS MORNING — HE USED THAT STRONG ARM… IN THREE SOFTBALL GAMES… GOING HEAD TO HEAD WITH THE BEST IN SENIOR OLYMPICS… 4;14 I hit two home runs…4;16 AT EIGHTY YEARS OLD… ROSS ) TEAMMATES SAY HE )S NEVER LOST HIS COMPETITIVE EDGE.. .6;11 he )s quite an athlete… 6;13 HE SAYS WINNING IS NICE, BUT IT )S NOT EVERYTHING… .4;39 I )m not a professional player, so we )re just here to have fun and do the best we can. 4;45 WHETHER THEY WIN OR LOSE, THEY ALWAYS LEAVE IT ALL OUT ON THE FIELD.. PLAYING FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME… .12;44 crack of the bat meetin ball (cheering ( 12;47 AND EACH OTHER… .4;48 We )re a team… we )re family. 4;51 STEPHANIE CHAVEZ KRQE NEWS 13 THE PAPA MURPHY )S SENIOR OLYMPICS LEAGUE IS COMPRISED OF TWENTY PLAYERS FROM DIFFERENT ALBUQUERQUE LEAGUES… TODAY THEY LOST THEIR SECOND GAME AGAINST ENTERPRISE, ANOTHER NEW MEXICO TEAM…

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