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this is the Emerson Karambit knife now
what’s a Karambit well a karambit is a unique blade style that came from the
Indonesian archipelago and it’s probably almost a thousand years old and it was
used both as a tool and a weapon of self-defense so you know what what is it
that makes this knife unique calling it a karambit etc well the first thing
you’ll notice is it has a severely curved blade almost like a beak but
really what that does is it mimics the claw of a tiger Sumatra Sumatran tigers
and it also has a hole through the handle because as a tool and a weapon if
you will you never want to drop this knife you don’t want it to be just lost
from your hand if you’re working in the field or in a rice paddy you don’t want
it to fall in the water and not be able to find it but the thing about the
Karambit is you can use it in a regular grip if you would forward grip or you
can use it in a reverse grip alright but the key is this finger hole keeps that
knife secure in your hand in the most extreme situations let’s just say that
so before we produced this folding Karambit but the only ones that were available in
the world were ones that were being made over in Java and Sumatra and all that
they were very crude they were fixed blades and although they were very
efficient and could do the jobs that they needed to do they hadn’t been
modernized in over a thousand years so I looked at the design and said you know
what I could make a folding Karambit that would be something we could do so
we designed the very first folding Karambit introduce this knife to the
world and it took off like a wildfire the Karambit design started catching a
lot of ground both in martial arts environments and also in professional
law enforcement because again that feature
about having that knife secure in your hand allows you to have what was what in
law enforcement is commonly referred to as weapons retention and that that means
that knife stays in your hand so again tool weapon weapon tool a lot
of these things merge historically and the Karambit is one of those designs I
also was was asked to start teaching a lot of the Karambit skills because I’ve
been practicing you know martial arts since I was a young boy and had run into
the knife a couple times during my career developed the complete combat
Karambit course which I think we still have available in DVD we also developed
the karambit trainer because if you’re out there in the gym and you are
training with the knives you don’t want to be using a live blade where you’re
going to actually do damage to your your to the good guys time goes on had a call
for a larger version of the karambit that’s the super crown but quite a bit
bigger than our regular Karambit larger finger hole bigger handle longer
blade Plus this reinforced tip that was developed to give it more strength out
front so I like the Karambit I’ve trained with
them for years and years I think it’s a very very efficient tool they’re
different enough that a lot of people are a little hesitant about them but I’m
telling you right now if you pick one up put it in your hand you’re gonna feel it
and know exactly how efficient that knife is so if you don’t have a karambit
give it a try I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised

5 thoughts on “Karambit – The Wave – Emerson Knives, Inc.

  1. My first non inexpensive i.e. real knife was your Karambit. Started me on the journey of training Filipino Martial Arts as well as collecting your other knives. Thank you sir for staring me on that journey. 13 years later and Im still enjoying that path!

  2. I thinknthe most overlooked aspect of the karambit is their value as a gross motor skills self defense tool. I.e. index, hammer grip, rip and run

  3. Poll options for would you try an Emerson Karambit: "Hell yea" or "No, they're too scary for me". I need an option for "I already have two live models plus the trainer."

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