Jet-ski and Kite-Surf in Djerba – True Tunisia / season 1 (episode 2)

Today I feel like adrenaline! I feel like adrenaline [Jetskiing to a Spanish fort with Ahmed #Djerba #Tunisia #Adrenaline] Tunisia Mediterranean Sea
Djerba My saviour! Thank you.
It’s deeper than it looks. Yes. – Wow, it’s magnificent.
– Yes. The Spanish fort, right? Yes, it’s the Borj Kstil. – Borj Kstil?
– In Arabic. I don’t see any road. Is it accessible only by boat? Yes, only by boat. Sometimes you can do it
in a 4×4, but only for 1-2 months of the year. – Otherwise it’s underwater.
– I see. I think I’ll stay here for a bit. Make the most of it. Do you often organise picnics
on the beach? Yes. For tourists, or for your family? – For tourists, families…
– Everyone. – Everyone.
– Anyone who likes the good life. He knows I want to catch him!
Just kidding, crab! – Now that’s a melon!
– Yes, it is. Shakir, let’s kitesurf! We’ll try to take off. Let’s go. Pull on this. Watch the kite. [Introduction to kite-surf
with Moez, hair-raising!!!
#Djerba #Tunisia #adrenaline] Don’t pull too hard. Right. That’s it. Let go a bit. OK. That was good. Back, back, back! More, more, more! Pull. My finger! It’s a great feeling. – I can’t wait for tomorrow.
– With a bit more wind… I’ll take off! You’ll get a mouthful, but that’s part of learning.
– Yes. It was a good appetiser. All right, Lazar? Fine. [Tasting sea bream
grilled by Lazar with Hubert & Aline 🙂
#beach #yum #Djerba #Tunisia] – What are you cooking?
– Grilled fish. All the locals love it. – It’s a local dish?
– Yes. It’s good to eat. It’s very good. Yes, it is. What do you like? – The climate.
– The people. Less pressure than in France. It’s quieter here. As if life was easier. It is easier. I feel like Tunisia

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  1. Thank you for watching #TrueTunisia !
    Feel free to get in touch via FB or Twitter. Greetz, Deborah 🙂

    Merci de suivre mes aventures #TrueTunisia !
    N'hésitez pas à me contacter via FB ou Twitter. Amicalement, Deborah 🙂

  2. Vous êtes merveilleuse ,les vidéos sont magnifiques ! i'm so proud of you good job !! j’espère que tout le monde fait comme toi !!tu es un très bon exemple qui en courage La Tunisie !! je vais partager toutes les vidéos et je vais écrire un mot pour toi au début de chaque vidéos … Merci infiniment …

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