It’s all a numbers game for Dangerous Tekkers! #njwtl

Damn it. We’d destroyed them and they destroyed us.
Koji has been the one leading us. So, I thought I had to step up tonight. I told Koji, leave it to me, and I did go for it.
But they didn’t take me serious. Damn it. I thought they wouldn’t be able to
counter what I had in store. Unbelievable. But it was never going to be easy with them,
Taichi and Zack. Really, a tag team is a combination.
That’s me and Koji. We’re a set. I know that people don’t want to
keep seeing us lose, This isn’t our intention. But it’s okay.
We will win the next one. I don’t know when that will be.
We have always been able to bounce back. Because that’s TenCozy.
I don’t give a damn if people think we’re done. We’re just getting started.
We’re progressing. We’ll show them. We’ll keep going until the very end. Of the year 2019, November 29th only comes once.
This day will never come again. And how did I live today?
The fact that we lost… Someday, that will be just
another memory for TenCozy. Today’s match will be a good memory
in 10 or 20 years. That’s how TenCozy keeps going
in this pro-wrestling world. So let me tell those who look forward to hearing
from TenCozy’s, all over the world, TenCozy is as lively as ever. I want to tell everyone that the TenCozy,
which started in 2009, is still alive in 2019. And we will still be fighting in
2029, 2039, and 2049. That’s the truth. What was that? 汗ひとつかいてない Don’t let them in this league.
They can’t even move. Retire them. Make room for the young ones. Young ones, like us, can’t grow
if you keep those old farts around. If you can’t fight, just quit.
They’re in the way. Make them disappear. Right, Zack?
They’re just waste of space. 本気でこのリーグ嫌いだ
本気で You look like you’re going to place a bet. Give me that camera. 今の俺たちのポイントは? Let him write it. 今の俺たちの得点はいくつだ? 8? How many points do we have? いくつだ?
何点なのか教えろ You don’t know? Don’t you work here?
Another useless one. 多分8ポイントだと思う クソ…何だこのペン… Now you look cool. まだ優勝の可能性ある?
誰も知らないってか 何で誰も俺の質問に答えないんだ?
いつも一人で話してるみたいじゃないか 俺の質問には絶対答えない Answer. Translate. 俺はブリティッシュ・ヘビー級王者
この男は聖帝だぞ I’m so over this. Let’s get our here.
Dumbasses. こんなトーナメント

4 thoughts on “It’s all a numbers game for Dangerous Tekkers! #njwtl

  1. TenCozy & Dangerous Tekkers did great promos in just 4:30 of this video than a 20:00 "opening segment" of "some other place" that can't do s×××! Thank you New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
    ZSJ & TAICHI = 5: 6: 10
    TENZAN & KOJIMA = 4: 7: 8

  2. Dangerous Tekkers for the win!!!! they are in this useless, boring, unnecessary tournament but they will save it by winning!!!!

  3. Repekt TenCozy that you participate in the tournament. Even though they knew before that they will lose almost every match

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