94 thoughts on “Joe Biden: Attacks On Pete Buttigieg ‘Didn’t Backfire’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. I hope they both take each other out. I'll be fine if Amy Klobuchar rises up as the moderate contender, at least I can halfway stomach her. Ultimately though its #Bernie2020 ✊🏾

  2. Time and chance happeneth for every one. Joe blew his when he did not run in 2016. After Obama presidency when he had the momentum he walked away and quit. This was the time for him to step in. Now he is much older and he is not as quick mentally. His time has passed him by.

  3. Surprised Joe didn't call her a lying dog-faced pony soldier. Funny how the media has completely ignored that huge Biden gaffe. Like usual.

  4. Relique. Antiquity. Mummy. Alzheimer. The words coming to mind when watching and listening to this old, decrepit has been. He has not aged well.

  5. How many days until Rudy is on Fox News talking about how Bernie worked with Brazil to start those fires in the Amazon? Three, four days tops! 🤣🤣

  6. I don’t know why joe bothered , after tomorrow , bootyjudge will fade quickly, whether or not it’s fair , black people don’t care for him

  7. Question to Mayo Pete: How are you going to improve black neighborhoods? His Answer–> "Together, on the eagle's wings of freedom itself, we can march forward with our minds in the future but our memories in the past but also our hearts here with us in the present. We can pursue happiness as a nation with our lives and liberties poised for our future's better tomorrow" This guy is the Master of Nothingness.. Just Platitudes.

  8. why are they attacking each other? This is so trumpian & he would like that they are 'fighting'. Just get on with getting your policies across. If you are asked about the other opponents, just say that they are worthy opponents & may the best man/woman win. Stop bringing yourself down to trump's level.

  9. I'm quite sick of the personal attacks on each other. How can internal fighting possibly defeat Donald Trump. I think it just makes sure that he's re elected and I don't like that.

  10. Go away Joe. Dems want Bloomberg now. Joe is to soft to go up agianst trump. Pete, sorry dude, to soon for a candidate like you,and Warren. Sanders cant debate trump. Bloomberg can do all these things.

  11. Amy and Biden are hard to listen to and after once or twice there's no point. Attacking someone instead of discussing the issues means you don't have anything. Amy and Biden both do NOT have anything. Pete has vision and ideas and well researched remedies to well researched diagnoses. Amy and Biden – like Trump – oppo research. We're done with that – please – useless and empty and good for media programming but not for good governance

  12. Does Pete speak Arabic? Does Pete have ties to the CIA. Does Pete have a blackberry? Did Pete work for Mackenzie? Was Pete an intelligence officer while he served a short deployment to Afganistan and could he be a Jesuit? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Does Pete know all about the opium trade in Afganistan? Again yes.

  13. Does Pete speak Arabic? Does Pete have ties to the CIA. Does Pete have a blackberry? Did Pete work for Mackenzie? Was Pete an intelligence officer while he served a short deployment to Afganistan and could he be a Jesuit? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Does Pete know all about the opium trade in Afganistan? Again yes.

  14. 1:10 Pete was referring to the reason Americans voted for Trump. Those who voted for him had enough with traditional politicians from both Republican and Democratic parties. So I really think Trump isn't Republican at all.
    Amidst all these argy-bargy, these candidates including Mayor Pete are still politicians. They ARE in the business of making compromises. Most (not all) will backflip in their policy positions and will pursue personal agendas.

  15. Pete did NOT attack Biden!!! He said people were tired of the politics of the past. And WE ARE. That is the reason we got stuck with trump the dictator. We need NEW younger politicians in the White House. Pete has 8 years of public service as a LEADER. He knows how to get things done, how cities are run. The more a candidate and their supporters smear the others, the worse they look. If you cannot win on your own merit, then you don't deserve to win.

  16. #Pete2020 For his intelligence, integrity, intellectual ability, capacity for logic, critical thinking, outstanding talents and qualities in one man. An absolute impressive presidential candidate

  17. by the way Biden and son really stole 400 million dollars, from the help to Ukraine, that is YOUR MONEY !!! And why is not being investigated !!?? And more ! ! ! Pelosi's son there also participated in the division of this money ! ! Doesn't it seem strange to you why they drowned trump

  18. Biden is lying. Pete never dissed Obama, he greatly admires him. Pete defends himself when attacked, but he doesn't go in for this low-life swamp-type of politics that Trump introduced to the US, and which some Democrats unfortunately are copying.

  19. Ha, ha, ha… I'm sorry, but every time I see 'Pete Buttigieg' I can't get the image of 'Alfred E. Neuman's' MAD Magazine out of my head. 👀😜

  20. While many complain about infighting now, do mind that the reason why the candidates do it and why media bait you with these clips is precisely that they know we are going to want to watch this stuff – and we do, right here and now.
    There is plenty of better material out there, including the policy details that most candidates have on their websites. I'm pretty sure that they would love to reach the majority of people that way rather than having to do the media circus to get people's attention.

  21. I find it hilarious when Joe Biden says the Obama administration did a good job. I guess in comparison to Jimmy Carter they were right on par.

  22. Haven't we heard that excuse somewhere before from Biden "Yer but he attacked me first". Doesn't Trump always say the same when attacking someone "Yer but he started it". You know just like 3 year old children say…

  23. “we have a newcomer in the white house and look where it got us” alright let’s see, lowest unemployment rate ever, more jobs than ever, better border security, better trade deals, actually doing something about terrorists, taking with world leaders, making america great? alright cool but we can ignore all that right cuz he’s a nasty man 👌🏻

  24. 75000 Dollar tonight during the Bernie rally from individuals. Eat that rigging 🐀 Buttigieg. Bernie / Nina Turner 🔥💥🌶💥🔥

  25. The funniest thing about Joe Biden is that was one of the youngest people ever elected to the Senate. What kind of experience did he have? But he has a problem with someone else, decades later , who wants to run for president primarily because Biden thinks he is too young.

  26. Joe, Pete was unknown a year ago. Look how far he's come in that time. Plus Pete has time on his side no matter what happens this year. Joe, you do not have time on your side. You should have stayed retired.

  27. A simple twitter search of Pete and South Bend, I implore you to look at what his own people who have experience his governing. This is a first hand account and can’t be argued with any graphs or data since those are second hand accounts.


    Also, here’s multiple sources that’s he’s taken more money from corporate pacs than any other candidate by a large margin. Do you really believe he has your best interest in mind over the billionaires?




  28. Pete is NOT an outsider new voice. He is part of DNC machine, he ran for DNC chair but LOST. He ran for state and LOST. Like Trump he built his local city success by discriminating against poor, black and brown people. Like Trump he's in it for himself and not for us.

  29. Sad..Biden is clueless. Lost and doesn’t know his audience or where he is half the time. This is who the DNC was putting their money on????
    Then the DNC is just as clueless.
    I would encourage you to become an Independent. Otherwise parties just see you as an easy vote. Make them earn it.

  30. Crazy sleepy 😴 Joe Biden: Sorry Democrats you Can't Win With a 'Democratic Socialist' at the Top of the Ticket. 4 more years of President Trump MAGA 🇺🇸 coming in 2020.

  31. Mayor Peter thinks late term abortion only happen out of necessity. He's wrong.This woman wanted a late term abortion out of pure convenience.

  32. The 2020 presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg is;

    1. CIA /Arabic language specialist and instructor
    2. U.S. Naval Intelligence
    3. Supports U.S. Military Industrial Complex and the U.S. Military Occupation of 140 foreign countries and deployment of 187,000 troops and you may be next.

    If you want more wars and military expansion vote for the 2020 presidential campaign of Pete Buttigieg a War Pig in sheep's clothing!

  33. Politics in the past were and are that bad these guys who have made billions from their positions is what is wrong with politics way back. we need honest new politicians on all sides of the coin who do their job for the american people and don't do this job for fame and fortune their all crooked rich snakes…

  34. It's pretty sorry that in order to try to get votes you have to hate on someone because of their experience. Especially, when on stage you were mad that he "disrespected your experience" just because you are in the Senate. (The Senate doesn't get much done because of filibusters nowadays.) And he said he thought that it didn't matter that you were in Washington D.C. Experience doesn't matter.

  35. Buttigieg never implied Obama/Biden Administration didn’t deliver big on saving our economy and auto industry, getting ACA passed…But the issues of today are different. We need to save our climate, immigration, income distribution. Uncle joe could fix our diplomatic relationships but We need so much more.

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