Kite Landboarding Tips & Techniques : Pumping & Checking Your Board When Kite Landboarding

Hello! I’m Francisco Escudero, located here
in Miami, Florida. If you want to learn more about kite land boarding, go to
Now we’re going to continue; I’m going to pump up our tires with the desired turf,
which is grass right here. I’m going to take the pump, open the little…just like
a car tire. Insert it here and we’re just going to pump it up. It’s a double action
pump; it’s very easy to pump up. You can do it with one hand. Make sure it’s the
desired consistency. We’re good right here. The other things that you want to check on
your board right here. They move this way, and the board moves this way. That’s going
to help with your steering.

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