Kid Surfer Sabre Goes to the Kids’ Choice Awards

Over the weekend, I was very honored
to win three Kids’ Choice Awards. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I asked our favorite 12
year old Australian surfer, Sabre to cover the orange carpet,
and here’s what happened.>>Good day, Ellen. I have made it to the Kids’ Choice Awards
on the orange carpet, interviewing the most famous celebrities. [MUSIC] Just breathe.
Just breathe. You are absolutely a stunner. My favorite thing about you is that you’re
just such a powerful woman, and you just tell girls that they be whoever they want
to be and it’s okay to be different.>>Thank you so much! You have so much style, you’re gonna
meet all these, it’s just incredible! What are you doing?>>Well, I don’t know
>>Ellen’s just being a full on legend to let me come here. I’ve looked up on Wikipedia that
you used to a shoe salesman, what do you like being better,
a shoe salesman or celebrity?>>First of all, why you researching me?>>[LAUGH].
>>That’s the first thing.>>Why you looking at my stuff?>>Would you like some veggie mayos and
donuts?>>I don’t want no veggie
>>Do you mind? I fell for that before
>>Donuts?>>No, I don’t want that either. Have you seen my body?>>Could you flex?>>Do you see that?>>Could I see it?>>Yes, look at this. That’s not appropriate, you’re a kid.>>[LAUGH]
>>I don’t want Ellen trying to think that that was different. That was, I forgot for a second. I was in flex mode, and
I put it right back down>>We have got chit chat.>>I will take some good luck,
Kids’ Choice Tic-Tacs. Wait a second, I just need a little more. Just a little more. This feels just enough.>>[LAUGH]>>Thank you so much guys.>>[MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>That was cool,
that was not supposed to happen. Hi Daddy! Hi, how are you?
>>So, excited to meet you!>>You’re hair is so
smooth, it looks amazing.>>Thank you.>>Because I’m a surfer my hair
kind of goes up in a frizzball.>>[LAUGH]
>>And so, you are very, very attractive and
I bet all the boys loved you. When was your first kiss?>>I was 11.
>>You were 11?! I could have my first kiss!>>No!
>>I want->>No, you have to wait.>>Until you find the special person,
they have to remember that they’re so lucky to give you a kiss.>>That guy must be fully whacky.>>[LAUGH] Thanks. [MUSIC]>>To really be a part of the Kid’s Choice
experience, you have to get slimed. So, I’m gonna get you this live, come on, come on over here, come on!>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>[SOUND]
>>[LAUGH]>>[SOUND]>>That’s fun. That was fun.
>>See, inside is fun.>>Guess what? It’s so much fun.>>Ellen, you let me come here and
act like I was a celebrity. You are the nicest most amazing
kindest warmest person. I just want to thank you for
all that you’ve done for me. You’re a legend.>>Thanks Sabre, we’ll be right back.

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