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finally if your a seasoned chef or
a home cook you know how important it is to have a really good set of knives feast magazine publisher catherine neville
introduces us to a chef and artists knife maker who’s one of a kind
creations put the fun in function you think all knives are created equal
you haven’t seen the work of nate bonner it was almost something that naturally came about through uh… a series of random events that led
me into the shop right now and surrounded by knives. more on how this chef added knife making to his repertoire a little later first abuses steps that go into a
product from any jury night works it started the design honor drafts on
paper and cardboard this is the basis for a brat pack in metal then honor puts
on the safety gear and head for the greater also of four four falls flies level that the other although faithful uh… waterworld although then bonner let me give it a try facebook for thursday hide make fire started collecting and trading
nights as a child he learned the basics of night making
from policemen at silver dollar city at the import in branson missouri fire followed up his instruction with al lot of research he started selling his wares just after
the christmas shopping season of two thousand now what sets ponders nisa head of the
pack are there hype opting handles they’re made with the same caring press
mission as the blades and materials that go into those handles
includes just about anything that you can imagine rooming gotta move into
something like this which you know we got candy wrappers i was
inspired by some candy about intranet and in your
city which whenever a to the wrapper was so
beautiful and so uh… a friend of mine one day i said why
don’t you just do itself in in the ninety-eight unlike can represen why not this is the date that it does and i was one of the things you know the
answer is and so the grand juries this is great for like a c decision here
resigning they handle start out as blocks made
with a proprietary solution that allows the contents to be cut in-car blake word
here’s the snow fungus and obviously louisan acrylic in the rest of work really makes that a
mansion on com related is what i can tell you buyers nights are currently offered for
sale in two places locally the n_h_k_ website and burger really
covering on health kill more than four decades saint louis
area chefs in home concept convert a rally for night sharpening services purchasing nights and home manner of high and cookware and
accessories in the first four months of offering any age denies we’re really has sold about forty five in addition to the nights the store
offers salt and pepper grinders and chef pants also made by nate bonner manager dan berger really said he knew
bonner long before he started knife making and was impressed by their level
of quality and artistry were you surprised when you saw denies
and how good they actually are how how unique they
were and there’s nothing like it on the
market uh… that sometimes hunting knives
skinner can go kind of uh… unique instance
like that but it was that as you can tell that the handles a response from
the quality of the steel he was using it did it blew me away actually kinda
right out the back we start off with a lot of the like
local mushrooms and andrea local products eight points and things like
that which is very unique very neat and uh… he keeps getting battered toots i at
this time please keep me more than five minutes instead of radar and he’s not
mean that handle that police fanned out please actions and uh… a carbon steel
for the actual way what does that mean comets mealtime steel but use the kind
of up to our quality almost get like a pitino on it it it’s a steel is kind of gone away to a
lot more the stainless steel products but this is uh… kind of an artist in
steel that’s coming back a lot of the high and chapter clamoring to find it begins so you took
his knowledge of actually being in the shop world and and put the somethin you
know from the functional like that hello bangalore allotment possibly go three nights of the reagan here may ban gay about full-time looking to
build more days and reduce an eighty nine four x but through his other company called
chef needs table buyer continues to prepare meals for select clients that’s about it but at least able started off as a way
for me to be present cooking classes his and started to you what i like to call private dining room
for clothing and it really turned into something else
attendants to server family thing right now i have the center
for people that always call me and and through the documents a shotgun effort
for the parties i have a few local businesses that the meetings there so they will allow clients grammar repair campaign piped music connor studied at the new england
culinary institute in vermont and later signed on as an instructor
he’s also run of cooking school and worked as an executive chef his cooking styles could be described as
old-school simple preparations using the freshest ingredients and if you’re wondering what nineties
cooking with here ironically they’re not his creations the any jpy line is
temporarily sold out uh… this is just great mosque balsamic
and on the menu tonight strip steaks and australian lamb chops on a bed of
sauteed vegetables to this gorgeous at held case but and these friends and family members
give their thumbs up to so what did they think it may ponders
the new venture i think it’s fantastic at first i did
buy was surprised i didn’t know that he was interested in nights and the dominique and you need a
backstory a bunny was younger and he would visit brien fan and kinda got to
know that knife maker there and i thought it was fantastic edit these
fallon is dreams and it also has to be with us cooking so it kind of just one
in line with that something that he excels at and i think
is nicer fabulous as i have to keep our fingers and and and and i’m getting a
bit at i’m really happy for him incubated they found a niche in the market and
it’s really exciting to have someone that is a craft and you know himself and
doing that right here in st they denied is like a piece of american
heritage say so like there are these huge names not making across united
states and then yet may who is kind of thinking that
legacy in bringing in other styles and reimold
worms and i think that’s the part of the or that i really appreciate that fires future plans include sales trips
to new york in california focusing on specialty stores and down
the road and plans to hire an apprentice all while morning scrapbooks i mean i
would do it anyway that this was demagogue

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