Karpervissen in Portugal met Bianca Venema: bekijk de gave vlog video van Lago Alfarofia!

Soon board for this fishing trip to Portugal. Yaaay! What a luxury incredible! The rods are included at this venue but I chose to bring my own rods. Look this is Arturo he’s the bailiff.. the manager! Let’s go inside! Goodmorning it is a quarter to twelve soon board on the plane to Portugal Yaaaay! I’m so excited, first time ever to visit Portugal! With the best goal: carp fishing. There’s nothing better that this! So I have to wait for a short time here the plane is scheduled to take off at twelve Yaaaay! Exciting! Arrived at Lisbon airport had a nice flight just collected my luggage and now pick up my rods at the special baggage claim fortunately everything went well here they are! This carp has only one eye This is very special This is the first time I have seen that The fish are slowly getting bigger So I will release this one.. I am now on swim 4 at Lago Alfarofia.. ..maybe it’s nice to show you this accommodation.. ..there behind me you can sit outside.. ..You see a beautiful outdoor kitchen.. ..garden set.. ..and that is the entrance to the accommodation. Let’s go inside! I just take off my shoes. The fridge.. ..telly. There are no Dutch channels on the telly. Nice sized fridge Microwave The accommodation is newly build.. ..cutlery And this is the view From the inside With enough space for the rods Not far off the accommodation Two stretchers fit here Maybe three stretchers And two stretchers also fit here which are included Air conditioning Both for heating and cooling in the summer Microwave Cupboard underneath And different power points And this is the view.. Love it! The boat is included And they have electric motors, batteries and chargers on the spot And this view of the lake Very interesting carpy spots Among the reeds In front of the reeds Nice view The outside kitchen There is a meal service here, but in this way.. ..you can also heat up something yourself And an outdoor set with barbecue A cradle.. ..and a landing net. And yes.. ..so you can sit here comfortably.. ..with spacious roof. Where the rods.. ..fit easily The canopy is really royal.. ..and extends to the entire accommodation.. ..which is ideal in my opinion. It’s the same accommodation as swim 1 where I fish.. ..at the moment. What a luxury incredible.. ..take a look at Arturo he’s the bailiff… ..the manager. And he is cooking a delicious dinner right now. I had already made some videos of it. Oops.. But….eh. Wooow.. I had already made some videos of it. Now he is busy making a delicious paella with macaroni. It just looks really tasty…and eh.. Yummie..I’m really looking forward to it. I’m completely spoiled here! Awesome! Super nice common carp caught very happy with it Stunning Portuguese common.. a real powerhouse 33 pounds soaking wet.. very happy with it! Gave a fantastic fight and a extremely strong run, he took off as a maniac just like only this kind of commons do so I’m going to put him back in the lake! Cool! So unfortunately it’s over again a week in portugal, it was great. Really enjoyed it here.. from the carp, strong fish a lot of takes, beautiful fish caught lovely accommodation Unpara.. eh.. How do you call that Look there another fish jumped. So… unfortunately it’s over again a week in Portugal I lo-ved it here! You really have to go here for the total experience The meals, the atmosphere the weather, the fish, the luxury from the accomodation everything is there to make it an unforgettable fishing holiday Besides the fact that you can fish very nice here and enjoy the sun during the season they are working on improvements, there will be an outside shower a hammock So for that matter it only gets nicer here there are so many wonderful excursions to do here Elvas is a very beautiful monumental place a beautiful World Heritage can be seen there Fishing, holiday, sun, to enjoy outings, cultural excursions good food. It is all possible here! I’ve had a fantastic time here, a week was too short Last but not least, the great hospitality from Joâo and Arturo. This man are doing a great job to give you the time of your life here. Every day fresh bread delivered on the swim directly from the oven. Chocolate sandwiches When I arrived here the fridge was full of treats The food is very very very delicious Really.. it’s You just have to taste this! Fabio the son of João. works very hard together with his father to make this a real carp fishing paradise. There are also great Iberian barbels to catch Real big ones too! As well as Black Bass. Therefore also for the fisherman who.. ..also like to catch other species like the Iberian barbel and Black Bass is it really recommended. Well I packed everything the rods are in the tube. I took three rods and a spod rod a rod pod, the alarms, the reels a tacklebox a landing net That’s it… oh.. and also baits and hook baits of course and lead. So you can take a lot of carp gear in the plane it is arranging and rearranging and weigh everything of course. You have to check in an extra suitcase for the rod tube you do not have to request this separately in advance at KLM, the airline that I chose. You just reserve an extra suitcase in advance and it’s possible to take your own rods and other carp gear in this kind of tube. I think it’s possible to take more rods in this tube Oh and I also took a throwing stick, distance sticks because I fished by casting And all the gear for photo and video So.. great! I enjoyed myself very much, I can highly recommend this carp venue Visit the website www.thecarpspecialist.co.uk for all information I tried to show this venue in the best way I can And please send me a message if you have any questions I’m going to take a shower and then ‘hup’ back home! Yaaaay!

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