KIRO7: Daisy the Dog Thrown From Car

This dog out of a moving car in Island County
the dog later died from her injuries. It happened earlier this month near Banta
Road off of Highway 20 in Oak Harbor and Kiro 7’s Patranya Bhoolsuwan has more on the reward
and the local fight to end animal cruelty. I wish I knew what would make someone do something
this cruel to another living being. It was around 8pm on March 6th when according
to the Island County Sheriff’s office, someone threw this 6-year-old pitbull terrier mix
out of a moving light-colored SUV in Oak Harbor. She was hit by another vehicle. By the time good Samaritans took her to the
vet, her internal injuries were too severe. She had to be euthanized, because she would
have died a very slow and painful death. Laura Henderson is the Executive Director
of Pasado’s Safe Haven. They rescue more than 200 abused and neglected
animals every year. They among other groups have raised $4,500
in reward money to help catch the suspects. This is a crime, let’s be clear about that. Henderson says animal control officials found
a microchip on Daisy, that’s how they know her name. But the person who registered the dog had
given her away years ago. Authorities say those responsible for throwing
Daisy out of the car could face up to five years in jail or $10,000 fine. Pasaso’s Safe Haven investigates or processes
over 500 cases of animal cruelty and neglect every year. They say that the number is staying steady
in part because more people are reporting these crimes. And they hope this time someone will make
that call to help find Daisy’s killers. In Monroe, Patranya Bhoolsuwan, KIRO 7 News. And anyone with information on this case is
asked to call Island County Sheriff’s office. We have linked that information for you on
our Facebook page.

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