Okay, what’s up DNA famish, where did you hear back at you with another one Okay We’re gonna talk about Instagram stories and how you can take your Instagram to the next level with these Simple tricks and hacks the Instagram has provided for us now. I didn’t even know about it So the first thing let’s talk about picture and image quality We always want to upload a very dope photo to our Instagram story. We always want the quality to be nice Everybody knows that once you have a very nice high Resolution image from a DSLR or a very great photo taken on your camera from your phone Sometimes the resolution gets taken down and you do not like that So what we can do is crop the image and make that fit to the story better Compared to taking the image and zooming in on the story because that is what makes the resolution go down on the image so what we want to do is select the image and as you can see it has a black border at the top and the Bottom because it is fit for an Instagram post and not an Instagram story What we want to do is select edit click the box at the bottom Go to 9 by 16 that will resize it hit done. Take that over to your Instagram story Select the image and now you will see it fits on your story. Everything is great. It’s not zoomed in It’s not taking anything away from the photo. Yes from the sides, but you still have the high quality resolution on the image That is a very very important key Make sure you use that when you are uploading to your story because I would change the game. I’m telling you it works Ok next I want to talk about boomerangs and taking live images and turning those into boomerangs on your story so the first thing what you want to do is Obviously take a live image You take that image and go over to your Instagram story select that image and it would look like a regular photo, right? Well, what you want to do next is click and select on the image and hold down on the screen You will see the boomerang sign pop up on the middle of the screen. Once that sign pops up The image will now be a boomerang. So now you can see the image is slowly moving like that so now you can take old live images or take new live images whatever it is that you have live images and turn those into Boomerangs without using the boomerang method through the story because we always want to have high quality and high resolution Images okay. So the next one is definitely probably my favorite one So what you want to do is select the image put that on your feet And then you want to go over to the paint brush here and you want to select a color any color that you like We’ll just go with black because that’s very easy We’ll go with black now you want to tap and hold on the screen the whole screen will turn black Now you want to look in the upper right corner here You’ll see the eraser sign click on the eraser and then you want to slowly Erase on the screen and now you can see the image is slowly appearing on the screen This is kind of like the opposite right? Usually you have paint on the screen and cover up something now You’re kind of revealing something So I think this is something cool that you can definitely Incorporate on your Instagram story that I don’t really see a lot of people doing you will see this a lot more on my stories For sure. Okay, so everybody’s been talking about Instagram stories and how to find the best apps to create The collages and all these different things. Well, you can do those collages through the Instagram story and I didn’t even know about it But now I’m trying to tell you guys so hopefully you guys know if you guys already know about this Let me know down in the comments section, but this is definitely something new to me. So let’s start off with this We’ll go with the black screen like usual. We’ll post a black image and then we’ll go over to our photos now we want to select the image hit share and then go to Copy now go directly back to the Instagram story And as you see there’s a pop-up down there below Click on that that will put it on to the story You can do image over image over image and continue to create any type of clauses that you would like so we’re gonna do three photos just so you kinda see What it would look like and I’m gonna add these images and then now you can see you can resize them You can turn them you can rotate them You can do whatever you like to the image and create your own collages through the story and your photo album Without having to use another app or going to a third party thing or whatever it is or Photoshop or whatever you may use It’s all done right here That’s very very convenient if you ask me, so I’ve always seen people can change the text color. I was like, okay cool How do you do that? I know you could change the gradient throughout the whole word So what you want to do is type on the Instagram let’s go with subscribe to the DNA show because you know, you got a subscribe subscribe if you have it already and Now we want to do is select all pick a color that we want to start off with So we’ll select the color and hold down on that color Then you want to select on the text and then drag the colors and the text at the same time from there You will see the colors will change throughout the words and you can kind of get really innovative with this as well What color schemes you want to go with? you’re gonna go light to dark in the same color or completely different colors by the opposite when you get to the other side of The word whatever you like to do, you know just try it out play with it. Have fun with it So these are some tips and tricks that I have learned and I hope that you guys enjoy these and you are able to incorporate these on your stories If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment down below If you have any more great tips and tricks that are unheard of or new updates that are come to Instagram Please drop those down below as well I’m excited to see them and check them out if I don’t already know about them, and if you already know it So catch me on Instagram DJ underscore sneakerhead DM me on there. Show me your stuff tag me in something I want to see your story. I want to see what kind of art you have done. What kind of collage you have created? What kind of picture you are revealing anything like that? I would love to see it with that being said make sure you like comment share and Subscribe, I’ll see you guys in the next video. I gotta go


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