Jagdkommando Knife Q&A

at the skill level I am right now I feel
like I climb Mount Everest it feels great to accomplish this knife
to finish it a lot of things didn’t go per plan I guess there were a lot of
frustrations I couldn’t get a few things ground the way I want it I couldn’t
figure it out but finally I got it done I even gave up making it I put it away
and came back later this year and finished it as one fan commented on
YouTube this is the holy grail of the stock removal method and he is
absolutely right I mean take a look at this that’s a lot of steel that was
removed so yeah it took me a while like I said I started this knife I’ll I’ll
show you a picture to prove it I started this knife on November 17 2017
year 2017 I kept working on it and I couldn’t figure out how to make
everything well-rounded here and here so one part was higher when you twist it
it was the tip would be lower so I couldn’t figure out how to make
everything centered I gave up I put it away
and what was it February 26th of this year 2019 I went back at it after I
finished on Tom’s cleaver I went back to and finished it there are several
reasons why I made this knife and first one is to show you guys that it can be
done with just basic tools even if you don’t have a milling machine a lathe it
still can be done it’ll take you a while but it can be done second is to be the
first one on YouTube to make this kind of knife I’ve searched many many times
and I couldn’t find anybody who made this knife freehand so it kind of feels
good to be the first one in the entire world to make this
hopefully this video will become popular and will bring more views more
subscriptions so we’ll see time will tell and a third reason why I made this
knife is to go beyond my comfort zone to explore new ways of making knives so it
was basically sculpting from a chunk of Steel into this what I call a beautiful
nail I will not be making another one so please don’t ask me how much it cost can
you make me one I will not be making one all right this one is for me to keep if
you guys want to buy another one or get one you guys can buy it through Internet
go to blade HQ or any other knife store on the internet and you could buy it
there there was a question why not heat up the the blade portion of the steel
you know grind it flat and heat it up and twist it well the problem that the
problem with that thing is once you start twisting any portion right here
you can twist out outwards so your tip is that gonna be centered plus I don’t
have anything that big I need those big wrenches to twist the
steel I don’t have any of that stuff so this was the simple or is the simplest
way in my mind that I could have completed and I got an accomplished the
reason why I drilled bigger holes in my design versus the original design is
because in original design you have a fuller running on all three sides and I
was not going to put a fuller in there and so that’s why I went with the bigger
holes when I was making this knife I was heavily relying on two videos and
pictures but one of them was Jim Skelton’s
review of the knife so I would pause the video look at how the knife look and
there’s another video I’ll show you guys this person does a CAD drawing of the
knife and I got a lot of information how to make this knife especially the tip
portion because the tip curves and that that video helped me a lot like I
mentioned before there are many things I skipped while making this knife one of
them is the fuller and if like I said before if if I was to put one in you
guys would have been waiting for a video for another month or so plus it was kind
of I want to put Fuller’s on all three sides it’s just time consuming another
another thing I didn’t do is I didn’t heat up the blade all the way through
like I said in a part two of the video I didn’t want this portion to warp it
probably would not work but I don’t want to chance it I mean after you spent
close to two months making this knife and something to go wrong I just
couldn’t live with it as mentioned previously I did not
sharpen this knife dagger because in the state of California it is illegal to
have a dagger or a tri dagger so right now it’s not sharp not even pointy I
mean maybe maybe hurts just a little bit but it’s not sharp so it’s perfectly
legal it’s a nice fancy nail or a toothpick a toothpick ice pick the other
thing that I didn’t do to the knife is I skipped putting all these grooves in
original design there’s a groove every few millimeters or a few I don’t know
quarter of an inch or no probably 1/8 of an inch across and it looks nice but I
wasn’t gonna spend that much time putting all those grooves into the
handle so I showed you that it can be done and the rest is just extra time I
did not make the threads at this portion right here because those threads that’s
what helps to put the sheath in and screw on and another one is I did not
make the sheath for it so I’m just gonna leave this as is so those are all the
things I skipped making this knife is it perfect
no it’s very very difficult to keep everything around everything level when
you you know when you rotate it to keep everything level but I am super super
proud of this knife the only thing that you could notice while visually looking
at it is this portion right here see how it’s bent not bent but ground this way
versus all these parts are here are nice and center they run to the point they are symmetrical and they run up to the point symmetrical and then when
you get to this part it’s like mmm this part goes way off so that’s what happens
when the edges are not equally the same with when they come to the end what was
the most difficult part about making this knife like I said keeping
everything’s centered the same diameter handle same diameter blade portion those
were the most difficult parts the other thing like I said grinding the tip oh it
drove me crazy I spent half a day trying to figure out how to grind this tip and
I did not want to mess it up so what I did I had a little paintbrush stick and
I started grinding thinking oh I’ll be easy looking at the picture is just a
flat flat grind and but then when you look at the when you look at from the
front that the tip does not curve it’s just flat straight line going down I
don’t know if you could see it let me move it around so I Plus this was not
full size so I went out and bought it this used to be a longer stick so this
is 7/8 thick wooden dowel and I cut it up to pieces and I started grinding so
this this first piece was about this long and I kept cutting off cutting off
pieces because I couldn’t figure out how to grind as you could tell I kept grinding grind and couldn’t
figure out the angles so finally I figure it out see how it curves finally
I figure it out well know finally I ground it perfectly and then I forgot
how to do it because what happens when when it’s uh cut off right here at the
nose or the tip you lay out all your angles and when you start grinding you
grind those all those marks away and then you have to visualize where your
next step is to grind it so I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t curving at the
tip because check it out if you’re looking at it so you could see the mark
right as I’m twisting so as you you grind you can see that it’s it’s
twisting right so as I’m grinding you see how the the line is moving that’s
the bevel bevels twisting when you get to the tip look which way it goes the
opposite see so it spins this way and then at the tip
it spins the other way so that’s why I couldn’t figure out that’s why I was
scratching my head I almost ah it was frustrating so finally when I figured it
out I started grinding this and like I said I ground off all the marks that
were the next step for me for the second so I would grind the first portion and
then when I flip it over to grind this part the marks were gone so I had to
stop with the camera away because I was trying to record every angle of that
grind and I put the camera away I placed the tip that I ground perfectly
I would place it like this and I’ll be looking at it okay so I got a grind this
part okay I’ll grind a little bit then I placed a wooden piece next to look at it
again and that’s how I managed to grind the tip because it’s so tricky so that
that those two things were the most difficult part about making this knife
the tip and keeping everything centered cylindrical the thing that scared me
about this knife was if I was to mess up on a tip or anywhere that’s it it’s junk
because it’s a one piece deal so I kept that in back of my mind while I was
working trying not to mess it up so it’s a one piece deal you mess up anywhere
it’s done if one of them holes were off-centered or you know different
spacing it would look like junk but everything came out to my view perfect
as I want I left this Center pin in there because I wanted that to remind me
that’s how I made this knife this is what I went off and also if if any of
you are gonna attempt to make this knife if you’re gonna start on the handle then
leave the blade portion round this way you have something to sit on this way
your knife doesn’t wobble and you could do all your layouts or leave like I did
leave the handle portion nice and round don’t touch it
this way you could do all your layouts on or drill all the holes you got some
nice and thick you know to go off of if you cut everything off trim it and
this is the only thing the centerpiece that’s left when you go to layout other
stuff you know with the high gage it’s gonna wobble so that’s just a little tip
I have not figured out how I want to finish this knife meaning because it’s O1 tool seal and starting to rust already I might do a DLC or Cerakote
or maybe dip it in a ferric chloride no idea yet but somehow I gotta protect it
I’ll probably do aCerakote on it maybe black color I’d like to thank Jim
Skelton for letting me use the audio for this video that I made
Thank You Jim and the other thing is that I’ll be shipping this knife to him
to Texas so he’s gonna review it and you guys could check it out later on when
his video comes out I will post it as an end screen at the end of this video so
you guys could check it out so I need to hand sand it again because while I was
taking pictures of this knife you know you’re placing on the rocks and
everywhere it scratches the blade so I got a retouch it again and ship it out
to him today out of all the knives I have made I’ve never seen so many
positive comments about this knife you guys are awesome thank you some comments
made me laugh some comments made me proud thank you very much I appreciate it
it showed me that you guys absolutely loved this video the build of this knife
you saw how much work went into it and it showed through your comments thank
you I appreciate it as Jim said this is a trophy knife this is my trophy I’m
very proud of it and I’d like to thank all of you for watching my videos
especially those that don’t particularly watch the ads or but you let the ads run
you know you let the ads play thank you so much for that it helps me out a lot
it keeps me going I don’t know what video I’m gonna make next maybe do a
little shop tour show you where I make my knives but stay positive if you give
up on making a knife just put it aside don’t throw it away you already spend
money on it you spent time on it just come back to it when you feel refreshed
with more energy more enthusiasm as you could tell you could still finish a
knife after a year or more take care guys you

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