Jessica is creating change in aircraft design

The world has changed because of the aerospace industry. And I just think that’s really, really exciting. My name is Jessica Orr. I’m a graduate engineer at Boeing Aerostructures Australia. I’ve always wanted to do aerospace and was always passionate about planes, spacecraft – anything that really flew. UQ is one of the best universities in the
world and having it right here in Brisbane it really made sense to come here. The mechanical
and aerospace engineering degree here is really broad. And that’s really good because you
learn about so many different aspects from structural engineering to fluid mechanics
to material science as well as systems engineering, which is super critical to understanding how everything works together. Having that really wide breadth of knowledge means that I can understand why someone else working on a different part does that, rather than
just focusing on and understanding what I’m doing. And I think that’s really, really important. I did my thesis with Boeing Research and Technology Australia here in Brisbane and
that really cemented my love for aerospace and really helped me get to where I am today. I’m currently working as a stress analyst on the 777X program. The 777 is a long haul aircraft. We’ll be able to make aircraft cheaper, which means that
people will be able to interact with more people, understand more cultures and ideally
make the world a better place. I love that no matter what you always try
to push the envelope. Whether it’s trying to make something lighter, make something
go faster, make something stronger – it’s just really exciting for me from an engineering
point of view that you know you can develop something that no one’s ever thought of before.

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