Krav Maga- defending & controlling a knife threat

so, we repeated this distance, and now we have the second variation, when I’m either in this distance, which means that this reaction may be unsafe, or that we are in this distance, and my first reaction was this. either because I got scared or because I’m aggressive. it could be that it makes me angry and I just attack. or it could be that I get scared, surprised… I see a danger and I want to control it. Doesn’t matter why, this happened. so the technique looks like so: this is one. The hips also turn. Step to the outside diagonally, roughly 30 degrees to the outside. and as soon as I can- counter attack. It could be this, that I punch before I step, Could be that I do it after the step. Usually with the step. bam , double control. As soon as I connect with the punch, I want to control the knife. nd then continue according to what happens to him. If the first punch knocks him out, good. I can go home. If not, I have to continue working him. I can disarm him, we could do it theoretically, and it should also stay theoretical. if he’s finished now- I find it more logical. we could also do this, I don’t know if it’s 100% realistic. I prefer- if that’s enough – good. It should be enough.

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