kylie jenner is pregnant aND WE ARE SHOOK

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Ryan Welcome to HelloXRyan This is what you subscribed for, this is the content that you’re getting I’m so sorry Barbara Susan Barb Susan Barb Susan Did you hear The news -Yeah
-Hell yes -Like-
-Pregnant Oh my god -I just
-I’m shook! Oh my god me too. Oh my god
Barb -What?
-What are we gonna name her/him/them? -Oh my god
-Yeah Oh my god We have to come up with something clever -Yeah
-What abooooooooouuut… …”Susan?” Susan? You don’t like it? Dang it, but why you gotta We’re not naming the heir to our goddess after you, Susan. Plus, her name has to start with a K. What? Why? Barb? Barb? Wh-why does her name have to start with a K? It’s a thing! -What?!
-Yeah! What is a thing?! All the Kardashians and Jenners. All their names start with K. “Every kiss begins with K–” -No.
-Oh. How did you not know this? Oh. Okay, sorry. God, Susan. *gasps* Kertrude! -Did you just add a K to the
-The beginning of Gertrude, yeah. Oh.Okay. That’s a no. Sorry. What about Kate? -No.
-Kenny? -No.
-Kathleen. No. I got it! Kourtney, with a K. Do you like it? They already have one of those.
I think. Um… What about Krusty Krab? That starts with a K. Oh my god. Yes! -Really?
-Yes! Oh my god! Uh, I mean okay, but… I feel like Jesus just gave my heart a high-five, oh my god. It’s not really that good, I just… Oh my god. Oh! What? Were you talking, Susan? -Oh, I–
-Sorry, I got a new text and it’s for me to start a fan about Kylie’s new baby and I’m coming up with some usernames. Oh! What is it? I’m thinking about KyliesOffspring123. -Oh my god, girl, I’m gonna follow it.
-Heck yeah. Wait! So did you like my name idea? -What was it?
-Krusty Krab. [absolute shoOKETH] -Susan?
-Yeah? -Do you have kids?
-No! DON’T. [eVeN mOrE sHoOkEtH] Oh my god. oH mY gOd… Oh my god. Oh my god.

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