Today on REBRICKULOUS we’re having a
LEGO kite battle! Hey guys I’m Dimitry I’m Tyler and this is Gary he is a
member of the American kite fliers Association and today he’s gonna help us
put LEGO kites in the sky. Back at the studio me and Dimitry we put our noodles
together he came up with these and since we have the same design I think it’s
gonna be a little bit more about piloting too but for right now let’s
just see if we can make this even possible. Gary we were having some
questions about what kind of things that we should do to make our LEGO kites fly
well. You want your spreader car bar across the back. Okay. You don’t want the
kite to be tight you want to bend in the kite. What else do we need? Leading edge
stick this part is called the keel that’s a vertical element put there for
stability. We each just finished up our first
sidebar that’s gonna go on the outside of our kite but now we have to build
something a little bit stronger that’s gonna go across the middle that way the
kite will keep its shape when it’s up there in the sky. I’m gonna try and build
a tail that’s gonna give it a little bit of weight on the back of this kite so
that it has a little stability in the air stay at the right angle just keep it
up longer. Well let’s say that we got these kites up in the air and now we
want to fight them how will we do that? Okay so you deliberately trying to wrap
with somebody else’s string okay and then try to run away from them as fast
as you can. That sounds amazing. That’s how you fight. All right so we have our LEGO
pieces added we’ve got our LEGO tail these kites are ready to battle let’s go. We’ve got our reels ready and now all we
have to do is tie up our kites and try to get them up into the air first one
to do that wins. We’re ready! Oh neck in neck overshot it okay first
thing I have to do is get my slip knot over the reel. Okay you gotta just pull
it that way there we go all right got the slip knot,
we got to put it on top of this knot right here and it’s just gonna well I’m
right on oh he’s already on he’s already okay okay okay wait how you
do it!! Nooooo.. Wait is it up? Boom Dimitry still doesn’t have his up that’s it Kyle watch
out he’s getting it cool just actually crashed to the ground. All right so I won the first round I
was able to get it up in the air before Dimitry’s but now whoever can get their
kite in the sky the highest without it hitting the ground wins. The wind has
picked up a lot since round one so our kite expert put these really cool
devices on the back that helps stabilize it a little bit that way we can get it
super super high and see who’s gonna win round two let’s do it right now Hey nice and easy nice and easy okay
okay man this wind has gotten me way crazier up there all right nice all
right the first 20 feet are really tricky oh it’s tangled a little bit going. How’s it going D? Oh no nothing’s wrong I’m
gonna get some extra distance I don’t want him knocking me down
he’s flying all over the place. I need to let it out so that it stabilizes so I
kind of have no time to keep this up in the air and this inside of the ground I
lose. You stuck? No, yes. It’s taken a couple of dips towards the ground which do not
look good Round two champion!!!! it got stuck it was an equipment issue
okay no okay so Tyler won the first one he may have won the second one too but the
third one is worth ten thousand points via my decree right now we have to try
and cut them with a string which ever kite touches the ground first will lose
we’re gonna get started let’s go do it Alright D, how you feeling? I’m feeling
pretty good I’m up in the sky he’s so much fun up in the sky I don’t like this
I don’t like this I’m inching in I’m coming at you son
oh no no no get out of here No no no No Everything fell apart for me I feel like
it was the equipment. I seem to recall you said something maybe we can cut back:
Things gonna be a little bit more about piloting so I’m just saying… what do I
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