It’s Magic at the Wizard of Clay

There are lots of reasons to love New
York I’m Jamie the wizard from The Wizard of Clay in Bristol Ontario County. I
love living in the Finger Lakes and I’m going to show you why cultural
aficionados will too. The wizard clay is a production facility,
we are a retail store as well, it’s our 40th year in business and I’m keeping
the tradition alive. The action of the clay when it’s being thrown looks like
magic and that’s one of the reasons my father named the Wizard of Clay the
Wizard of Clay. He thought “well who makes magic but wizards or magicians?”. It’s just
fascinating for people to watch. The workshop is open to the public.
People can see leaves being imprinted in clay, they can watch glazing, they can
watch trimming, they can watch me throwing. It keeps people interested, they
see what’s going, on then they can associate the amount of work and care it
takes to create what we create and then hopefully take a little piece of at home
with them. Kids love it here. There’s a yellow brick road right from the front
door of the store that leads right to the wizard. The reaction on their faces
when they watch me work is priceless. What makes our pottery unique at the
Wizard of Clay is it’s very functional. Everything from lamps, food items, things
to be used in your daily life, decorative vases. The Wizard of Clay pottery is
right here in the heart of the Finger Lakes this is one of the most beautiful
places in the world. The Bristol leaf pottery was invented by my
father. It is leaves imprinted in soft clay. It’s a registered trademark. All
those pieces are printed with indigenous foliage from the surrounding Bristol
Hills and it’s a great way to take a little piece of the Finger Lakes home
with you. Overall, I average about a hundred pieces thrown on the wheel per
day in production and I counted last year I made 17,000 200 plus pieces. I
entertain people with an ancient craft. We have a map in our workshop that
people stick pins in when they visit to show us where they’re from. Knowing we
have thousands upon thousands of pieces out there in the world it’s a satisfying
feeling and I’m coming back to make more every day.
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