so unless you leave in a cave there is probably high chance that he actually saw this time-lapse here the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from last Sunday and yes it went viral [Music] hey guys this is America next time lapse a I just wanted to make this quick video today to talk about my video that went viral this one here this is the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch from last Sunday and let me tell you a little quick story than hide happening basically when I woke up on Sunday I didn’t know there was actually a rocket launch that day actually I think I thought post on Instagram or Twitter but someone talking about it so I decided to go to a location that I know and should be you know the rocket launch then my friend Java that you saw in the on this YouTube channel already actually invited me to go share it with him so we decided to go to a different location in city Taurus tip terrazas is a city terrace and it’ll be an amazing spot actually for the sunset and for the rocket launch for the sunset because it was right it was completely west so the Sun was setting behind downtown LA as you can see here plus we had an amazing sky fire that night it was incredible [Music] we heard you shoot the sunset and also the SpaceX rocket launch in about an hour from now and I feel like the sunset is gonna be awesome this is Javid is la reflection over there and look at this view guys so I showed a couple of day to night time lapses and then when you know maybe five minutes before there the rocket launch actually studied you know changing the lens I was using or using like wide lands and for the first time in two years I realized that the batteries on my intervalometer were low you know my intervalometer they were there was like there are the little battery lights and I was like oh no not right now come on so obviously I add spare batteries and in one minutes I had to change the batteries so fast we see like the interval and innominate frames so maybe like 20 30 seconds before the launch I was ready to shoot so it was it was pretty intense that night but then yeah this happen and the rocket launch was incredible it was my first time seeing something I think my second time actually but the first time singing that big and that close was an amazing angle was downtown LA so that I came back home and then I worked on it like right away I did the claw correction and exported it and I shared on Instagram and this is my own fault but I forgot to put a watermark on the Instagram version so obviously there were some people stealing my stuff online because they were in viral but I was so so surprised to see so many positive comments I read like hundreds hundreds of comments probably thousands of comments and I didn’t see one negative one it’s like I have many many people saying how good my work is my time lapses and it just it was very heartwarming and it was insane like yeah I never thought that one time-lapse could bring that many people I went from 3,700 people on my Instagram to almost 40,000 right now 37 something and the video add 5 millions views on Facebook and I went from 1,800 on Facebook to 16,000 people YouTube is a little slower but still the video I was like eighty thousand views right now so it’s just huge numbers and apparently I was on the reddit front page I was on that gag anyway it was insane and seeing all those people you know like commenting positive stuff and I really I swear to you I didn’t see one negative comments and it was insane so I just want to say thank you to all those people who actually you know shared my work that the time-lapse and tagged me all the other one I think you’re bad people but hey anyway just yeah thank you so much I think it’s amazing to see like how one tiny things can change everything and so I just wanted to make this video you know to say thank you to everyone to that comment it I’m nice to have send me messages I’m sorry I cannot read all of them I’ve read a lot but I couldn’t also answer to all of them because it’s a lot of people it’s like thousands of messages and it’s hard to answer to everyone I’m happy to get people you know sing more of my work I think as an artist that’s what I wanted this is I want people to you know see my work my time-lapse work because this is why I share it online and I think this is yeah it’s an important part as an artist it’s like to share with people so the more people we are the better it is right so thank you so much guys don’t forget to visit my website I have all my classes I have from the time-lapse master class 2019 coming soon it’s a lot of work but I’m working on it and yeah don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel we almost at 10,000 followers and I have a lot of cool content coming soon so yeah subscribe and I see you in the next video ciao [Music]

21 thoughts on “IT WENT VIRAL!

  1. 4:10 – To make things clear, bad people = people who didn't tag me when sharing the video (not the ones who didn't share it)

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  2. Good job comme d'habitude ! J'ai été étonné de le voir dans les zap du monde entier ! Avec ton filigrane en plus !

  3. You are fucking awesome ..I'm following you since you have 100 likes in FB ..could you please make a tutorial on holy grail shooting and processing .please

  4. Outstanding work Emeric! Keep the tutorials coming — I’m learning a lot and inspired to take more and better time lapses.

  5. Je l’ai vu sur les réseaux mais je ne savais même pas que c’était toi qui l’avait fait! Je suis jaloux à mort mdr je veux trop faire un time lapse comme ça bravo

  6. La preparation au prealable de tous les details avant et apres et l'experience payent toujours. Bravo et tres jolies couleurs d'ailleurs! 😉

  7. C'est vrai que je l'ai revue beaucoup sur Instagram, et je me disais à chaque fois que c'était ce fameux emeric's timelapse ! 😅👍 Continue ce travail !

  8. I called out a facebook page for stealing your work. Terrible. Great work on the timelapses. Can't wait to see more.

  9. yeah, just diss on the people who share your work for "free", get you new "subs" and a bunch of press. Normally we call it Marketing or PR, and people pay for that stuff. You got it for free dude. Say thanks or don't. Just dont be a dick, you lost 5% and you gain how much? almost 10 fold, and here you are, saying others are bad…I personally haven't seen this, until a winarmy vids, came to your site, look at it, amazed, but then I got this vid. So disappoint, people are so shallow these day.

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