JoJo Siwa Crashes The Belles’ Sound Check! | JoJo’s Livin’ the D.R.E.A.M. Ep. 4 | Nick

Welcome to Adala’s sound check! This is Galaga’s journey there,
The Belles, they’re my opening act. JoJo and Jess believed in us. We’ve known them for about 15 years now. And now we’re out for five months playing
shows every night all around the country. I mean, this is the D.R.E.A.M tour,
but this is a dream for us. I wanna sing my favorite
song with you guys. Which one? Oh, come on, you know my favorite song. Oh! – Shall we sing?
– We shall. Let’s go. Literally what I’m doing right
now is my dream. Hey, friends! ♪ D.R.E.A.M ♪ OK everyone, so I’m about to
go crash The Belles’ sound check. This is gonna be fun,
The Belles are my opening act. They don’t know that I’m doing this.
I’m excited, let’s go! Can you tell Chris to
turn my microphone on? I’m about to go crash the sound check. ♪ You are beautiful ♪ ♪ Live, go on and be who you are ♪ ♪ You’re gonna shine like a star ♪ We’ll do this twice around. This is my favorite Belles song. Jesslyn was my dance teacher. JoJo and I grew up at the
dance studio together. And we were always really good friends. JoJo was about two and Kelli
was probably about six. And they would be
running around backstage. So this is like almost a full circle
moment, because here we are, now, opening for JoJo. We just watched her rise to stardom,
and for them to share that with us is incredible. ♪ Oh, oh, oh, hit me with your vibe
But I’m running like it’s nothing– ♪ It was about 11 p.m.
when Jess texted me and said, “can you be in LA at noon and
tryout to open for JoJo’s tour?” And then, next thing you know,
JoJo and Jesslyn Facetime us and they’re like, “we’re going on tour!” I like fell on the ground. Every day we step out on
stage I just feel so blessed. Yeah, me too. It’s like a second tour family. Everyone always says how
happy they are on this job. And that makes me feel really happy. I’ve always wanted to be a performer. I bought this black backpack when I was
14, and I brought it to every single show. every single writing appointment, and I was like someday I’m going to
drop this backpack on a tour bus. And then I got to do
that like last month. ♪ Then I traded up these crazy kids ♪ ♪ But they don’t know
that I wish it was you ♪ Walking onto that stage for the first
time, hearing that audience explode– – And that roar of the crowd.
– Yeah. You never know what it’s going to be like
until you’re actually out on stage. That was such a great feeling,
just feeling like we did it. It’s fun every night. ♪ So you’ll never see me cry, cry, cry ♪ When we come off stage,
we’re always crossing JoJo in the hall, and JoJo’s like, “what’s the crowd like?
Are they ready? Are they pumped up?” And we’re always like, “yeah, they’re
ready, they’re great, they’re always so excited.” And it’s just wonderful
to get to see these girls live out their dreams
of seeing their idol, it’s just so cool. It’s a really important role,
but it’s so easy because I’m not, every day putting on a face,
and trying to be someone who I’m not. It just is genuine and it’s who I am,
so it makes it easy to do what I love. [laughing] Here we go. [crowd cheering] It’s very powerful to be
on stage with your daughter and I can’t even express how
much it means to me every night. I had a friend coming in
today from Omaha with her mom. And so many girls here
come with their moms. And for them to be able to look on stage
and see another mother and daughter being best friends and supporting
each other no matter what is awesome. And I think Jess and JoJo
have that same relationship. Madre, we’re about to do audio
if you wanna come see the piano! ♪ Whoever you are, whatever you are,
Whatever you do, what you do ♪ ♪ You’re the number one you ♪ But I like it with
standing on it a lot, yeah. – Perfect.
– Cool. ♪ Oh, oh, oh, you hit me with your vibe
but I’m running like it’s nothing ♪ ♪ Yeah it’s all a good life ♪ Everyone kinda knew that she was a star. She’s always encouraging
people to be themselves, be confident, dream big,
and I think a lot of that does come from being from Nebraska and just wanting
to support everyone around you. ♪ Didn’t break mine, didn’t break mine
Didn’t break mine ♪ I don’t know any 16-year-old like that, that focused who can just
express themselves so well. – Mm-hmm.
– And know what she wants. Look at Kelli, look at JoJo like, the world is really open
to them and all their dreams. Oh yeah! Yeah. [laughing] ♪ No, you didn’t break mine ♪ We were just having like such a fun time. We are just so happy all the time. It’s just fun, like we’ve all
just been having so much fun. It’s just a bunch of Nebraska girls
taking on the world. – You’re a superstar!
– Thank you! Thank you for letting me crash. Of course, any time,
you’re welcome in our stuff. That was fun! We are currently in Des Moines, Iowa. I’m probably gonna have a lot
more fun with the audience because so many of my family
and friends are gonna be here. A couple of my family
is coming in from Omaha. And then a lot of them are coming in
from Dubuque, Iowa, Davenport, Iowa. All around Iowa. Oh, man, I could make a list of everyone,
too, so I don’t forget anybody. I got a lot I gotta do yet.
It’s gonna be a good one tonight. Good, let’s do this. Oh yeah. ♪ Oh whoa, oh whoa ♪ ♪ D.R.E.A.M ♪ My friends and family are here tonight. First people I wanna say hi to
Kay and Dave. – All right, I got a video of you.
– Hi honey. – Did you like it.
– It was so amazing. Candis and Jay, and I see a Jayda. JoJo and I are cousins. – It was so wonderful.
– Thank you. Hello, munchkin.
How you doing? And is there a little Dax?
There is a little Dax up there. – Hey you!
– Say hi? Ah, JoJo! Brandon and Miranda,
and Carter and Chase and Easton. I’m gonna guess that you liked
the baseball part the best. Oh ,they mighty did. Oh, yeah.
Hey, you. Hey Cam, hey Adria, hey you. Her mom is my first cousin. – We’re so proud of you.
– Thank you so much. You do a great job. Hi, JoJo!
Great show. – Thanks.
– This is my fiancé, Thomas. – Hello, nice to meet you.
– Hi, nice to meet you too. Welcome, welcome to the family. I see Rhys, I see Ray, I see a
Karen and I see a Jerry over there. Hey, troublemaker.
Did you like the show? – Thank you so much.
– You’re incredible. Hey Steve and Alex! I promise you I’m going to keep singing. My grandma and grandpa are here tonight!
Hi, grandma and grandpa! Thank you so much. Two of my very bestest friends
Halle and Jane are here. You guys may have seen them in
the High Top Shoes music video. We’re best friends, yeah.
I’ve actually known her since I was two, our moms judged dance
competitions together. Hey, Truffles. – Hi. Good how are you?
– How are you? – Hi!
– Hi! I saw you two right from the beginning. – Yeah.
– When you were on the box. I was like, oh I see those two. You guys know Shy Girl from
the Boomerang music video? Hi, EJ! Hey Elliott! He was in the Only
Getting Better music video. Hey there buddy, how are you? – How’s it going?
– Oh, it’s going. It’s so nice that we can come
and be a part of this and support her. Yeah, it was a really good job. It was amazing, I loved it. It was cool. Oh, it was incredible. We always knew when she was little
that she was gonna be a star. Pop star, you know, I didn’t know that as much as I knew she
was special from day one. Every time she went into the room,
the room would light up. Everybody seemed to gravitate towards her,
and she’s always been special. She’s always been my little girl. I’m Jayden, I’m JoJo’s brother. It’s a real, like a rally vibe. She’s the combination, on stage,
of Elton John and Freddie Mercury. Her stage presence is just unreal. – Great show. Great showmanship.
– Thank you so much, thank you. I appreciate it. I am so proud of JoJo for what she’s done,
the impact she’s had on so many people. I’ve talked with so many
parents, moms, dads. It’s really bringing families back
together, it’s a great thing to watch. When they’re all in front of
the TV doing the Bop dance, It’s really cool to think
that’s JoJo’s dance. ♪ Bop, bop, twist, twist
Check it off your checklist ♪ ♪ Jump, jump, kick it
Move it, move it, mix it ♪ ♪ Right left, all around
Disco, disco, to the ground ♪ ♪ Boogie, boogie, freestyle
Then freeze ♪ It’s just kind of in our blood
to be performing and on stage. JoJo’s grandmother, Kathy, she was the one who started the bows. When Jesslyn, JoJo’s mom, was little, she always had a giant
bow in Jesslyn’s hair. It’s such a cool thing
that all these young girls are wearing bows and being themselves. It holds a deep meaning to us. – I like your outfit.
– Thank you. – Did you like the show?
– Mm-hmm. Oh, what was your favorite? When she’s singing Only
Getting Better by the piano… ♪ Find everything we’re hoping for ♪ ♪ As long as we’re together
It’s only getting better! ♪ Then she gets finished with it
and she looks towards the audience. And there’s a close-up on the stage,
and there’s a smile on there. As a dad, it’s worth everything to me. Give Dad a round of applause! That’s incredible,
thank you guys for coming. Love you, JoJo. Love you, JoJo. ♪ Oh whoa, oh whoa ♪ ♪ D.R.E.A.M ♪ [crowd cheering] I hope you enjoyed, if you did make sure to subscribe
to the Nickelodeon YouTube channel. Come back here every single day
for more awesome content. Love you guys, peace!

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