iKamper SkyCamp Mini Hard Shell Expandable Rooftop Tent First Look and Overview

and this is a first look and unboxing of the iKamper Sky Camp Mini here it is in
the box that it is delivered in it is a very rigid durable box to make sure that it
arrives safely its banded we’ll go ahead and cut off the banding, open it up and
go over as many details as possible so this of course is a design built off of
the original sky camp which is the world’s first expandable hardtop tent on
the inside here we’ve got the mounting hardware which is it’s in its own
separate box the foam is going to protect all around the perimeter
you also notice you have a protective cover so this particular model is the
rocky black finish and we will remove the cover we’ll show you that in
detail it’s a very lightweight tent [only 125 pounds] ideal size for smaller trucks, wagons and SUVs I’ll get
a helper to get this up here we go okay so now we’ve got it on
our display and let’s go ahead and pull off the cover, you should save the cover and have that for whenever you store the tent
again to just provide a little added protection okay this is the back side so
let’s go ahead and spin it around and here’s the front side you’ll notice that
we have a air deflector at the front so that indicates that it is the front and
you don’t want to have that at the back of the tent so you always want this
facing forward and the purpose of this is to prevent air from penetrating in
between the lid and the base and lifting the lid off of the base well while in
transit okay so that’s that’s an important aspect of it so it is a
passenger side opening tent [USA] and so that’s that’s not optional it always
needs to be a passenger side opening [USA] tent so here you can see the finish it
is similar not exactly but similar to the spray in bedliner type finish that you find in the bed of a truck so the main purpose is to
give it more durability less scratch-prone [compaired to the gloss black] also speaking about the
hardtop this is a handmade fiberglass hardtop and it’s unique in that it is 2-ply so you have this outer skin there’s a inner skin and there’s a
thermal barrier between the two so it’s not just one layer
of fiberglass okay next up let’s go ahead and and open up a tent
so it has keys that are zip tied to the cable so I’ll just snip that off you’ve
got your eye camper branded keys and so we’ll just insert that key rotate it
clip down the lever and then here on the underside you can see we’ve got a hook
we unhook that and then to move this to the next one we have to relock it even
though it’s not latched go ahead and relock it and then come to
this side and same thing unlock it rotate down unhook and now at this stage
we can go ahead and begin to lift now there are gas struts that are lifting
the hardtop up and deploying the canopy okay next on the inside you can see
we’ve got a PV opening on the on the top of the rain fly which can provide more
sunlight and light inside of the tent here you have a cover that’s provided
for the ladder and this covers needs to be installed and removed when you’re
stowing and deploying the tent purpose for that is to keep debris mud or gravel
or what-have-you from coming in contact with that PV
material also there is off-gassing produced by the rubber which could
potentially discolor this PV material so that’s that’s the purpose of this cover
so it has multi-purpose also you have a foam base there which stops that ladder
from from making noise and it rests comfortably on that the other thing
you’ll notice here is you’ve got three different straps you got the two
auxiliary straps here that are designed to bring in the canopy as you’re closing
the tent you have an additional strap up top and that’s the strap this use to
pull down to pull down your hardtop when you’re
stowing the tent and it’s plenty long so when this is actually installed onto the
top of a vehicle you should be able to reach that without very much effort okay
so then you have a velcro strap here that you use to release the rungs of the
ladder and we’ll just go ahead and deploy it so as you deploy it there’s an inner
frame that will automatically lift also we’re seeing this ladder another nice
feature to this particular ladder is the angled rungs so this is completely
custom and a high camper exclusive feature where it’s designed to keep that
rung flat when it’s in the correct angle making it more comfortable and giving
your your foot a better a better support as you’re climbing up the ladder okay so
let’s check out some of the other features of course this is your rain fly
the rain fly is a oxford nylon material it has the gusseted grommet here with the
reinforcement where you’ll use the spring poles to hold that that awning
opening you also have a zipper which is for various accessories the there’s a
awning as well as an annex room that can zip to that next you have the poly
cotton canopy itself you can see you have weather resistant zippered closures
on the first layer the next layer you have the no-see-um mesh that provides
ventilation while keeping out insects okay and as we go down deeper here you
can see you’ve got the mattress here is these are lockouts that connect to
your gas struts preventing the gas strut from coming down under severe winds okay this of course is the extension panel
the extension panel and the main panel both are using a very high quality
honeycomb monocoque material so accrediting very thin very lightweight
and also offers some thermal properties to prevent condensation on the inside of
the tent from body heat then we also have something that I camper has
included with the tent it is a seam sealer so if you ever have if when
you’re inside the tent if you notice any pinholes from sunlight coming through
whether when it’s brand-new or in the future you can use this to seal up any
anything like that to make sure that you’re completely weatherproof okay now
I’m going to come around to this side so I can get to okay so also inside the tent you’ve got
a nylon bag that contains your spring struts and the spring struts are in two
different lengths so you have two long and four short spring struts you figure
out which ones I take that back you have four short and two long so that
would mean that’s a short one that may be different from the full-sized Sky Camp
okay so here at the top of the ladder you can see your insertion point for
that spring strut so I’ll just insert that flare the
spring strut to meet your grommet and same thing on this side so when you’re
deploying to the these struts the easiest way to do that once you have
these front ones set up is actually go inside of the tent and just reach
through the windows to engage your your struts for the side windows so let’s go
ahead and do a side window here so you can see how that’s done so this is your
side awning or side closure also oxford nylon here and then on the underside you
have your insertion point so you just insert that into that point and you have
a nylon loop at the top and that’s deployed so obviously very easy to
access this when it’s just on a rolling stand but if you’re actually if you
actually have this mounted onto a vehicle by far the easiest way to deploy
these awnings is from the inside of the tent and just reach out from the inside through the window so also while we’re here you can see you have a
similar setup but you have your no-see-um mesh but here you have more of
the pv clear so multiple ways to close up the tent
depending on the conditions of your environment you also have the toggles
here that you can use to roll up the instead of having this deployed as
awning you can just roll it up out of the way completely if you prefer alright
and then from the inside here let me get some of these things out of the way
we’ll look at the hardware here in just a moment so as you deploy the tent you’ll notice
that you have if you look inside here you have two mattress sections you have
the main mattress and then a separate mattress that that needs to be pulled
out to cover up your your extension panel so I’ll go ahead and bring that
over okay and so that’s designed to fit and
create your your sleeping area so now the size of this some people equate it
to the number of people that can that can sleep inside a given space however
the best way to relate this is to normal bed sizes so this is essentially about
the size of a queen-size bed whereas the full-size Sky Camp is more along the
lines of a California king size bed so that would be a great way to understand
the the sizes of it to determine which size is best for you and how you like to
sleep and and how many people you’re comfortable sleeping with so then also a
way in the back you can see there’s a a [quilted headliner with a] flattened out globe [map graphic] of the continents
which is just as inspirational to maybe encourage people to travel okay and then
finally let’s take a look at the mounting hardware so I’ll go ahead and
pop this open. iKamper is as an innovator in many different aspects of
rooftop tents including the mounting hardware and so we just get this open
nice touches with with branded tools okay so this is the mounting hardware
it’s actually unlike any other mounting hardware found on other rooftop tents is
designed to be very simple with a single fastener to tighten it one word of
caution is this is a stainless steel bolt and that’s a stainless steel
threaded barrel very important to use anti-seize on that to prevent galling
which is a possible occurrence anytime you’re using stainless steel on
stainless steel or dissimilar metals okay so you have the shape here let’s go
ahead and go to the side see if we can access okay so from underneath you’ve
got a track that runs the full length of the of the tent
which enables this mounting hardware to slide to match up with your crossbars
and also allows the tent to be optimized for and aft now this is the area that
you have to work with to to accommodate the thickness of the crossbar and as you
tighten it’ll draw that together to grip to the crossbar so very low-profile
although not usable for every bar design we have found with truck racks that you
have to revert back to the original mounting hardware which is carriage
bolts and underbar plate and even in that circumstance
sometimes it’s required to get 3-inch long bolts rather than the roughly two
inch long bolts that are included so bear that in mind depending on the roof
rack system that you’re attaching this to but for standard bars like Yakima [CoreBar and JetStream]
standard bars and Thule [AeroBlade and WingBar Evo] standard bars and rhino rack standard bars this fits
in there very nicely it’s just when you get into truck racks or heavy-duty bars
you have to really take a second second look at that there’s also end caps that
cover up the end of the track once you have your hardware in place okay
so those are the key features and our first look at the Sky Camp
Mini this product along with the full line of iKamper products are available
through RACKOUTFITTERS.COM please see the link in our video description for
the complete details our pricing and all of your buying options and thanks for

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