Kolkata Egg Roll Recipe | Durga Pujo Special | Calcutta Style Egg “Kathi” Roll | Kolkata Street Food

Calcutta-style Egg Rolls maida (flour) 300g sugar 14g salt 6g dalda (shortening) 16g instead of frying the rolls in dalda, we’ve added it to the dough for flavour and flakiness distribute the fat evenly within the flour rub the flour between your fingers until it resembles bread crumbs in texture warm water 180–200g knead continuously for 5 minutes this is a soft dough coat with oil, cover, and rest for 30 minutes For the filling, you will need eggs finely sliced onions chopped green chillies lime juice we like pickling the onions in lime juice as it reduces the sharpness of raw onions and adds a tang to every bite cucumber remove the seeds and chop into matchsticks ketchup! chaat masala
beetnoon (rocksalt) lime divide dough in 130g portions tuck in from all sides to form a ball roll into a 12cm-large disc for an extra-flaky exterior, we will roll the dough in the lachcha paratha style apply a layer of oil sprinkle flour cut along a radius roll ooh, layers! rest 5 minutes to relax the dough beat an egg with a pinch of salt and
keep at the ready 22cm diameter (remember it will shrink a few centimetres by the time you take it to the pan) heat 4 tsp (12g) oil in a skillet rotate continuously for an even, golden crust turn over every minute especially fry the sides so that they crisp too! once the paratha has cooked
completely, spread the egg chaat masala rocksalt a squeeze of lime cucumber (optional) ketchup roll tightly wrap two-thirds the roll in paper tuck excess paper at the bottom OUR FAVOURITE VARIATION: egg-potato roll! spicy alu’r torkari

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  1. It's not just the recipe , even the tools used for cutting knife, so precisely the onions are sliced what's the name of this knife ?

  2. Dalda and maida are very dangerous to health there are many people who follow your channel and yet you are using things that can literally kill a people.

  3. I love Ur channel every video from presentation to music everything i am in love with Bengali food 💗💗💗 love from Nepal💗💗 i wish i was Bengali ☺️❤️

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  6. Kolkata roll is not that type at all. They never use cucumber, black salt and chat masala…..it's not a tradition. They use only normal salt and black pepper powder, lime juice , onion sliced, and chopped green chilli in the filling…..and in the time of making dough they bind it with milk, salt, sugar, ghee, egg and water.

  7. I can't cook, or don't even cook. But these videos are so aesthetically pleasing that I just watch them. It's so satisfying! And I miss Kolkata, my home!

  8. এটা খুব ভাল হয়েছে। আর চিকেন টিকিয়া রোল রেসিপি দেখাবে প্লিস♥️

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  10. I do this adding lime to onions every time, remembering the tang I read about here 😅 it may seem not a big deal to people, but I had just forgotten how these simple things added flavour. Eaten fresh, it is extremely juicy tangy crunchy ❤️

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  12. Love your channel, presentation is brilliant…But a slight criticism from my side, Dalda is a brand, it is actually called vanaspati, dalda's vanaspati is so popular that people forgot the original name.

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  14. Kolkata is my paternal home, I used to visit there every year and all these cuisine remind me of my childhood, the rolls, biriyani, churmur, singara. Now my grandparents are no more and hardly I visit there, but whenever I miss my dadihaal I switch to your channel ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. I remember.. In my childhood , the roll Base recipe was different in streets of Kolkata.. Instead of making a dough with flower only , it was usually a batter with all flower and eggs and spices all together mixed within and directly fried the batter and then filling it up only with salad… The taste of those egg rolls were better than this PARATHA Base egg rolls…

  16. U came back to home country at a very wrong time. When Bengal is losing its identity, its individuality.
    Eating non veg during Navaratri leads to destruction?? Hahaha….such constructive people in all the other states…i guess their states don't face any problem due to pious Hindus…
    And irrespective of country and state, there are always some people who spread hatred. No one can cure that.

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  26. woman:Rolls out the dough, sprinkles flour and then rolls it into a ball again

    dough: Am I a joke to you?

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