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From the fire base, the Army artillery and
Iraqi artillery located there fired in support of Syrian democratic forces clearing through
the Dishisha pocket to defeat ISIS in this area. This mission came about because
the Army needed an infantry unit to fill this sect for a role on a short timeline, and we were the only infantry unit in
CENTCOM that was ready and able to fill that role on short notice. We started with an air assault to
insert into the fire base and then went immediately into priorities of work
establishing the fire base, so when we got out there,
there was nothing but open desert. We linked up with the Army who have made
movement to the firebase via ground and then immediately went to work developing the
defense and then building up the fire base. There’s a lot of different players out
there, and to work together to accomplish a mission like that with
limited time to plan and a hard deadline we had to be in position by a certain date
in order to support the clear with indirect fire. It was just a great experience working
together as a team to get that done. (Fire!) So human factors play a huge role
out there in austere environment like that especially on post takes an intense amount
of discipline on the part of the individual Marines, and then an intense amount of supervision
from corporals of the guard, sergeants of the guard to walk the posts day and night and ensuring the Marines are doing the right thing,
that they’re focused, that they’re engaged, that they’re covering their sector and being alert. Our NCOs, our corporals and sergeants
did a fantastic job of making sure that all those small things were done right … if we had taken contact, we’d been prepared to respond. Walking away from this mission, I think all the
Marines in the fire base are taking away an immense sense of personal satisfaction
having done a lot of work and having done it well. As far as the experiences … working with
the Army and working with the Iraqis that really kind of broaden a horizon of a lot of
Marines and let them get a glimpse of the bigger picture and the OIR and see a
little bit outside of the global demand tactics.

37 thoughts on “In Country | Talon Spear

  1. I love seeing the Army and Marines working together. The artillery need infantry and the Marines were the closest. I want to join the Army but I hope I can work with Marines like this.

  2. Marines, I hope you are getting value out of those MRZR-D4s. I worked my ass off helping to get those things fielded to you.

  3. I think since 01 the Marines and Army have integrated into a premier force when joint. I just wish the Army would adopt the Marines approach to marksmanship and small arms

  4. Feeling both regret that I didn’t make the cut during the officer selection course of the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, and love for what the USMC is doing. Semper Fi, Marines. And Qua Patet Orbis from Holland. 🙏🔥🔥🔥

  5. There sure are a lot of motto ass people in comment section until you hit the fleet and realize fuck, so this is what it's like to be a Marine grunt or POG be prepared for the green wennie and embrace the suck.

  6. Marines and Army, destroy ISIS,Al- Qaeda, and Al- -Nusra. If You can't or won't, then I will be in Syria in January 2019 to kill them all and let GOD sort them out!!😡😠👿👹💀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  7. Nice to see such professionalism without the ego-driven nonsense of "my branch is better than yours". Focused on the mission.

  8. much rather be sleeping in a tent there than here . no bugs and no stupid humidity. at least when the sun goes down its nice

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