100 thoughts on “Ingraham: Unite to fight

  1. it's obvious, Nancy, already have her temper tantrums planned out, along with pump it up Adam, Schumer, and Nadler. She don't do this stuff on the spur of the moment. It must be scorn Hillary, and the Obama's write out her temper tantrum play script, they probably all plan it out together as bully Junior High kids laughing up a storm.

  2. "EVERYTHING those "Radical Dems' are accusing a wonderful PRESIDENT of DOING- they're guilty of & doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for our COUNTRY!!"

  3. A lot of people that will go to church don't read or study the Holy Bible, they don't know God's Holy Word. Let's start with one of the sin list, 1st Corinthians 6:9-11. if they would read and pay attention to these Holy Scriptures, they will not vote Democrat. I know we are all guilty of sin, but now is the time we should repent.

  4. Mr. Bush was a shame to America (Dumb) and soo was Barack Obama that was more concern about people with sexual problems that his own people or US of A.

  5. Trump is always on the right side of History! Dem's has the dirty dossier, lies to the FISA courts, Russia hoax, Ukraine hoax, and invalid impeachment hearings! TRUMP WIN, WIN, WIN, so it's the Democ-rats are lying!


  7. Republicans have money, brains, and power…we are stuck like glue for the citizens of the United States and to make America Greater than it is now thanks to President Trump.

  8. I didn't vote for a professional politician because…“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them"― Albert Einstein

  9. Dear RNC : IF President Trump does an old fashioned last month(or 2) TRAIN Whistle stop Tour of the USA -again,m by Train, railing against the FACT "Do Nothing Congress" of the House of Representatives as the #1 Trump/Pence "theme" , they will not only win the election in November BY A LANDSLIDE but also Take back the House …and it will kick those "Do Nothings" & bully coward sleazy Pelosi-ites to the curb where they belong. THIS is the recipe strategy for success for Mr. Trump and The Republicans.

  10. Even though he was acquitted by the republican sheep in the senate, trump was impeached by the house and is still smothered in evidence. Therein lies beyond reasonable doubt ,that he did indeed ask a foreign power to investigate an opponent for political gain while also withholding paramount assistance to Ukraine in their ongoing warfighting against russian backed seperatists.

  11. What Trump did (when talking to the Pres of Ukraine) was wrong. But impeachable? Don't think so. Going after Biden 2-3 years in the future…. Again, don't think so.

  12. Laura We need you and all credible Journalist to push what the dems have been doing and continue to call out the Left media through to the 2020 election, I know you are outnumbered, but I think the truth will get through because they won't be able to help themselves to keep from lying. They have been so successful with their attacks because they have kept Trump and his supporters on the defensive. They have never been on the defensive, no one aggressively calls them out, they have kept Trump and his supporters denying allegation then move on to something else. it's time to put them on the defensive, Just this morning they came out with it was Republicans that caused the fiasco in Iowa. again putting republicans on the defensive, Great show

  13. Hey dumb Dem leaders and yo dumb media rats, Impeachment is over but you will [Always] be losers , you jerks. lol Which stooge Dem will face Trump? Does it really matter? [NO]

  14. Call you bastards need to be rounded up and executed in public for what you made the president go through and this country

  15. I am the Spirit that denies!
    And rightly too; for all that doth begin
    Should rightly to destruction run;
    'Twere better then that nothing were begun.
    Thus everything that you call Sin,
    Destruction – in a word, as Evil represent-
    That is my own, real element.

  16. I am the Spirit that denies!
    And rightly too; for all that doth begin
    Should rightly to destruction run;
    'Twere better then that nothing were begun.
    Thus everything that you call Sin,
    Destruction – in a word, as Evil represent-
    That is my own, real element.

  17. I loved President Reagan and think he was an amazing person I did not know you worked for him. One of the best Presidents ever……..

  18. GZR RZG
    This is reality. Democrats, the corrupt media and Hollywood are vicious people with evil Anti-Christ spirit that promotes killing of innocent babies and support sexually immoral practices and homosexual lifestyle! Republicans must learn to fight! Evangélicas need to pray and fight this demonic spirit controlling this Democratic party!

  19. They want him out because they know the American People will find out about all the corrupt money that has filled their bank accounts when Mr. President gets re elected..

  20. Democrat Here. We are Done until 2024… Mr. Trump wilts in office 4 more Years. We need a New Leadership..
    OK. INGRAHAM ,,,,, YOU WON … BUT PLEASE MADAM .. STOP RUB IT IN Jesuschrist… can you shut up for a minute…?

  21. Nancy Pelosi tears up her copy of a speech on TV for which there were millions of viewers & hundreds of copies?

    REPUBLICANS: "ILLEGAL! Worst thing EVER!!!"

    Donald Trump tears up the only copy of a translator's notes from his secret meeting with Putin?

    REPUBLICANS: "[crickets]"

  22. The Iowa caucus blatantly illustrated the absolute incompetence of the Democrats. The Dems are back stabbers and complainers. They do not stick together like glue; more like they stick together like poo.

  23. He Trump, Even Mocks The “Religious Right Leaders” at their (Preying) Breakfast …
    In Plain & Simple comments aimed at Them… That he does not Believe in a God except himself…

    They were visibly acting like Clones, Not Understanding a Word Trump was SAYING about THEM – just like at his red hat branD of rallies.. Which are revealing to Working Brains …

    CULTS are Like a Den of Foxes full of Chickens.. led by a HAND KNEE TEE & A Judge of Booties

  24. What can we do for the POTUS …Remember November and vote them Dems out. ..help him …get these deplorable demonrat's out

  25. 1:00 in and they attack me and my family and kidnap my kids they took my kids because I voted for Trump the first time what are they going to take the second time I vote for him they kidnap my kids it's over for the president but it's not over for me am I going to have to deal with this for another 4 years I need help getting my girls back home.

  26. Mafia gangsters organization can’t be just a person? Good crimes criminals activists needed groups of individuals criminals minded garbage idiots morons jerks who are supposed…..

  27. Michael I'moff commissioner Vista Court California 4:30 he too is a awful person horrible this guy murders little kids and takes my kids away from us and gets away with abusing them everyday they ripped out three of my girl teeth she was 9 they strapped her to a papoose board this is why they will not let her come home they know we will sue them she's high-functioning autistic and they put some feelings in her mouths where you're not supposed to put those kind of feelings galvanized metal feelings in a high-functioning autistic kid I need help I've been fighting to get my girls home the whole time Trump has been in office I need help getting my girls back home now 😞

  28. I switched from Dem party to Republican last week, ready to vote this fall. remind all your friends and family to check their voter status, especially if their address has changed.

  29. This impeachment movement was impulsed by public outrage. Which began to grow from day one….now trump pitched the whole country against him and his cronies…play with the bull's testicles at your ow risk, trumptards.

  30. News flash!……AG Barr sent democrats a letter. All new investigations must be approved by AG. Barr. CHECKMATE! PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020 MORE POPCORN!

  31. yas yas and yas hilarious we said it the same time. Everyone with a white suit at the hearing needs a white straight jacket. Make therapy Great again. Are those people human?

  32. Whilst I agree with what she is saying… Media should never decide policy. Including Fox News. The power has shifted to Fox news. Luckily, I agree with the values they hold… so I am not worried about the outcome. But, many of these news reports are no longer news reports.

  33. Debates of the constitutional convention, 1787. "..to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority"..James Madison.

  34. The Democrats want Trump and Pence out because if they are out guess who becomes President Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats are trying to Seize Power. I could go through a list on the constant Hate Rethoric and the Stunts The Democrats of pulled against Trump and his Family. No President in History has been this Abused or Disrespected Ever. The Democrats want to protect ill immigrants by passing to Bills in An Attempt to prevent ICE from doing their Job. they don't care about America they care about the criminals. Vote The Democrats out in November.

    Here is my list of words to describe Democrats:
    Self Righteous Twits
    Fakers of Virtue
    Self Centered
    Power Hungry
    Blind guides
    Den of Serpents
    Supporters of Socialism and Communism
    Delinquent in Duty
    Agent provocateurs
    Psychological warfare manipulators
    Like Parasites
    Unbridled Hypocrites
    Complicit to deception
    Validation of false information
    Invalidation of those who disagree
    Intellectually Deficient/Challenged
    Herd Mentality
    Bending on degradation
    Mental ambiguity
    Useful idiots
    Sodom and Gommorah on steroids
    Contentious spirit
    Wildly Incoherent
    Morally degrading
    Women being objectified
    Possessive Of Cognitive dissonance
    Destroyers not Builders
    Nefarious agenda conspired

  36. I can't help but notice the facial structure and the big lump in her/his throat. God please Republicans don't allow he/she's reporting news

  37. Democrats hate Trump because he showed them up. He's gotten more accomplished in 3 1/2 years than they did in 8. Democrats can't stand the American people seeing what can be done when you really care about them & the country. (And, they hate having their noses rubbed in it.) But then, those past 8 years (when George Soros was in office), nothing, of benefit to America, was SUPPOSED to happen & Obama, "The Puppet" was just made for that role. Nevertheless, it took President Trump (not a politician), to care about the people instead of his pocket. There lies the difference – and the American People see it & love Trump for it! 4 MORE YEARS!!! 4 MORE YEARS!!!

  38. About Impeachment:
    The wrongheaded situation must be undone in the House of Representatives. Local, state, and federal officials should have the same due process of law as granted to criminals.
    The impeachment clause must be amended. The words High Crimes & Misdemeanors must be rescinded. They are vague and undefined.
    But, most importantly, "procedural due process of law" must be made Mandatory within the House of Representatives.

    Procedural Due Process

    The article "Some Kind of Hearing" written by Judge Henry Friendly created a list of basic due process rights "that remains highly influential, as to both content and relative priority." The rights, which apply equally to civil due process and criminal due process, are the following:

    1. An unbiased tribunal. [most likely not possible]
    2. Notice of the proposed action and the grounds asserted for it.
    3. The opportunity to present reasons for the proposed action not to be taken. [A must]
    4. The right to present evidence, including the right to call witnesses.
    5. The right to know the opposing evidence.
    6. The right to cross-examine adverse witnesses. [this is a must]
    7. A decision based only on the evidence presented. [and the evidence must be factual and verifiable; otherwise dismissed.]
    8. Opportunity to be represented by counsel.
    9. A requirement that the tribunal prepare a record of the evidence presented.
    10. A requirement that the tribunal prepare written findings of fact and the reasons for its decision. [the key words are: finding of fact (verified) and reasons; before voting.]

    DJs' across America should play 3-4 times a day: Back Stabbers (1972) in honor of chief back stabber – one SOTU speech ripper: Nancy Pelosi; but, perhaps Laura will do this at the beginning and end of her programs for a few days. If Demo-clods get up and dance to Back Stabbers they may be able to exorcize the evil hatred from their minds.

  39. Ingraham has really been on her game lately. This is some of the best commentary I've seen from her. You're awesome, Laura!

  40. I recall two visits with Putin that total four hours of discussion that are unrecorded. Do any of you have any knowledge of what they spoke about???

  41. I Have An Old Beastie Boy's tune going on in my head after I saw this vids title!
    Just Vote Straight Republican and Everything Will Be Alright……

  42. Notice how all the anti christians stick together…Nadler, Schummer, Schiff, Rosenstein, Mnuchin, ..we must stick togrther and forget turning the other cheek…and know that they did, indeed, have an agenda!


  44. they mean the one in the mirror. all they say shows how they think, what moves them, how they socialise. the worst thing I see is that a lot of voters actually buy it, understand it, clap to it, like the rep who jumped left at vote, his explanation, it did 0.0 make sense to me. it strengthened and it cleaned the rows. it is over, clean the rows on the other side. keep them busy, get a shepherds dog … and keep them busy … very busy …

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