Kingdom Two Crowns Tips – Destroying The Cliff Portal and The Cave

Hey everyone and welcome to a guide
for Kingdom two crowns, this time we’re gonna be looking at how to destroy the
cliff portals, so let’s get started. To beat the game you have to permanently
clear every island of Greed, and to do this you have to destroy the caves found
inside the cliff portals on each island. Once the cave on every island is
destroyed, you win the game, but there’s a few things you need to do before you can
attack a cave. First is unlocking the iron technology, which requires both the
stone mine, which is on second island and cost 10 coins, and the iron mine, which is
on the fourth island and costs 20 coins. Both mines build themselves after you’ve
paid for them, so you don’t need to worry about losing any builders when you build
them. With iron technology, you can upgrade your Town Center to the highest
level, the iron castle. This unlocks the forge, which will spawn anywhere within
your walls, so long as there’s enough space and the outer walls are upgraded
to iron. At the forge you can build the bomb, which costs 18 coins and is needed
to enter and destroy the cave. You can also build swords there for 12 coins,
which upgrade your squires to knights, allowing them to carry up to 11 coins,
compared to five coins that a squire can carry, meaning they can take a lot
more hits. Although it’s not necessary, you should definitely upgrade your
squires to knights before attacking the cliff portal. That’s everything you need
to unlock, but you’ll also want to clear all the regular portals in front of the
cliff portal before you attack, it also helps to move your defenses as close to
the cliff portal as possible. The number of portals on each side of an island
matches the number of that island, so the first island has one portal on
each side, meaning you don’t have to clear any portals on the cliffside
before you actually get to it, but on the fifth island you have to clear four
regular portals before you reach the cliff portal. Once you’ve done this you
can build the bomb, which is instantly built once you pay for it, and up to
three builders will come to push it towards the cliff portal as long as
you’re stood anywhere in front of it, with more builders being able to move it
more quickly. It’s also worth noting that the bomb can’t move backwards, so make
sure you’re clear of any greed attacks before moving beyond your walls. Building
the bomb also makes two of your armies follow you, prioritizing armies on the
dock side of the island over the cliff side. These armies are the ones that enter
the cave with you when you go to destroy it. The bomb moves quite slowly,
which is why it’s best to have your defenses set up quite close to the cliff
portal so you don’t have to defend it for too long
whilst travelling. As with attacking any other portals, you’ll want to make sure
your knights are completely stocked up on coins so they can take as many hits
as possible. Once the bomb reaches the portal, you need to pay five coins for it
to enter and another five coins to light the fuse once you’ve reached the end of
the cave, and some spare coins to restock your knights if they take a lot of hits
inside the cave, so make sure you’ve got plenty of coins before entering. Inside
the cave you’ll find some greed nests that need destroying before you reach
the end of it and can set off the bomb. The number of nests follows the same
logic as the number of portals, so the first island has one nest, the second
island has two, and so on. Each of these nests is like a regular portal, spawning
Greedlings until it’s destroyed, so it’s important to move your troops
within range so that they can destroy them and you can push on. After the nests are
destroyed, keep moving forward and you’ll find a volcano at the end of the cave,
and once the bomb is close enough you’ll be able to light the fuse, but make sure
you’ve got a good amount of stamina on your mount before you do this as you only
have a short time to escape before it explodes, and if you don’t escape in time
then you’ll lose your crown. Once you’ve escaped the cave, a load of ooze will
explode out behind you and the cliff portal will be destroyed. The builders
and archers that joined you in the attack will be there too, though the
archers will be vagrants and will need recruiting again, but the knights don’t
make it out because they stayed behind and sacrificed themselves to protect the
bomb and allow everyone else to escape, which is pretty damn heroic so you
better remember them. You also get back any gems, Hermits, or dogs that the Greed
had taken on that island and the game will show some stats about your kingdom.
Once you’ve destroyed the cliff portal on every island the credits will roll
but you’ll still be able to play afterwards, allowing you to get any
achievements you’ve missed out on, or to just run around your kingdoms free from
any greed attacks. That’s everything for this video, if you’re looking for more
tips and tutorials then check out some of my other videos, but until then, thanks
for watching and good luck taking out those caves.

8 thoughts on “Kingdom Two Crowns Tips – Destroying The Cliff Portal and The Cave

  1. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do these short tutorials 🙏🏼
    Will enemy waves get stronger in relation to the overall day count or the specific islands day count?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Do you know how to get to challenge islands on the ps4 version of the game? It seems like everyone else has an option in the pause menu but that doesn't show up for me.

  3. I have a question for you:
    I am on the fifth island, on the left side I have 2 greed portals active plus the dock/sea-side portal active, but on the right side I only have the cliff-side portal active.
    If I attack and defeat the cave, what will happen to the left-side portals?

  4. From which direction do we get a blood moon?and if we destroy a portal from which direction will the counter attack come from ? Pls answer

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