Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Star Wars Tauntaun Statue!

Adam Savage from Testim here with the
latest well I guess this is kind of a mailbag special because this just came
in the mail and I opened it about five minutes ago but it makes an awesome
show-and-tell and it’s star wars and you know how much I love Star Wars you know
Alice loves Star Wars my friend Tom’s pina this right here for those sorrows
aficionados among you know that this is a tauntaun one of the characters that
Luke and Han ride in the beginning of Empire Strikes Back
this Tong tun is actually Phil Tippett the creature creator for the first three
Star Wars movies and a emeritus genius sculptor and character creator in his
own right this is his concept sculpt for the
tauntaun that means that they were having story meetings and George said
something like well I think that these guys should be riding on some two-legged
animal that’s native to Hoth and they talked about in a bit and then Phil went
often with a bunch of clay and his incredible knowledge of animal and
fictitious animal physiology he sculpted this beautiful object
now castings from Phil’s original molds were highly sought after by collectors
and went for really large gobs of money and this doesn’t cost that much but it
is a limited edition of two hundred and fifty items from regal robot and it is
gorgeous to let you know how important Phil is to film history
he didn’t just build the creature department for a Lucasfilm and build all
the creatures for the first three Star Wars movies he went on to do some
amazing things like Starship Troopers in oh my god he sculpted the Verma thorax
from Dragon’s Lair one of the most important dragons in film history and
this is your chance to own another piece of film history I just I love number one
I love the fact that that tail is actually different than the one we see
in the movie this is a concept sculpt this was the place from which George and
Phil began to discuss what the final form of both the stop mo puppet and the
full-size figure were going to look like and in these muscle sculpts you can
really see Phil’s incredible knowledge of physiology being played out the way
the muscles like he’s built in internals structure for the biology of a Taunton
in his head in order to do this again a Taunton from Phil’s original molds with
the I love this right how do you ship something like this they shipped it by
putting a magnet in the tail so you couldn’t break it off because I
guarantee you just pulling this out of the box that was going to snap off
that’s a brilliant solution Tom I really I support it I believe that in the
future there will be a one day build of me painting this beautiful thing because
it’s not just a beautiful maquette it’s the best garage kit I’ve received in a
long time and I am going to enjoy the spit out of painting this I wish I could
do a good ton taan impression you’re going to have to satisfy yourself with
that maybe call up a YouTube video bill hader doing it because his impression of
Tontons is fantastic now that I’m holding this I remember that I actually
have another bit of history with the Taunton which is I made a full-size
Taunton using open cell foam and a crap-ton of Ikea sheepskin rugs for the
Mythbusters episode in which Jamie and I determined whether or not you could
survive a night being stuffed inside a hot rapidly cooling dead tauntaun so
there you go today’s mailbag special is my friend Phil Tippett’s beautiful
sculpt of a tauntaun being sold to regal robots again only 250 units get yours
now I cannot wait to paint you you

100 thoughts on “Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: Star Wars Tauntaun Statue!

  1. As soon as I saw it, I told myself "Self, Adam needs to paint it." And then he mentioned that very thing at the end of the clip. Nice.

  2. While I probably won't shell out the $750 (shipped) for this statue, I can't wait to see Adam paint his personal model…

  3. As a child I actually saw ESB first of all the star wars movies. Soooo much nostalgia for the tauntaun!

  4. Excuse me, but the answer was, yes you can survive inside the tauntaun (sp) UNTIL Han got the shelter built!

  5. I cannot wait for the painting process video, it's gonna be so much fun! Awesome statue. Tauntaun is simply my favorite Star Wars creature design ever.

  6. In the movie, Luke was only put in the Tauntaun until Han could set up the portable shelter. He would have spent most of the night in the tent, likely with a heater of some sort.

  7. Hey Adam: we should probably be talking about animal anatomy or comparative morphology rather than physiology which refer more to the electrochemical processes that occur inside a living organism. #splainer

  8. That's an epic sculpt, movie and sci-fi history right there. SIDE NOTE: Luke did not have to survive overnight in the Tuan taun. Just long enough for Han to get the shelter built.

  9. CORRECTion you can survive inside of a dead carcass least for a lil while its been done I heard about it

  10. I see a lot of Kangaroo in that design and bird like feet, goat head; it’s amazing how many animals is in it.

  11. Sorry Adam it's not available for everyone to buy because not everyone has that kind of money, I would love to have one but there's no way I could afford it

  12. For a taun taun impression, all you have to do is think of the hamburglar – “robble robble robble”

  13. Am I remember the Tauntaun episode of Mythbusters incorrectly, or is Adam? I could have sworn they determined that Luke would have survived a night stuffed into the guts of a Tauntaun.

  14. Can't afford 700 bucks GORGEOUS beautiful amazing Iwannabuy TaunTaun. I'll have to chop a modelhorse to make this. Breyer Fighting Stallion, here I come. Whahahah!

  15. Strikes me that it’s front heavy, I would expect the tail section to be of larger proportions for balance.

  16. Looks like that will be a joy to paint. Tauntaun impression is easy: clear your throat while mouthing the word, "Leppen".

  17. "The answer was no" I'll have to rewatch that episode, I forget if the fact that Han said it was to keep him warm until he got the shelter up was factored in. He wasn't planning to leave him in it all night! 😛

  18. Find this statue from Regal Robot here:

  19. He said it doesn’t cost that much. Hahaha 700$. Get the fuck outta here savage. Amazing how quickly you forget how much money 700$ is when you become upper echelon rich.

  20. I'd like to see you talk without you flailing your hands around like that, have them tied behind your back or something.

  21. Luke didn't have to survive the whole night in the tantan. only long enough for Han to get a shelter built.

  22. I thought that the taun taun survival myth was plausible. You could survive Hoth (arctic) conditions by hiding in a taun taun or a similar animal

  23. The whole way through i was thinking i hope he paints this as a one day build, Adam, you are the beast !!!

  24. Yes, PLEASE paint this one up. It'd be interesting to see Adam painting something so organic as opposed to hard-edge stuff.

  25. Nerd mode: ON

    Han didn't intend for Luke to spend the whole night in the tauntaun. "This may smell bad, kid, but it'll keep you warm til I can get the shelter up."

    Nerd Mode: OFF

  26. Luke may not have had to go the full night, may have had help from Han with various heating aids, and the Force can increase a person's ability to endure stressful environments.

  27. nice statue will you ruin it's value by painting it? looks like you have new glasses with thicker lenses.

  28. i wish i could show him 2 of my ideas for a sci-fi movies guns i have came up with 1 for like a blade runner movies that would be in between the two movies with Decker as the star with a scene how that gun would appear in the movie and one that would be for a sequel to the last movie i was only thinking the gun thy use in the second movie did not look so Hi-Tech like every thing ells in the movie was high tech but this gun was looking so plain so low tech so i have a sci-fi movie gun idea that would look so high tech or i can be using a another sci-fi movie

  29. Hello Adam! Actually hello Adam's tested PD! I would like to know what kind of camera you use to shoot? Plz answer for me Thanks!
    big Fan and love your video

    Have a nice day^ㅈ^

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