100 thoughts on “Impeachment Trial Day 9: Last day of questioning comes ahead of pivotal vote on witnesses

  1. Within the bill the president was ordered to investigate corruption now if it's in the bill to investigate corruption index with the president then that would mean Congress is in opposition to its own laws that is considered treason because Congress doesn't write laws and they can only write bills and that was being that they subverted the bill the authorized the president investigate corruption the big question is why the Democratic party is so afraid of these investigations Giuliani said all the Democratic individuals were involved in corruption

  2. who is this idiot is he an attorney or is he an American or is he a US citizen either way this individual would be placed in prison for working against the United States and against the United States Constitution as an attorney he does not ask permission to give an opinion or any reference to the Constitution he's not created by or through the Constitution and he does not represent the United States

  3. show us the law that protects the Whistleblower from giving testimony to the public show us the law to give you the right to hide the identity of the Whistleblower no one is above the law and as a constitutional law enforcement officer we will be requesting that as part of our investigation against the news media and he saw the picture of committing treason against the Office of the President


  5. The only law within this country is the Constitution so if you don't have a u.s. code or Federal Regulation or accept you and I guess you don't have the right to do what you believe you're doing Constitution requires that each person have the rights to have the accuser accused him to his face this is a violation of the Constitution not some ordinance rule or regulation that is why they told you attorneys not to be practicing law because you make a mockery out of our country and you make a mockery out of yourself but soon you will end up in jail this is going out to all of you attorneys you better stop while you're ahead before you end up a head of a jail cell

  6. So, does the Senate understand they are giving up their power, equal separate, to the President? No more separation of powers, nor equally branches, if they do not vote to remove this President?

  7. Can't believe I've watched this whole impeachment. 9 days. 9 long, grueling days. Start to finish! Tell me I'm not the only one?!

  8. hahahaha…… ONE WEEK??????This guy he really out of his mind….WE THE PEOPLE, do not deserve this type of …. lies.Just go back to work, WE THE PEOPLE pay your wages, so earn it in a decent way.One week???? give me a break!!!!!

  9. Waste of time Democrats really f up all this did is make people watch Biden put foot in mouth Obama was bidens puppet time to drain the swamp and bring in better Democrats this old regime has to go this happens when they stay in to long

  10. Many witnesses have been called since the House started this. How many witnesses have been called by the President's defense? ZERO. Why was the President's defense prevented from asking the prosecution's witnesses questions? Why were the courts avoided? These are things that give your case credibility. Not doing these things divides the country.

  11. Please tell me what crisis hit Trump had created but I don't see no crisis going on only crisis I see the Democrats doing that all the immigrants in the country taking all of jobs out the country that's the place where she's Democrats are doing

  12. Thank goodness the chief judge won't allow the idot dog bark dripping lies of rubbish that Republicans use to say they are speaking when it's all a 0…

  13. I don't want to out the whistle blower and I know they must be protected. However I feel the whistle blower is PENCE. CAUSE HE WILL GO TO JAIL FOR THE THINGS TRUMP IS DOING. AND HE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE BLAMED FOR NOT ONLY COLLABORATION BUT FOR THE ACTUAL CRIMINAL ACTS. MORE THAN ONE.

  14. From a intelligence stand point and a logic one, Trump did seek out a quid pro quo. He has a lack of manners, a lack of bearing, little to no integrity, and non-presidential. For the historical record, Donald J Trump has the behavior of such a misconduct.

    However, the way he did it intentionally or not is shaped in such a way that makes it look like it wasn't intentional.

  15. The Democrats are trying to alter and weaken permanently the position of the President of the United States using their hatred of Trump.

  16. I trust Andrew Yang's judgement. He knows that the dotard will still be around for the 2020 presidential election.
    DNC is a joke !

  17. It isn't hard to impeach a president for no reason if you try from day 1 of his inauguration. But the Senate isn't their puppet.

  18. I think the Judge should cut off the folks who after answering a question., continue to talk about some comments they didn't finish earlier. Even if someone else started doing it, cut them and everyone off. The House or Counsel to the PResident, shouldn't be able to just give their opinion as to what some one was thinking.

  19. Schif skipped past a lot of FACTS in breaking down the chronological order of his perceived QPQ.
    Omitting the truth is still a LIE.
    Schif MUST BE Indicted & brought to answer the crime of Treason.
    Regardless of whether he must answer a charge of treason or not will make no difference in the 2020 election as Schif is going to be retired by law or by vote

  20. Nadler waddling to the mic running over Schiffty – "there only three things to remember"…proceeds to give two…

  21. Any republican not voting against this impeachment should be kicked out of this country along with the communist democrats or hung by the neck until dead !!!

  22. Sad that you will be part of history in a negative light. Your backing of treason is astounding. For years your disgrace has been recorded. You will be shamed til end days!

  23. What totally amazes me I with the tiniest of research you would know Trump asked Bolton if he wanted help publishing his book that he would be happy to help. Lol nice try! It's niave to believe others haven't researched and came up with this truth.

  24. A VOTE OF 50- 50 ENDS THIS SEDITIOUS COUP ! Even the CORRUPT Justice Roberts is not INSANE enought to side with this "insurance policy' TREASON by the Deep State.

  25. EVEN IF this "Bolton evidence" were factual it ADDS NOTHING to the democrat's FAILED arguements, which do not support impeachment.

  26. The American people the Democratic party is the biggest joke in this country and their supporters are even bigger jokes they're attempting to overthrow the Republic against a failed at their face in the days to come there will be no safe place for these people and they will have to leave this country it's a prosecution which is about to fall upon them

  27. The Constitution authors guarantee and guarantees the guarantees the rights to the people and guarantees those in operation in opposition to the Constitution that guaranteed the sentence of death don't play with the law that might put your life in danger

  28. I like the fact that you news commentators can only provide opinions because you do not have a right to practice law I'll give an opinion on the law then I guess your opinion is like your mouth just something that you exercise everyday under the rights and Liberties under the Constitution but when you attacked the Constitution and its laws you must pay the penalty the penalty is within the doctrine and what you sow claim that you read you should read it before you get in trouble

  29. constitutional crisis only elected officials appointed officials and employees and the News taking advantage of the American people attempting to use their constitution against that's ridiculous the people now have constitutional law enforcement officer which is the only ones given the authority to define the constitution and two enforcers

  30. “Thou shall not bear false witness”. Shiff lied and made up this sham impeachment so now you can’t come up with more excuses for your falsehoods

  31. Thank You President Trump for ALL you have done for THE PEOPLE, " Keep that Trump Locomotive FULL STEAM AHEAD Another victory for America! Thank you, President Trump!

  32. The republicans seem to think or believe that only trump voters are the American people. Someone please remind them that there are other Americans that should be considered and if the republicans are willing to close their eyes to all the evil that trump is doing the other half of the country will not.

  33. Why haven't the democrats raise the issue that there is another half of the country or possibly more that want to impeach trump now regard less of the process he has done the wrong thing what in the h*** are we waiting for, get rid of this cancerous canker sore on Americas lips (Trump) out of there and move on so the country can move on.

  34. There won’t be a Democrat left after the November election. Talk about abuse of power. They want to make up their own laws. Hello? Americans are not stupid and the members of the House are not demi gods.

  35. With all due respect president Obama or any other past president is not under trial right now and president trump broke the law. Regard less of this stupid process arguments.

  36. Wow! Looks like there will be one news to watch. Fox News. Yours is insane and so out of touch I can’t even listen to it in the background. I’ll find another live feed.

  37. There are more republicans senators than democrats. Even with damming evidence and direct testimony the republicans will never let their man get impeached. This entire thing is an attempt by the democrats to smear the presidents name so hopefully people don’t vote for him. The facts are this.. if the president has opponents like elizabeth Warren who do not represent all women only women of her generation then trump will win. There are more women voters in America then men so why did Hillary lose. Hillary does not represent the majority of women. If women were all closeted lesbians, then Hillary would have won

  38. CHIEF JUSTICE . . . ? Powerless figure. A plain secretary would have done the job easily…. Time to rewrite your constitution. For a European viewer it is, let's put it mildly, not boosting our confidence in the "American " democracy. What has happened to you people… REALLY: EVERYBODY see it as an absurdity. Without responsibility and "infantile ". You can count on THAT !! .


  40. Video. Turkish oil search ship is ILLEGALLY INSIDE GREEK WATERS conducting oil search with wires, near the GREEK ISLAND OF CREETE. The Turkish ship DOES NOT ANSWER to Greek WAR SHIP IN THE AREA ordering it to leave GREEK WATERS. The Greek WAR SHIP is approaching the ILLEGAL TURKISH SHIP to find out why thqe RADIO SILENCE.
    Attempts have been made also through EMBASSY, with no response. https://youtu.be/fzU376HCpOE

  41. If one foot doctor can keep Donald out of Viet Nam, 50 Republican foot soldiers should be able to protect him from justice.

  42. Republicans gave the most Stupidest arguments of Lies and moving the Goal Post! Bolton’s book will Expose Trump, and show the Country and the World that the most Stable Genius is a Fcking Nutcase!!! Also Expose the Republicans Corruption of Trumps Cult!!!

  43. Angus King of Maine an independent statement on his website indicates he won't vote for acquittal.
    The senate will be tied up in this farce for weeks if not months.
    Welcome to insanity my fellow Americans.
    Adam Schiff is not the only insane senator in the US senate.

  44. Every American citizen has a right to an opinion on this impeachment, but foreigners and certainly illegal aliens should stop muddying the discussions and STFU.

  45. WE NEED WITNESSES AND DOCUMENTS. We arent deciding removal before evidence in the first place. If you are worried about how long the trial will be then set time limits….

  46. Schiff/Nadler blame the other group for not doing what they should have done.. The issue is that they know what they did and didn't do..All was done by design. They will use it as a reason and will call the acquittal a sham. That will be the next political mantra until the next impeachment inquiry… Deflection! The whole thing from the beginning was a sham and illegitimate impeachment. Getting second hand "witness" testimony and "experts" opinions to presume, infer, and assume what the offences were against Trump do not an impeachment make.
    The only thing missing from Schiff's parade of fools was a the lady with a crystal ball 🔮 as a witness to testify. Schiff is using the ignorance and limited attention span of the public to make it appear they are legitimate in their impeachment.

  47. The house should have, could have but didn’t choose to call more witnesses. Everything the Dems have done is out of control, sequence and inept. Why won’t the news stations report Paul Pelosi 2017 joining Ukraine Gas Co like Hunter Biden. Mrs Pelosi is even on a promotional video for thr gas co. What about chelsi Clinton and the millions she’s getting to be on a board or her parents Uranium deal with Russia. Obama and the “hot mike” with Russia. Helping Russia and not Ukraine!!!

    The Dems and their media giants have hanged up on Trump. Bottom line!!! America sees and knows it!!!!

  48. silly liberals.. give up already the riech wing has won. Evidence doesn’t matter anymore, truth doesn’t matter anymore, just give up.

  49. This impeachment is a total shame for this Government, don’t they have anything else to do ??? This country has been having a lot of problems before him. The Democratic and other presidents let China walked all over this Country and the rest of the world for so long. He is the only dared to face them…and look at our economy grows since he has become the President. Guess what, the Chinese are laughing at us and they couldn’t wait for things going theirs ways, good luck idiots 🤒.

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