Incoming: Seeing Sounds With Visual Jockeys | Make Believe x VJ Decoy x Portal

A lot of times when I have to explain to someone That I am a visual jockey I have to kind of spell it out for them The screen behind the DJ or the band That is what I work on If you understand what a DJ does A VJ does the same with video and visuals VJing is pretty much like how you edit films The only difference is that we are doing all this live To the beat of the music We want VJing to be seen as video art Rather than lights flashing And lights moving here and there making no sense Being animators and film makers We want to express stories through this art When we first started out Visual artists were treated as secondary To the main performing music acts We wanted to change that We wanted to walk in and be like Hey we are one of the performers That’s around the time when Nishant and the rest of his team got in touch with me And said, can we do this ‘VJ as curator’ concept Where you guys do your visuals, choose the artists It’s all up to you We were fully game for it from then on Being in a city like Bombay I keep exposing myself to the city I will go to places that most people wouldn’t go to I’ll walk around, I’ll take a train, I’ll take buses I am very sound sensitive Every time I hear a sound I am always trying to correspond visually How I can express that sound? That’s how we make samples Then, when the musician Puts out his track or puts out his rhythm You know which ones to get and which ones will work better I think we are moving to a scenario where the VJs Will start to headline the events And where people tend to go to events Just to view a particular VJ Parties of the future would be all about Becoming one with the audio-visual environment That is the future of partying Total immersion People are finally open to having parties At warehouses and abandoned, broken buildings Because as soon as the visuals kick in They transform the venue And make it into a space Where people can just let loose And have a great time

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