KRAV MAGA TRAINING • The fastest Knife disarm

Hago esto, golpear su mano con la rotación de mí cuerpo. Golpeo y corro. No golpeo horizontalmente la mano, es hacía arriba. Porque tengo que crear el espacio para patear la ingle. Si no puedo girarme y quiero escapar al frente, hago esto. Controla su mano, golpealo con los nudillos y corre. Si tengo que controlarlo, tengo que tomar su antebrazo y romper su muñeca.

100 thoughts on “KRAV MAGA TRAINING • The fastest Knife disarm

  1. not sure how comfortable I'd be with some guy doing a demo kick to my groin area like that even if no contact was made. hope he was at least wearing a cup.

  2. I like the one where he controls the hand, hits with the knuckles, and runs away.  Too many put down comments on here.  Better to know something and do something than nothing.

  3. LOL try that in a real fight see what happens, youre going to get folks killed out there watching your Krav Ma-ass videos. you should put some warning statements Do not try this in a real attack for fuck sake GTFOH

  4. best thing to do is train with a partner get a fake knife and have them come at you like they were a mugger and just practice

  5. It is highly unlikely that this knife defense would work in an actual life threatening situation. In this demonstration, the attacker is giving you is complete cooperation. He is letting you knock the knife out of his hand. In an actual street attack, most assailants would move very very quickly, and in all likelihood they would probably slash your arm, face or possibly thrust the knife into your abdomen before you would have the chance to execute such a "choreographed" defense.

  6. To all the people saying this is bullshit and cannot work: can you please show me some techniques that might actually work, in your opinion ? (let's assume you do not have a gun or a machete and you cannot just run)

  7. Well, ok. Interesting. But from a typical person without any Martial Arts, Krav Maga, etc. training, how do I disarm a knife if someone is grabbing onto you (from in front of you) and is about to stab you in the neck? … (I really hope no one has to experience anything like this)

  8. this guy is good……. the first technique should be done palm dowm instead of palm up ……even if the attacker remained perfectly still you could cut your wrist on his weapon…..

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  10. did the same move on the guy at mcdonald's,the burger was inches from his mouth.. cholesterol is not a joke.. it's deadly

  11. Seguo e approvo molte delle vostre tecniche ma su questa mossa sono in disaccordo con voi. Un agressore con un coltello il braccio armato di coltello non lo tiene né teso e né
    immobile, e un minimo movimento di quest' ultimo ti affetta la mano con la quale cerchi di fare la mossa indicata.
    Io consiglierei di non farlo.

  12. Russian systema has different style. Systema hit the attacker's right hand using the whole left forearm, which has much more possibility to hit right.

  13. Hmm I guess this could work. But pretty low percentage. No way I would be letting go of a knife from a simple strike like that. Chances are you will get cut in a knife fight unless you can get a weapon with a much longer range. Even then there is a decent chance of getting cut.

  14. This works cause the opponent here is holding the knife from a distance at you. Usually he would be with the tip of the knife in your stomach, where this method would not work

  15. Launching your hand at speed towards the weapon hand is very risky since most attackers will have a strong grip on the knife and be very alert. If the "strike" fails because he moves or sees it coming and alters the knife angle, you get a blade through your hand. You would need to show us viewers (a) you could dislodge the knife from a strong grip and (b) that the attacker would not detect and point the knife at the incoming slap. It fails the intuitive test sorry and most likely only works with compliant partner.
    The block /groin kick combo is plausible though.

  16. so, how do you get the other guy to stay in one position while you do your move in real life? Oh, and how do you get him to actually let go of the knife at the right moment in real life? Thanks

  17. The worst thing in real life is the way your brain is going to react if you get stunned you are death. Your life matters defend and attack as hard as possible in these kind of situations rather the attacker death then you.

  18. ok…per disarmare qualcuno direi che e' tutto giusto ,colpi precisi e forti ,molto bravo.IL KRAV MAGA E' FORTE.

  19. i mean i know an ex-mill highly trained practitioner of Krav Maga. Studied other marshal arts before service and then only KM for the 6 months of training, and subsequent 4 years of service. I honestly dont think, knowing how he had trained me, that he would recommend this technique.

  20. For the clueless ppl in the comments,this is a defender against a Knife THREAT,not knife attack.Learn the difference .

  21. People in colombia dont hold the knife like that they hold it up facing down and them niggas dance with that shit… y hay que se hace ?

  22. Amm dude, you have clearly never been in a knife fight, even if this is a demo the techniques here all have a weary low success ratio, you know why? Because real opponents move far faster and actually resist, this will just get you killed, don't teach people about knife defense if you don't know knife fighting

  23. Смех,поможет только для защиты от наркоманов.Тот кто с ножом хоть раз работал,никогда так не подставится

  24. Bullshit man nobody grib the knife so easily if you are under adrenaline and nervous the knifefighter will grib the knife and nobody is waiting so long plus what is with his second hand.

  25. in palestra le tecniche per disarmare entrano tutte e funzionano al 100%
    poi per strada le cose cambiano….

  26. Funziona raga. Ho appena disarmato un manichino. D'ora in poi nessun manichino mi potrà accoltellare. Grazie maestri di krav magia.

  27. Deberian hacer los videos con un cuchillo de plastico o de carton pero a una velocidad real y con la pura intencion de conectar al rival a ver si es cierto que funcionan

  28. Lu x difendere dai bulli obullo che ti osesona minaccia tira puni ocotelino che vole amaz come fa a difendere sempre non puoi fare niente sempre solo deve uscì che non esce anzia paura poi se ti becca come fa tante cose fatto tutto non fa niente non dire niente non po fare niente come fa a difende sempre davero tante cose ciao.

  29. 50% d chance sempre depende muito do agressor; se for um sem noia pode n ser simples kkkk

  30. While most of the comments here are the basic "But what if" crap you see no matter what martial art video you watch, providing no incite, I would like to state ny very uneducated opinion to provide a lack of incite. For some reason when someone is holding a knife their arms move at a fairly erratic pace most of the time. This slap is good on paper but there's a lot of room for human error. You would have to he fairly good at timing and precision, instead of say the method I have been suggested, which utilizes both arms and requires basic human accurac, being that you block the knife with both hands, and then worry about other parts of the body.

  31. Hahahahahahhahahahaha x,D ao if he picks up his hand like 3 inches or tilts the blade down youll cut your own hand off great lolol

  32. Se l'assalitore è un perfetto coglione allora ok, ma siccome i colteli sono stati inventati per uccidere non c'è nessuna krav magia che tenga

  33. Si certo se poi ti ritrovi uno davanti nella vita reale la cosa migliore è incassare il meno possibile e scappare

  34. I promised myself I wouldn't bother commenting on martial art videos but I've gotta say this: the knife disarms in traditional martial arts like Ju Jitsu, Karate, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, etc. are 'slow' because one has to learn it and demonstrate it. There's generally no sparring in these styles that's why it 'doesn't work'. If they sparred and drilled it often (like they do in Krav Maga) then it'd 'work'.

  35. Hello! It seems that the enemy with a knife is sick with paralysis. is it a knife fight? a knife fight is the same boxing plus kicks. but one enemy’s hand is longer than the blade of a knife.

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