ISPO Munich 2020 – Innovations in wintersports

Mountain peaks like icing on a cake and the
sun is shining – pure summit bliss on the Garmisch Kreuzeck. Before the start of ISPO Munich, selected
exhibitors are already showing the innovations in winter sports at the ISPO on Snow Preview. Get in, lock in and drive off. At CLEW, a Start Up, it’s all about comfort. With their snowboard bindings, taking a ski
lift is child’s play. We are the only boot-independent step-in binding. You can use any soft boot from any snowboard
– for full compatibility. The unique step-in buckle system makes Clew
an ISPO Gold Winner. Comfort is also a main focus at Nordica. The HF Elite Heat, with the Monolock
buckle system, is visually reminiscent of the 90’s rear-entry models, but is much more
than that. The difference is really the comfort. Getting in and out and you can really wear
them all day without feeling constricted but still having this performance. Great performance is also promised by an exciting product development of the TU Munich: Energy
Harvesting on touring skis. Energy is generated through the walking movement of the touring skier and this energy is transmitted to the boot, which lifts off at the back and
then pushes down a kind of stirrup, the stirrup transmits to the rotary generator as with
a moving dynamo and generates electricity. Practical for remote multi-day tours. Thanks to the Spektrum ski goggles, you can
carve with a clear conscience – the ISPO Gold Winner is made out of two thirds organic material
– the frames are made of corn starch. And Alpina takes a completely new approach
when it comes to the choice of material for its back protector: sustainably produced sheep’s
wool! The back protector not only meets the specified
TÜV standard: It simply feels nicer to wear a natural product,
it doesn’t start to stink when you ski a little more actively and sweat and it is of course
highly breathable. If you want to see these and many other great
innovations, ISPO Munich 2020 is the right place to be!

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