7 thoughts on “Line Rider – Beat Saber (Music Video)

  1. This long stretch of time between uploads has got me thinking of ways that I could improve my upload rate. The main thing that I think I could do is trying live streaming. If I feel like people are watching me work, I think I will be more productive. This is not a 100% promise, though. I don't know if I have the correct equipment to do so. Maybe my wifi isn't good enough, or maybe it's my laptop. Anyways, I'll try to figure out if I have good enough specs. If so, be on the lookout for the notification if you want to watch.

  2. Appropriately intense at parts, chill at others. My personal two favorite parts were similar in style, with bosh flying between singularities/10pcs consistently to the beat. I think the drops were a bit smoother than I would've expected, and I would've liked to see more intense quark, but also understand why you felt demotivated during the track making… overall, loved the track!

    (Also would like to see you stream track progress)

  3. Hey there! Good to see you back for a new video! And this video is cool! 😀 wow really, you’ve got skills! 😎

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